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  • Not surprised to see the Jan. 6 “swamp uprising” was yet another smoking bat inside job by big government assholes. Where is Agent Epps being sequestered these days and why hasn’t he been subpoenaed to testify before congress for his acts of incitement to riot ? His actions were all caught on video and not very hard to find even for someone not in the FBI unless he already was in the FBI on loan from the governor kidnapping domestic terrorist division. They dropped him off radar faster than Nancy’s laptop caper.

  • Alexandra –

    3 days without a reply to this post.
    This clip is both poorly recorded and contains very little content.

    The Jan6 protest and “counter- psyop” are still in play, and, just like the “Plandemic”, these chunks of mind-f*ckery have only begun to yield their poisoned fruit.

    The planners intend to milk them both until the next dose of poison is ready for release.

    Vagueness and questionable data tend to help them stoke their fear.
    Either pursue the claim, or consider deleting it.

    Best Regards.

    • With all due respect, Alexandra can only post what’s made available. Clearly, this video proves that weapons were coming out of the Capitol for no other reason than to harm others. It’s just one more dot to connect among the many other videos floating out there in cyber space.

      Funny though, I thought the word bats in the title meant those that fly. That was one I had not seen for Jan 6 and so I clicked to see. Ha!

      Thank you, Alexandra, for all your efforts in bringing TRUE news to the public.


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