This is the very moving story about the Bundy Ranch, that you won’t hear from the courts. It’s narrated by Ammon Bundy. In this narrative track, recorded entirely from inside his jail cell, he describes the criminal Federal Government overreach, in the theft of their land, deeded legally by the State of Nevada and which the Bundy family has worked for almost 140 years.

Contrasting Ammon’s confinement are beautiful expansive aerial vistas of the Bundys’ Nevada desert cattle ranch, with scenes of modern-day cowboy life and wonderful historical photos of the family and their property over the past century.

This aerial footage also contains a horribly tragic scene, in which the FBI shot and killed an unarmed friend of the Bundys, as they were traveling to give a talk with a slide show about the abuses of local ranchers by Federal Agencies. Ammon states that were it not for their having caught this scene clearly on video, the FBI would have lied about the details of this cold-blooded murder.

This video may be reproduced for non commercial purposes, providing credit is given to the maker.

The film was produced by Gavin Seim at his own expense. To support his costs, he asks that people please donate here:

This film was cpmpleted just before the verdict was read on October 27, 2016, when Ammon Bundy was found not guilty of firearms charges and conspiracy to impede federal workers.

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  • I sense we may not have all the facts. While they should have title to this land ownership from “squatting” on it, or ’eminent domain’, ‘grazing rights’, or whatever it’s called, I suspect they never got the rights to the LAND legally. There is the right thing, and the RIGHT thing (versus the Right thing, which is the Republican method of justifying wrong things). This is why I think the legal system is a corrupt system of rationalization, where the wealthy can do whatever the hell they want if the paperwork is there to prove it in the courts’ eyes. Bundy did the right (RIGHT) thing, while the courts did the Right (i.e., “wrong”) thing. Yes, America the Beautiful has become America the Criminally Corrupt, and the People need to RID OURSELVES of these perverts.

    My point is, you have to have the law on your side to win (which means you have to have the money), and this may be how he fucked up. We’re going to have to fight these forces with everything we have. As I have nothing but words, I’ll put them where my mouth is.

    • Dr. Moebius, apparently you’re right. I was just sent this information by a subscriber:

      I remembered something else last night — the fact that they have been a freeway through the property with nowhere to go, and real estate developers have a master plan for a shopping center which to date is still in the middle of nowhere. It’s in an article from Dave Hodges:

      which says, in part:

      “As has been widely reported, the Chinese have paid $4.5 billion dollars to build a solar plant on the Bundy property. The Clark County (NV) Commissioners are on the hook for that money. This is why one of their minions threatened to send anyone traveling to the aid of Bundy home in a body bag … I feel compelled to tell you at this point that my [Dave Hodges] life was endangered when I exposed these connections in my neighborhood. While on the air with Annie DeRiso and Jim Marrs, the building I was in was shot at eight times. This event was recorded on the archives of the Republic Broadcasting Network. Additionally, a pair of men repeatedly tried to run me off the road one Saturday night approximately 6 miles from my home. The event was recorded from my 911 call which lasted 10 minutes, but the transcripts and recordings all disappeared. In both cases, law enforcement covered the crimes committed against me despite the fact that there were multiple witnesses to each event. Each event involved my revelations to the public about John McCain cronyism with the foreign owners of the Canamex Highway system and their plans to steal all property within my rural community. This is precisely why Cliven Bundy’s life is in danger. He is experiencing what I have lived through. You can bet your bottom dollar that the Bundy affair is just getting started and the following paragraphs will demonstrate why this is true.”

      The Arizona Coalition to Protect Personal Property Rights (ACPPR) vs. Sen. McCain’s Canamex Highway Forces
      He then goes on to explain it is also part of the UN Agenda 21:

      “Solar Energy Zones

      “I have discovered the existence of a BLM document which introduces America to a new Agenda 21 land designation and it is called a “Solar Energy Zone”. The smoking gun BLM document is entitled:

      Regional Mitigation Strategy for the
      Dry Lake Solar Energy Zone
      Technical Note 444
      Produced by:
      Bureau of Land Management
      March 2014


      “It is time to connect the dots on one leg of this land grab in Nevada. The I-15 Canamex Highway runs adjacent to the planned theft of the Bundy property. In this location, a new Agenda 21 land designation is emerging and it is called a “Solar Energy Zone”. Solar Energy Zones will connect the variables of the Canamex, the evisceration of private property rights, land use delineated in the Agenda 21 Wildlands, the control of all transportation corridors within the United States and the ultimate betrayal, the Chinese control of all military bases in the United States.”

      As an aside, in doing a search, I found a hit piece calling the Bundys criminals and finding BLM and the govt wonderful:

      Then I clicked on another of that site’s articles and it not only said Sandy Hook was NOT a false flag, BUT they asked for money ranging from $3.99-$14.99 depending on the provider to view their short video on it, Good Grief! The feds must have paid these shills handsomely for all the articles on the site.

  • Please consider the following real life example of what would happen to Public Lands if they were turned over to State control.
    I find it interesting how people interpret what happened with the Bundys and with other ranchers.
    I moved to Montana in 1964 and would like to share with readers what happened to the State public land in Montana.
    First, I ask you to look at what created the the school trust land in the first place. The Horace Mann act of 1851 required that everyone be given a public education through the 8th grade as it was believed to be a benefit for the nation as a whole as we moved into the industrial age. As territories applied for Statehood, Congress, knowing that this was a burden to place on taxing citizens of a newly formed state to comply with this requirement, chose a unique system to pay for the schools and other expenses of this system; reserve section 36 of every township as a way of paying for this government imposed requirement. “(allowance was made so existing land that was presently owned wasn’t taken) The land was then turned over to State control for management.
    The system worked great until State Politicians got into the act. There is always someone running for office promising to cut taxes and regulations. (thank goodness or things would get further out of control than they are today)
    Unfortunately, this was one time when the result of deregulation ended up as a disaster for the common man living in Montana. A law was passed stating that value had to be received when trading like for like School Trust land for other privately owned land. Note the weasel clause in the law passed by the Legislature. It didn’t require equally valued land in the trade but only to provide “value”. 1 penny is value.
    Take a look at the result of control of State land.
    1. If you stand on any high ground in Eastern Montana and turn in a complete circle it’s easy to spot the State land; it’s the worst visible land.
    2. In western Montana pick out section 36 and if it’s quality land that the school system could make money off of to pay for the schools it now is privately owned while the school trust land is the worst land in the Township. (take a look at section 36 surrounding Flathead Lake and you will find no land adjacent to the lake. In fact, the town of Bigfork is located on section 36 land.)
    3. Every time the schools need money they can’t lease School Trust land because it now has extremely limited value due to the trading of good land for the poorest land in the Township. This results i schools begging for money through referendums that end up as a tax for every land owner in the school district regardless if they own part of section 36 or not.
    4. For every hunter or outdoors man access to school trust land is now extremely limited. The poor land lying within the boundaries of the ranch are now off limits because of property rights.
    I ask you before you turn Federal lands that are controlled by the Federal Government. How can a state possibly pay for management of those lands ? More importantly, do you really think for one second that the Bundy family would end up with that land in a bidding match with a Wall Street billionaire ?
    It failed in Montana and it WILL fail in any state where Federal land that is collectively owned by all of us by is turned over to State control.

  • I have seen this happen too many times, even on reservations, where the BLM comes on the land says that they are taking care of the land, and you must move your stuff off of it, because it is damaging to the land. What a crock of sh*t. then they put a trailer on it to watch, and make sure it’s not used, then a few years the land goes up for sale, and political “friends” buy it up cheep. Yes we the people no longer have a country, all through we have to pay taxes, to feed the dam ass holes taking from us to protect us, from what? What? The land grab will continue, just watch and see. Sorry, I think just about all the “federal” government is corrupt and should be done away with. I know my opinion does not matter, I’m still venting it out….

    • It matters, James. And there are an ever-increasing number of people who feel the same way. America is BROKEN; it is no longer the same country I was born in. We have to work to remove the criminally corrupt institution known as the Federal Gov’t, and the crooks now controlling it (abusing it and perverting it more like). This is going to require a sacrifice on the scale of our forefathers, who fought British rule. Well, these assholes you and I rail against are more evil; more vicious, unethical, criminal and capable (through their ill-gotten gains). It’s going to require The People – the REAL BOSSES – to join in common cause. And we already know these evil powers do not think like you or me – they kill innocent Americans and lie about it, stealing $2.3T in the process (9/11); they’re testing our resolve with staged events like (possibly) the Boston Marathon, and our ability to believe in utter propaganda (ISIS, Russian Hackers); they’re slowly changing the way society works through ploys like Sandy Hoax… their are some unbelievably demented creatures out there – it’s as if the Walking Dead have taken over. So we need to stay positive; help one another in every way possible; physically, emotionally, spiritually, materially and financially. A long battle is coming, so the time is now to prepare.

  • Folks, I paid close attention to this story as it began to unfold all the way through to it’s climax. Amon Bundy is careful to not exaggerate. The government excess and abuse was worse than this documentary records, much worse. MSM did almost nothing to report and when they did they failed miserably to report accurately. MSM is as much to blame for this sorry state of affairs as the political crooks and government Bolsheviks. Americans have been kept in the dark, by MSM and Trojan horse conservatives such as Glenn Beck who pontificated after the Bundy Ranch stand off, that the Bundys were wrong, that they should have gone through the court system. They and their neighboring ranchers had already exhausted themselves in the central government’s rigged system and were losing ground. Folks, these same people, crooks and Bolsheviks, are trying to upset the election of Donald Trump through treachery, deception and thuggery.

    • I received this great feedback from a reader: “One issue was protecting the desert turtles that various environmental groups are using to demean the ranchers who actually explain that they feed on the dung of the cattle:

      but don’t protest that the Chinese wind farms on the associated Bundy lands actually harm the sage grouse:

      Few realize that those environmental groups are either founded, funded or infiltrated by the Rockefellers, Rothschilds and all. It was interesting that in this video Bundy implicated the Center for Biological Diversity, some of whose petitions I do sign, others I shake my head in disgust. It’s very difficult to know all the aspects to issues which petitions ask us to sign off on.

      Or that, just because people say it takes 100 acres of land for one beef cow to graze on, that does not put all that land out of commission to house one beef cow, they do as we do here in our Santa Ynez Valley, they have long skinny moveable pipes and the cattle move from one pasture to the next allowing the grass or range to completely regrow in a very short amount of time, the cows are not stationery ruining the land, it is a misconception.

      It looks like the Bundys and Hammonds were highly responsible ranchers.

  • This is my 23rd year living in Nevada. I came out of California where the bias is to ngo do-gooders who claim the ecology as their banner to righteous confiscation. That mentality has led to a bumper sticker run of ‘Don’t californicate Nevada’ here in much of the state. Problem is Las Vegas has been sucked into the Dimocratic Party’s lies to service workers, teachers unions and minorities so the ecology lies prevail and the backing of federal crimes of confiscation in the name of ‘preservation’ march on. This Bundy documentary is truthful, unhyperbolic and pretty much follows the track of how it all came down…THOUSANDS of western farmers and ranchers, loggers and miners, THOUSANDS, have been victims of federal legal malpractice..this is NOT some right wing fantasy, but is surely a land, mineral, water and power grab channeled into deep pockets liars and cheats driving Escalades and Mercers.

  • well what does one except…the government is doing this overseas in the middle east, stealing resources, murdering civilians, trafficking their children…it works so well…they are doing here in America…do not support the military…be careful who you you elect in your local community… sheriff, county commissioner, and stop watching the news on television! Support each other!

    • EXACTLY RIGHT, Liam. How do we get the “more wealthy than me, but not a billionaire pervert … yet!” folks to introspect, and see how their selfish materialism, ‘head in the sand (or up their ass)’ attitude of denial, and excessive consumerism is killing the species? How you “enlighten” those who are content with a system that serves THEIR needs?

  • This is an awesome story and just goes to show how determined our government is to taking all that we have by whatever means it can. I loved their determination to keep what they have built over many generations. Thanks for posting this.

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