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    John-Henry Westen from interviews Jack Maxey, who was one of the first journalists to be given access to a copy of Hunter Biden’s hard drives, which contain shocking evidence of moral and financial corruption within the Biden family, in what Maxey calls “The biggest National security scandal in the history of our planet.”

    Maxey says “There are a dozen hours of Hunter smoking crack and there is child pornography [including of Hunter with his own 13-year old niece]. The FBI had this laptop before the first [Trump] impeachment. There is a concentrated effort to protect the Biden family.”

    The Hunter Biden files detail Hunter’s direct involvement with Chairman Xi Jinping, the Biden family’s Beijing-backed business deals all over the world and possible Chinese infiltration of the US Government with Hunter Biden’s help.

    Emails show Hunter Biden and the Chinese eventually scrambling to clean up their mess, as the Bidens’ top business contacts end up arrested or “disappeared”. Hunter goes so far as to purposefully incriminate his own family members, including his president father to protect himself.

    Perhaps the most stunning of all, the American intelligence community knew for years about what Rudy Giuliani has called the ‘Biden Crime Family’ and they did nothing about it for darker reasons than you might think.

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    • Just this past week,. Ukrainian Dept of Justice and Ukrainian A.G. presented the Internal and Foreign Corruption Cases in Ukraine’s Energy Resources and Dept of Energy and the Evidence that they felt was genuine to present.

      The individuals that were discussed in this Ukrainian Dept of Justice Presentation online for anyone to it watch identified Hunter Biden, Hunter’s Uncle and Vice President Joe Biden at the time of the Criminal Activities they conducted when V.P. J. Biden was directed to Head Up all the U.S. Activities jn Ukraine by U.S. Pres. Barack Obama.

      The end goal is to achieve Guilt of the multiple corruption charges and $$$ Billions that have been stolen from the Ukranian People. I believe the Amount is just under $ 400 Billion from Ukraine!

    • When a Countries Federal Law Enforcement Organization is corrupt and Protects Treasonous Actors – The Biden Crime Family, and now Is President,. It’s clear you no longer live in a Democracy/Republic. The Election was secretly being setup to secure The Top Crime Boss – Joe Biden as the Winner of the Presidential Election.

      That was accomplished by a Voter Fraud System setup in Rome and Done by the See eye Aaay.

      FBI most assuredly was running a protection racket to make certain no negative incidents occur.

    • what is with the recent news of FBI accidentally destoryed hunters laptop and it’s unrecoverable?
      is this serious? another big slap in the face on top of OH no it’s just fake news… psh. At this point i think a large part of the public would like to vote like in star wars ” a vote of NO confidence… ”
      Time to evaporate the the alphabet agencies, and leave the federal gov if they can’t be legit. Why trust a termite mound to care for your log cabin?
      Have they said anything true in the last year? how about the ronald reagan 9 scariest words speech… “I’m from the government and i’m here to help”
      then Joe speech “i’m from the government and i’m here to help”
      Really? REALLY? quote I’m not lying. I’m here to help. Just believe me. Just make sure everyone gets a (jab-or another word). Seriously if these psychopaths can’t beheld accountable then there is no legitimacy in the system they are absolutely vital in. In fact these people are so entrenched in the system you might have to pay in case they screw another something up. but who’s going to pay if an American house hold screws up and is in financial need?
      Should the government can not handle the money they get then they don’t deserve it. IF WE can not spend someone else’s money then they can’t be aloud to spend our money on our behalf. If we don’t think they should get money cause they waste it or make it disappear then we should be able to refuse to give our hard earned money to them. Can we just give our self a pay raise? no !! why can they???
      why does another country need 10 something million dollars to teach children gender education? stick a male and female of anything together and I’m sure every animal and person in the world could eventually figure it out. Seriously if monkeys can do it i’m sure people could figure it out faster then 2 monkeys. But why is 10 million being sent to another country as part of a covid stimulus bill? WTF? really? it’s disgusting. the whole lot.

    • This is a sting operation by Trump and military intelligence. They had to let “Biden” and them run their course in order for them to be completely exposed. They will destroy themselves…so why interfere while they’re doing that? Yes, the good guys have all the information, and it will all be presented when they deem the timing is right, which hopefully won’t be too much longer.
      From Ron DeSantis, shared by Mike Pompeo:
      “Trump announced wonderful news! In 2-3 months he returns with his own social media platform to redefine the game and punch the high tech in the face!” Yes, they and mainstream media will all face the music.

    • Dump the evidence on the internet and let everyone see it; tired of reading how some people have all this evidence, but the American people never see it.

      • They scrubbed it. But I saw it months ago…it was disgusting, but mainly in its portrayal of utter, base turpitude. These ppl should not represent our children, at the very least.
        Get them out of politics and government. This is the stuff for the red light district or prison only.

    • The Biden Crime Family is protected by the most corrupt Crime Family in the USA (also know as) the FBI. What a disgrace in lawlessness. The FBI is a Pedo Protecting Crack Smoking Joke.


      • Yeah, i know I caught that too. Makes you wonder what is he saying that Hunter is no longer alive??

    • America is a goner,these criminals don’t care that we know because they’re all protected with all of us being vulnerable to the plans of a handful of psychopaths!A wave of patriot passions will manifest,see how far Americans can be pushed.

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