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    Your enslavement is not funny. Remember that.

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    Alexandra Bruce

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    • I find myself BEGGING people to not get all panicked and look through the lens of the same common sense they’ve used their whole life to get here. Read-up on virology if that’s your thing, there are some fundamental rules that apply in this field, that have been proven and relentlessly tested for 100+ years. Those rules did NOT change with this virus even if you think they did. Some sources (some sadly surprising) are eagerly reporting to you happenstances that, in order to be accurate, one would have to accept a sudden change to the same rules that have governed this chemical nano-universe since recognizable human beings had yet to form. But these impossibilities are readily accepted and then spread as panic. When it comes to this virus and the many like it, there is really no need to go further than modest concern. It’s amusement I feel realizing the fact that I can easily become a likely target of vitriol for saying something so moderate. But…. just sayin’.

    • Bravo 👏 maybe because you tell it like it is maybe just maybe some of the morons will think about what you’ve said 🙏

    • Wow it would be easier to get her point across if she didnt call everyone stupid or retarded that shes trying to reach.

      • No offence sweet pea, but look around and remember that 330 million Government Trained “Obedience-Conditioned” Americans literally RAN into their homes a year ago, based upon ONE FEAR LIE from the world’s most effective PROPAGANDA device ever invented: *TV and ALL the CORRUPT, TRAITOROUS MEDIA! 🙄 I agree 100% with this “mad as hell” nurse because she said it LIKE IT IS! — I am 80 years old and had enough Common Sense to question all of this crap from the beginning: The Masking, Washing Hands, Distancing, and Lock Downs are ALL part of a huge demonic Occult system and THEY have the entire world wrapped up in it because of the IGNORANCE and STUPIDITY of humans who don’t and didn’t take time to RESEARCH the TRUTH of a “non-existent virus!” (Duh!) 🤪Ignorance, stupidity and abject FEAR is 1000% responsible for the insanity in our world today, with 7 billion humans being the root CAUSE of ALL this destruction, just like THEY (The Hierarchy Enslaving You!) PLANNED 2000 years ago would happen! — “Think, while it’s still legal.”~ Wole Soyinka (1937) Nigerian poet and playwright. — * “Americans believe EVERYTHING they see on television!”~Richard Nixon, 37th. President of the United States, a proven crook, thief and liar who faked his phone call to “Congratulate astronauts on the Moon in 1969!”

      • She telling the truth! If you can’t handle it then go to your safe place with your crayons and coloring books princess 🙄🙄🙄

    • Thank you!! I have said this from day one. I have been told you will kill someone’s grandparent. I say no I won’t. I wish mireDrs and nurses would speak up!

    • Thank you for telling the truth! I agree with you 100%! I cannot stand the amount of indoctrination brainwashed people here in N.J. Unfortunately, I am not allowed in the Dr’s office or market, etc without a mask that is why I ONLY wear Breathable No contact plastic masks. I refuse to suffocate myself PERIOD! Also, vaccines are dangerous too! I wish there were more Nurses & Drs who were AWAKE like you!

      • Fellow “Awakened” American! ANY business “refusing entry to a non-masked person/patron is in Violation of the 14th. Amendment to the Constitution which is Anti-Discrimination” against you or anyone else in this country!” — Please go to to see FREE card-printed examples of that law! I enter EVERY business with that card and have NEVER been refused entry! 👍

      • Never vaxxed ,as adult, 62, never had “the flu” . When told this, my latest doctor glanced around, leaned in close, and whispered “keep it that way”.

    • I would love to be your friend and I agree with everything she said and never said. I have been following and researching this since it began last year and its all man/woman and media made. Thank you for speaking out. Cindy if you have any further info I would love it. If you put anything in your message, it was removed.

    • thank you dear nurse i wish i could get my medical family to realize this keep fighting for truth alicia

    • I’m a nurse who agrees with everything you said clinically, and even to some degree about the stupidity, and I cuss like a sailor…. but most of these people are complying because of ignorance, and the fact that they’re being lied to. Those people are not going to change their mind, and wake up with That Insulting Diatribe. How about some compassion for Why they think what they think, and patient/caregiver education on the fucking Truth

    • This nurse needs to calm down and provide her scientific facts in a professional manner. I agree with everything she is saying and I can relate to her frustration but the foul language is unnecessary.

      Audio quality of her video is very poor.

      • I understand her frustration, I’m totally fed up with this Covet Hoax, indoctrinated brainwashed people here in N.J, masks, dictator City leaders as well. Im ready to get out of this state because of this Bull! I ONLY wear a Breathable No contact plastic mask cause I have no choice they won’t let me in the Dr’s office or market even though I tell them I have a medical exemption. You are 100% correct! Thank you for telling the truth, wish there were more nurses & Drs like you.

    • Absolutely BRILLIANT! Well done. However the upside is COVID-19 is so clever it only targets stupid people with a personal history of not making good choices. It’s like here in Australia where there’re crocodiles in certain areas. People are well informed about the dangers of going near or in their habitat but people still get taken. Same thing – crocs are so damn clever they only eat stupid people. So if all the stupid people die off that’s a good thing, right?

      • He’s not saying what you think from the surface words. When he refers to vaccines he’s using coded language for the military.

      • To innerstand the content of Donald Trump’s speech you need to look and research at; DR Chalie Ward /Gene Decod/ Simon Parks / Santa Surfing / Mal K / EBH, please do this.
        Do you innerstand that in September 2020 the international militia formed in 2014, Donald Trump/Vladimir Putin/ X ping/Modie removed/executed the 13 bloodline families of King Soliman’s 13 sons? They owned every birth certificate (bonds & chattels on the NY stock exchange )on earth and every corporation on earth.

        Do you innerstand that every TV /Radio/newspaper globally is owned by 6 people owned by the Rockerfella/ Rothchilds scum, the “Bilderberg Groop” since the 1930s conceived and implemented in the USA and delivered globaly using MKultra techniques if you can’t stop watching TV throw the fucking mind control mechanism that stops your cognitive function /cognitive Dissidence out the window?

        Until YOU stop enabling their system with YOUR compliance YOU are facilitating their requirements for the continuation of humanity’s enslavement.

        Peace, Love and Harmony, Al

    • This is just about the way I think. The only time I use a mask is when I have to enter a place that demands it (which right now is every business). I am not using one at home, outside or when driving. I have a healthy immune system and am not afraid of catching anything. I can’t remember the last time I was sick. I also am sick and tired of seeing and hearing all those comments every single day that are also changing almost on a daily base. I am pretty sure that all of this has been planned by the globalists since quite some time.

    • You’re right on I’m sharing it with all of my RN friends and I’ve been studying retro virology and Judy Mikovitz I will tell you what’s happening it’s deeper than you think but I think you can handle the truth there are some consequences for not following certain governors in certain states and I’m limited as to what I can see on this venue send me an email let’s have a conversation I’d love to hear your response

      Regards Louise

    • FINALLY someone with real KAHUNAS speaking out. Great post – I hope she has posted it everywhere.. and thanks for you too Alexandra. Thumbs UP!

    • Would you please be my new best friend? I am serious. Everyone thinks I am nuts. As a medical technologist and dentist (now retired), I have the time to research this scam, and I have been saying the exact things that you are saying ever since February of 2020. (I even insert the expletives at the same points that you do!!)

      • I would love to be your friend and I agree with everything she said and never said. I have been following and researching this since it began last year and its all man/woman and media made. Thank you for speaking out. Cindy if you have any further info I would love it. If you put anything in your message, it was removed.

    • They’ve admitted to many crazy early assumptions over this entire year, kinda like the conga line to multiple crude oil derived prescriptions or 20 years bombing higher melanin humans ‘over there’.
      All fear soaked ingnored and Big Mac meal larded with eventual physical debilitation and on into the Masked Marauderville grips of economic infamy, by corpses…weird.
      Ah loves me some Bayer glyphosate saturated vittals, ‘specially that HFCS and anti-white peoples Coca-Cola juice, yes sirrr.

    • Wow! finally outrage over the lack of common sense! A new justification for my life long used phrase…”Stupid people will hurt you”

    • Thank you for speaking truth.
      I don’t have a PHD, but I worked in health care for many years. I too have observed that people do not want to take personal responsibility for their own health and would rather pop a pill.
      If the medical establishment could be sued for it’s chemical blunders on the human body, false diagnosis, and its fake science, perhaps it would have been a detriment to this spreading of this bullshit PSYOP.

    • When you sacrifice safety for freedom, you deserve neither!
      Benjamin Franklin

      Agenda 21 is their plan, people are stupid, they watch a box for their “programming”.
      How about a vaccine or three?
      They found the virus?
      No, but they can really make a killing giving it to you and charging the government that pays them back with YOUR tax dollars.
      And you can’t sue them back either, pure profit!!!
      Nothing to fear, but fear itself!
      And that is still being pushed on those who will believe it.
      Shall we play a game of Monopoly?

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