In the wake of Facebook’s mass de-platforming last Thursday, somebody posted a hilarious meme on my account of a modern refrigerator with a touch screen accompanied by text that reads, “We’re sorry! Your Amazon Smart Refrigerator has denied you access to your groceries due to your visiting”.

This is not far from where we actually are, in a world where people make their living online and the tech giants basically control who lives and who dies; where Chase, PayPal, VISA and MasterCard are cancelling service to customers with Conservative politics.

There’s an underlying narrative in the alt media that I’ve never seen all put into one short article but I’ve gathered most of the threads and have kept it as simple and as brief as possible. It’s recently acquired a “hopium” twist. I’ll call it a Parapolitical Theory of Everything and it goes a little something like this:

The same Globalist cartel that controls the central banks and the large corporations and in turn the media, academe and elements of the military also controls the major illegal drug- and human-trafficking networks, the latter of which fund the Black Budget.

All of these activities are monitored and protected by the intelligence agencies, particularly by the CIA (aka 🤡), which like the European Union is a Globalist organ founded by actual Nazis.

The 🤡 only protects US interests when those interests align with the interests of the Globalists. When those interests don’t align, they’ll attempt a coup d’état, regardless of whether it’s against Recep Erdoğan, Nicolás Maduro or Donald Trump.

Entire countries, like North Korea and Afghanistan are 🤡 “dark sites” and they are hotbeds of narco-trafficking, black market and experimental activities. The Communist regime inherited by Kim Jong-un has long been been a hostage of the 🤡 and Trump was able to broker peace by promising them freedom from 🤡 control.

Many will recall Gen. Wesley Clark’s infamous “7 countries in 5 years” plan, which he suggested that the real impulse behind 9/11, the US invasion of Iraq and all subsequent skirmishes that have since erupted in Muslim countries over the past 18 years. Others have further suggested that all of this was really about fully integrating their oil-producing economies into the central banking system. The challenge at the beginning of the 21st century was that these countries’ banks were still governed by Sharia Law, which prohibits the charging of interest. This challenge was largely overcome and their resources have been financialized.

The significant economies that remain not fully under the control of the Globalist central banks are those countries that many people in the West refer to as “our enemies”: Iran, Syria, Russia, North Korea and China.

Over the course of the 20th century, the Globalists had made the US and the petrodollar their center of power in incremental stages, starting with the foundation of the US Federal Reserve Bank in 1913, the establishment of the Bretton Woods monetary system in 1944, the foundation of OPEC in 1960 and the Nixon Shock of 1971, which took the USD off the gold standard.

If you look, the US’ overt wars since the 1990s have been about defending the petrodollar, such that the idea of US troops being used to protect our own borders, instead of protecting those of nations on the other side of the planet actually seems weird to us.

President Nixon established the current regime of free-floating fiat currencies that center on the petrodollar, while simultaneously setting the stage for the next phase of the Globalists’ plan, in opening a dialogue with China. While the Globalists had encouraged Capitalism in order to industrialize the world, they’ve now determined that Communism is the ideal system by which they can implement their 5G SmartGrid, social credit, censorship-based technocracy. Hence, all this Socialism being rammed down our throats.

Since the 1990s, the Globalists have been laying the groundwork to re-locate their power center to China, with the Chinese Renminbi (Yuan) on track to replace the US dollar as the world’s reserve currency. China would fully join the central banking system under those terms.

Trump is disrupting this. His ultimate battle is with the central bankers, aka the Globalists. He is reaching out to leaders of rogue countries who have so far resisted the central bankers because their enemy is the same! This is why Trump is accused by the Globalist-controlled Mainstream Media of preferring the “company of tyrants”. This is why those who support the President are smeared as a “racists” and de-platformed by social media. Trump and his supporters pose an existential threat to the Globalist technocracy.

It’s a war between the Globalist technocrats and those who believe in our inalienable rights.

We’ll see how much truth there is to this parapolitical narrative over the next few years.

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  • You know, I’ve noticed that Alex Jones is being put front and center and taking Julian Assange off the map completely. Talk about brainwashing

  • Just Posted “Globalist Technocracy: A Theory of Everything” Early this Morning. We’ll See What Happens. Most things on Facebook are so trivial. People need to be shook up out of their Social Media World and see what is really going on.

  • LOL so many shills and disinfo agents pointing this way and that, beating around the bush. The GLOBALISTS = ZIONISTS. DONT TELL ANYONE BECAUSE THEN YOURE AN “ANTI SEMITE”. Israel is a leader in technology and plans on ruling the world through techno supremacy. Look at how armies of Hasbara trolls prowl social media, chatrooms, youtube comment sections, and sites like this. Dont forget to research PTECH SOFTWARE AND 911 to understand the tip of the zICEBERG. Look at Netenyahus speech on Israeli technology and world domination. Look up Christopher Bollyn on 911 and see the truth. Alex Jones is a disinfo agent and controlled opposition. Trump is a hardcore ZIONIST and if you think he is against “the globalists” ie:ZIONISTS you better think again.

  • One monkey wrench in the everything theory is Cuba. Trumo has not thrown himself towards Cuba (quite the opposite) and you should add them to the nations outside central banking.

  • Well, I just posted this to Facebook. I was going to quit my account anyway. Maybe now I don’t need to. LOL Have a better day. You make my mornings brighter, thank you, Alexandra.

  • Its REALLY about “White Supremacy” folks…Remember WHO actually controls the planet (For Now) and its “Financial System” and “Energy”….White Supremist.
    BOTH Trump and Putin are part of the “One %’rs”…BOTH are BILLIONAIRES, and almost ALL those Billionaires are WHITE people (Non-Melanin creatures or Man-KIND.
    They just like to HIDE behind a Controlled Media witch LIES very effectively about racial relations, and the distribution of the worlds wealth.
    Even attacking THEIR Own racial family as a “Cover” to further Hide their bigotry and Psychopathic behavior.
    You SEE, in their world even GOD is a White God…So is Never existed Son Jesus is a White Jesus…They have managed to convince most “People of Color” of this LIE.
    Their “Mother” is the VATICAN and its “Vicar of God on Earth/Pontefix Maximus” who actually worships SATAN (Lucifer)
    ALL Governments are her Children via CORPS’s (Corporations)…Lifeless Entities attempting to infuse life into themselves via “Feeding” on “Humans” and “God/Female/male Beings”…as “Vampires” do.
    The “Arriving” Golden Race beings will Rid this planet of THEM.

Kirk Elliott

dr elliott


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