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This is Part One of the three-part series. ‘A Farewell to Virology’, based on the 29,000-word essay debunking virus theory and virology, written by Dr Mark Bailey, MBChB, PGDipMSM, MHealSc. It has yet to be contested and the purpose of this film is to explain why.

This film version walks the layperson through the paper and scientific evidence in an easy, simple and understandable way, so that they may better understand and be able to easily explain to others the great hoax of the last few centuries and certainly last three years, that fictional particles called “viruses” exist, cause illness and are reasons to lock down and destroy societies and economies and cause lifelong disease and misery through needless and useless vaccination programs. They don’t.


The use of fear of disease had been one of the first approaches to public goodwill adopted by Rockefeller and he knew it to be effective. Since then it has become standard and accepted practise among the conspirators, even in radical circles. Thus the Russian Communists offered as an excuse for the invasion of Rumania, statistics that were designed to show “an appalling prevalence of endemic diseases” in Bessarabia. The Communists propose, in the words of one commentator, that “if Rumania will not treat the needlessly ill with Communism, Russia will cure them with bombs.

– Rockefeller “Internationalist”: The Man Who Misrules the World, Emanuel M. Josephson, M.D., 1952

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • A very interesting watch. I’m just a layman with zero knowledge on how all this “virus” thing works. I can be around people with coughs and colds and not be affected in the slightest. However, growing up I was asthmatic, I got pneumonia as a kid, now as an adult I get a serious bout of bronchitis yearly. I’ve been told it is transmissible, despite no one ever getting sick in previous years. My issue now is, I have 2 beautiful grandkids, jabbed to the hilt and worried I may pass on something to hurt them.

  • I think this video lays out some really valid points and problems with how virology is done. If you fix those problems and actually use the scientific method and can actually isolate and prove that a virus does exist and is not just a round part of a cell. Being taught that viruses are real in a textbook and told that they are round and seeing round things under a microscope doesn’t prove that those round things are viruses. Or even prove what viruses actually even are. Anyone who takes samples only from people with certain symptoms with no control how do they know that what they are seeing is not a natural part of biology, a natural part of the cell? You also have to have a clear source if it is not natural to biology. You have to have a clear means of it making someone sick, which would mean a big enough exposure to affect a bunch of cells in an organ not just a few. You have to have a clear means of transmission and proof that it is in that medium, be it air, fluids, whatever. You have to look at real world conditions. How does something behave in real world conditions, living biology and not in lab conditions. After all the lab steps change things, change conditions, change what kind of medium that some “sample” is in. Would that not effect results? A huge hole in anything written about viruses and the claim that they cause illness is they never have a source or means by which that person got sick from some supposed source. They never have any knowledge of natural environment and what function it has in that environment. They never actually test real world conditions that people who are sick are living in, shared conditions that can cause the same symptoms. What if..setting aside what you have been taught, what we all have been taught…that there has never been any contagions? What if it has always been similar illness because of similar environmental conditions, like say some pollutant? Saying that viruses must exist and that there must be contagion because people get sick with the same or similar symptoms, that is a theory not evidence. Sure you can test that theory. But if you will not even allow for the idea that what people have labeled and called viruses are not really viruses at all, just a part of the cell seen when the cell is broken into a bunch of pieces, then how do you know the theory is correct? Does not the scientific method insist that the opposite be postulated and tested to prove any theory correct? So I say follow the scientific method. Surely if a proton can be seen and tracked by tech then a virus which is much much bigger then a proton should be able to be clearly seen, clearly isolated and even tracked in real biology to see what it does or does not do. How much supposition has been passed off as fact? A lot of the documents cited in this video show just that, supposition presented as fact. Obviously this video was done by someone who has studied virology because they know what all the terms used in a document actually mean, stand for. They actually understand everything within these published papers that the lay person does not understand, would not understand. So dismissing them as just some arm chair scientist who doesn’t know their stuff, well that makes no sense. It doesn’t fit what is laid out in the video, the evidence that is given. It may be…no it is a hard thing when people have built up careers around a theory and have that theory questioned. Yet do not all things need to be questioned? Is that not at the heart of the scientific method?

  • I worked in an OR where a Dr took a biopsy of some cancer, and dropped the syringe into his leg. He got cancer where the needle stuck him. This was 18 yrs ago.
    Anyway, I’m getting harassed and called a liar because I said some basic things about the Masons and also want to know how Karen Kingston is.
    Yeah I don’t like this new format. It’s strange. Anyway, cancer is contagious. Nothing surprises me. This is all organiSed well.

  • If viruses don’t exist then how come you can see them under a microscope; and further, when a group of people all have the same symptoms of illness and show the same virus under the microscope what is that if viruses don’t exist? This guy doesn’t seem to have a background in actual virology. My husband has over 50 yrs experience as a virologist/immunologist and has seen numerous viruses under the microscope. He says when someone has a cold sore and you kiss them and get herpes, it’s because a viral particle has been transferred from one person to the other. If viruses don’t exist then why does disease spread? That’s how contagion works. I think this whole “there are no viruses” thing is right up there with the flat earth – this is disinfo circulated by people who have NO idea about viruses, never worked with them and are buying into the latest lunacy – much of which is started by the C I A. It’s one more thing that causes divisiveness and arguments among We the People, deep state will use anything to get us divided and not together.
    Alexandra, you are lumping together the way the “pandemic” was managed along with viral theory and those are really 2 very different things. My husband completely agrees with you that lockdowns are unnecessary and should never have happened. He worked in Public Health Dept for many yrs, advising the public on how to manage epidemics and he has NEVER seen any epidemic handled this way, nor in such a stupid way either. He knew Dr. Fraudci was a criminal way back in the 80s when he prescribed AZT for aids – which killed 17,000 people.
    What my husband disagrees with you is about the non-existence of viruses, as he has spent DECADES watching them under a microscope and learning more about them than doctors do. It’s interesting that it’s doctors claiming viruses don’t exist – so far I haven’t seen any virologist claiming viruses don’t exist – perhaps because they have far more experience with viruses and actually seeing them under the microscope? It’s also interesting that people who know nothing about medical field are saying viruses don’t exist – the field of virology is far more complicated than most people imagine. There is a huge field of science behind it that is very complicated – do people really think all that is entirely made up?

    • They don’t know what they are seeing in microscope, and they failed to prove that the particles they see under microscope is actually contagious (regardless of their claim).

      If you have patience, I suggest you to browse a couple of her contents.
      You will have answers to all of your questions (as long as you are willing to accept)

      Once you are convinced about what her stuff, it’s like a real big relief, because you’ll know that we’ve been long scammed by MSM fear porn, and the fear is no more.

    • I agree with Fenix and other commenters, the science does not appear to be there. This was the main point of Dr. Lanka’s paper which I referred to my my first comment. I followed the link in Alexandra’s written notes/transcript and got to Dr. Bailey’s website. I found the link to “articles”. There is a 2 page summary titled “Settling the Virus Debate”. I recommend you and your husband read it. They have no quarrel with the fact that well-trained and experienced people like your husband have observed something. Their critique, as Fenix noted, is that after the point of observation there is no science proving what was observed is a pathogen, that it causes disease, that it causes the disease in question, that a safe and effective vaccine can be prepared, etc. After the observation there is little or no science that can justify the masks, the lock downs or the vaccines. That is one reason that I only half jokingly referred to virology as black magic. You have to believe, and many of us do not believe.

  • I have known for the last two decades that Virology has been a SCAM ever since Pasteur killed 30,000 sheep endeavouring to prove to the world otherwise. On his deathbed, he admitted his theory was false.

    “In the 1800s, the French chemist Louis Pasteur popularized the germ theory, proposing that microorganisms are the cause of most diseases. This paved the way for antibiotics—which kill both good and bad bacteria—and vaccines—which seek to prevent single diseases.
    By contrast, Pasteur’s friend, physiologist Claude Bernard, taught that the ‘terrain’ of the human body was more important than the ‘pathogens’ that infect it. We are surrounded by, and even harbor, microorganisms in our bodies. When exposed to pathogens, we become ill if our defenses are weakened by deficiencies or toxicities. Unlike the germ theory, the terrain theory explains why some people get sick while others, when exposed to the same pathogens, do not. For this reason, it is said that on his death bed, Pasteur admitted, “Bernard was right: the pathogen is nothing, the terrain is everything.”
    Nearly 200 years later, health experts continue to ignore Bernard’s wisdom, focusing solely on finding ways to kill ever-changing microorganisms.”

  • Thanks for this. I have not read the paper or watched the video .I did read Dr. Lanka’s paper “The Misconception Called “Virus”” some time ago. Just my crazy idea, but I think that virology in general and the vaccines in particular may be examples of black magic trying to masquerade as science.

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