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    Former Overstock CEO, Patrick Byrne was on live With Pete Santilli, early Tuesday morning with this blockbuster interview about the investigations into the 2020 Election fraud. For anybody out there who’s worried about the eventual outcome of this election and whether or not we will be taken over by China and Davos, you will be put greatly at ease and emerge with a great deal of confIdence after reading this article and watching this video, which will arm you with the truth of what happened in the early hours of November 4th in six counties, across the US and show you the clear path to victory.

    Patrick Byrne is the former CEO of and he’s served in executive leadership over several other large companies in the tech and manufacturing industries. He is a Constitution-loving registered Libertarian who fights for Education Choice and who has helped the FBI fight the rampant corruption on Wall Street.

    He says, “I knew what the Bad Guys were going to do this Election and I had a reason to know that there was something big coming, that I won’t go into right now.”

    While the Democrats and the Mainstream Media have been claiming that there is “no evidence of widespread fraud” during the 2020 Elections, this is because they refuse to investigate the matter or report on it. In fact, Tucker Carlson turned Patrick Byrne away, when Sidney Powell recommended he interview him. That’s why Byrne decided to make a spate of appearances on Independent Media, such as on Black Conservative Patriot and on The Pete Santilli Show.


    In November of 2018, the Dallas elections, which were run on Dominion systems had encountered irregularities, so Texas’ state government had hired a cybersecurity firm to figure out and explore these irregularities.

    This Texas cybersecurity firm has since had two years to reverse-engineer the cheated election, whereas the rest of America has only had two weeks to understand it. Byrne had encountered this firm back in July of this year and out of civic duty, he started funding them, along with some other cybersecurity experts, hackers, private detectives, etc. to investigate Dominion Voting Systems.

    He says they put together a very complete picture of the fraud that had been perpetrated during Texas’ 2018 mid-term elections. “There are at least 10 hacks to accomplish within a Dominion system. So we knew the whole plan.”


    Although Byrne tried very hard to alert the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) about their discoveries, they did not immediately accept a meeting. However, “Using some political connections, we got the meeting and started.”

    Byrne then set up a follow-up classified briefing – and CISA, the Cyber Infrastructure and Security Administration – the new department within DHS, created for the purpose of protecting the digital infrastructure of the election – they REFUSED TO COME!

    The State a of Texas had hired this elite cybersecurity group, a group of Federal law enforcement and military intelligence personnel to investigate the fraud in the 2018 Dallas elections – but members of CISA refused to attend!

    As we know, Trump fired CISA Director, Chris Krebs last week, after Acting DHS Secretary, Chad Wolf had refused Trump’s orders to do so.


    Byrne says they were expecting the 2020 fraud to take place and, “We knew by two days after the election EXACTLY what they had done” and how they had done it. Since then, he’s spent the past 18 days posted up in a hotel in Washington DC, trying to bring this information to the people who would listen – and happily, this time, there are parties who are quite interested.

    He says, they’ve had a breakthrough since last Sunday (11/15). “Everybody gets it here. Everyone around the President, in Rudy Giuliani’s circles and in Sidney Powell’s circles.

    Of course, the Mainstream Media is trying to bury this in concrete, so Byrne says that about three days ago, he decided to go to the Independent Media.

    Byrne says, this will go down as the Mainstream Media’s final “black mark”, because, in a month or two, it will be clear to everyone that they took part in a cover-up. “They took part in a psychological operation, frankly, to try and get Americans to accept ‘President-Elect’ Joe Biden, when there’s way, way too many questions.” He says Americans will see very clearly that the MSM was engaged in propaganda rather than seeking the truth.


    On the night of the 2020 Election, Byrne’s team found that data from the voting machines was going to Frankfurt, Germany. This was corroborated by a German professor, who noted the extraordinary amount of traffic going to Frankfurt IPs during the hours of the US Election.

    Byrne says the US Consulate in Frankfurt is significant because there had been an operation there against the Russian hacking groups, Cozy Bear and Fancy Bear, of Mueller Report infamy. Byrne says that this Frankfurt operation was moved to Baltimore Station, for the Silk Road Task Force, which led to the conviction of Ross Ulbricht, who was sentenced to two life sentences plus 40 years, without the possibility of parole for selling hard drugs online, followed by the convictions of two members of this same Silk Road Task Force, DEA Agent, Carl Force and Secret Service Agent, Shaun Bridges who were each sentenced to 7 years for defrauding both the government AND Ulbricht out of well over $1M in Bitcoin during the course of their investigations of Ulbricht for the US Government. Byrne notes that Rod Rosenstein was the US Attorney for the District of Maryland at the time.

    Other members of this same cyber Task Force went on to frame Gen. Michael Flynn and to start up CrowdStrike, the cybersecurity firm paid by the DNC to say that Russia had hacked the 2016 Elections.

    “So, there’s something odd about Frankfurt, Germany and these circles. The data from the Elections was pumped by these [Dominion] machines we’ve been studying – to Frankfurt, Germany.”


    A colleague of Byrne’s informed a friendly congressman about the Frankfurt data transfer. This congressman, unfortunately informed the President about this on an open line and within 12 hours of that conversation, the US Consulate in Frankfurt was raided “by men in US Army uniforms” but Byrne says, “It’s not clear at all who did the seizing. No one’s really taking responsibility, at the moment.” This would explain Sidney Powell’s comments during last week’s press conference that she was unsure if the Scytl servers seized in this raid had fallen into the hands of the Bad Guys.


    Byrne says there are three different buckets to understand.

    Bucket #1, The technical functionality of these Dominion election systems, “Because they were built by Hugo Chavez in order to make himself El Presidente for Life, they were built with functionality that you would not imagine any legitimate voting system would have. For example, pre-synced administrators of the system can do all kinds of things.

    “They can drag and drop votes to the candidate of their choice. And this isn’t a theory, it’s in their instruction manual…they can allocate votes, they can generate blank ballots, they can do all these admin overrides that really destroy election integrity.

    “What’s even worse than that, that you do want to understand, if you want to understand the foreign involvement, here is this – and nobody in the press has picked up on this, yet: these Dominion servers are widely-infected with a malware called QSnatch. And what QSnatch is is a credential-stealer…75,000 Dominion servers [in the US] are infected with it.

    “That means that if an administrator or a poll worker in any precinct logs on to any machine that’s infected, their credentials get zapped and sent out on the Dark Web, where they’re for sale or there’s somebody in Xi’an, China, at the military hacking base has them. So they can now login.

    “So, it’s bad enough that in Maricopa County, Arizona, there’s some precinct worker, there’s an administrator who has the ability to do a bunch of mischief and slide votes around. It’s especially bad that some guy who steals his credentials from China can login to Maricopa County and that guy in China can move the votes around. That’s horrendous.

    “And there’s absolute Chinese involvement in what’s going on here. I’m gonna stop there but there’s absolutely that kind of Chinese involvement.


    Within 24 hours of the Election, Byrne’s team had put everything together. “We saw the traffic that night…The traffic going to Frankfurt. So that’s one set of things to understand, things like that hack.

    “Let me give you another aspect of that: If you go up to the voting booth, with your ballot all filled-out and you turn it in and they feed it into the machine, if the machine says, ‘Oh, I find this hard to read,’ it gives you a warning sign. The precinct worker will tell you, ‘Honey, you can fill it out again and stand in line for an hour or you just hit this green button. Hit the green button and your vote will be adjudicated later,’ meaning humans will look at it and they’ll decide, they’ll choose what you were trying to mark. It’ll be OK, it’ll all go in.

    “And 95% of people, if not more are going to hit the green button. What that really does with your vote is that it adds it to a pool and a pool accumulates of these adjudicable votes…but the admin can come by and grab – at the end of the day, there’s 931 of those votes…he can just drag and drop them to Joe Biden, which is why you might see this sudden spike of 983 Biden votes – or, in some cases, 25,000 or 130,000. That’s the functionality. Now, no legitimate machine would have the functionality but let’s set that aside. Now, we get to Bucket #2.

    “Bucket #2 is the lived experiences of the people who voted and who worked in the precincts, who volunteered. And we have hundreds of affadavits from such people.”

    Affadavits regarding “Sharpiegate” are an example of the sworn testimonies of irregularities and/or foul play that Byrne’s team has collected, independent of those collected by Trump’s legal team.

    Those ballots that became invalidated in Maricopa County because the Sharpie ink bled through, instead of ending up in an “Adjudication Pool”, as referenced in Bucket #1 above, they ended up in a “Drag ‘n Drop” pool, for Joe Biden.

    Bucket #3 refers to the statistical outcomes, in some cases, on the order of “Quadrillions-to-one against that certain things could happen,” Byrne says.

    “And again, I am not a Republican, I did not vote for Mr Trump, I’m a Libertarian and I love the Constitution and that’s my religion…I’m not coming at this from a pro-Trump thing, I’m just about the truth.

    “If the outcomes that occur – if you were theoretcially in an intensely Biden district, with 96% support for Biden, and you had 100 people come in and vote, the chances that 100 people in a row would vote for Biden would be .96 raised to the hundredth power. So that’s 60-to-1 against.

    “The chances that you would have 1,000 votes in a row would be something like 2 quadrillion-to-1 against.

    “The chances that you could ever see 123,000 votes in a row for the same person are – you could go pick a grain of sand on a beach and I could go pick a grain of sand on another beach and the chances that we picked the same grain is as close to you can get to zero.

    “So, the point is that these three things line up: Bucket #1. The technical capabilities of the machines; Bucket #2. The lived experience of the people who went and voted in these districts and; Bucket #3. The statistical results – all dovetail together and tell this ironclad story…

    “You’ve gotta prove ‘Could it happen?’ and ‘Did it happen?’ The question of ‘Could it happen?’ is addressed by Bucket #1, that the machines have this functionality. The question of ‘Did it happen?’ is proven by Buckets #2 and #3, the lived experience of the people who lived and voted in these precincts and the statistical outcomes all prove it did happen.

    “So, together, all that information fits hand-in-glove, perfectly.”

    Regarding the piles of blank ballots reported shipped in, Byrne says, “We have hundreds of affadavits of people who saw different glimpses of different things and when you put all those affadavits together, that’s exactly what you get.


    “Here’s the big thing, it’s gonna make you puke – the Democrats are right about something – so, I’m not a Republican, but I’m REALLY not a Democrat.

    “Democrats who’ve been saying, ‘There was no evidence of widespread fraud’ are missing the point. But they’re right, it wasn’t that it was widespread – it was narrow and deep – and the Bad Guys picked six places to do it.

    “What they realized, was that if you cheated like crazy in 6 counties in America, you could flip the states that they’re in and hence, flip the Electoral College and hence, steal the Nation, by flipping 6 counties. And those are Atlanta, Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Detroit, Maricopa and Clark County, in Nevada.

    “Those 6 counties – and the first 4 of them are heavily Black and I believe they did that, because I think the goons on the Left have been using the Black community for my entire lifetime.

    “It isn’t that the Black people cheated. The people who cheated were the people running the systems and maybe people over in China and other places did the cheating. The Black people just did the voting. They did that, so when all this gets exposed, they’re gonna say, ‘Oh! You’re trying to suppress the Black Vote!’

    “Well, I will have nothing to do with any racial element. I’m a huge anti-racist…what they’re going to try to do, as they always do, is to hide behind Black people…The Bad Guys cheated the Hell out of these 4 predominantly Black cities and then Maricopa, Phoenix, which is Hispanic.”


    Byrne says he’s had enough evidence to win these cases for over 17 days. Now, it’s just a matter of explaining the details to the lawyers to whom he’s made his information available, as a concerned citizen, who’s paying his own way and who is neither working for the Trump Campaign nor for Sidney Powell.

    “There’s no honest judge in America who wouldn’t get it. It’s open-and-shut. The only question, at this point is the whole legal process – and the Bad Guys are trying to pour cement over this whole election and bury it before any of this stuff gets out. But it’s open-and-shut that this happened on a massive scale.”

    He says blockchain cryptography cold solve all of this, where we would no longer rely on these Government employees who can be – and who are – bought.

    “The Goldman-Sachs of the world can buy themselves regulators and senators and congressmen and journalists and maybe judges but there’s one thing that even Goldman-Sachs can’t buy and that’s the laws of mathematics. So, the more that we base on the laws of mathematics, which is to say cryptography, which is to say blockchain, the more we solve this problem of corruption…

    “I think AG Barr is a wonderful man…he needed this job like a hole in the head. He took this job to come to Washington and burn down the Deep State.

    “I think – and I do not know AG Barr, but my understanding of things is that he inherited a Department of Justice that is so swampy, it’s not easy.”

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    Leave a Reply to Christopher James Cancel reply

      ———GOD BLESS THE PRESIDENT………………… ———GOD BLESS THE 1ST LADY…………………..
      ———GOD BLESS THE 1ST FAMILY……………..
      ———GOD BLESS US……………………………….

    • Frankfurt is the place where Rottenshilds started from in 17 century and monay capital of Germany. So the whole city is owned by this sick kraken family

    • Well I’ll try to clarify the mystery of Frankfurt. Isn’t that the place where Rottenshilds started from??? So it means the whole city is owned by this sick kraken (literally) family and they can do whatever they want in Frankfurt!

    • Dear Alexandra

      Once the swamp is drained, will President Trump come and drain our very deep swamp in the UK. At present, we are being ruled by a rogue government who are using tyranny and coercive control, together with threats of mandatory vaccines in order to bring in a regime change. Most of the population are blindly complying with diktats and restrictions. We voted Brexit to take back control of our country and our treasonous evil ‘leaders’ (including the Royal Family) have sold us out to the unelected One World Government. Please give me some hope that President Trump will free us from this endless nightmare.

      Thank you.

    • Dear Alexandra

      Once the swamp is drained, will President Trump come and drain our very deep swamp in the UK. At present, we are being ruled by a rogue government who are using tyranny and coercive control, together with threats of mandatory vaccines in order to bring in a regime change. Most of the population are blindly complying with diktats and restrictions. We voted Brexit to take back control and our treasonous evil ‘leaders’ (including the Royal Family) have sold us out to the unelected One World Government. Please give me some hope that President Trump will free us from this endless nightmare.

      Thank you.

    • Dear Alexandra,

      Does P. Trump have the numbers to be nominated by the Electoral College, or has that process somehow been nullified in view of the fraud?

      If not, how is The President intending to stop Biden being Elected by the EC in circa three weeks?

      Thank you so much.

      • The Electoral College doesn’t vote until December 14th.

        Each state needs to certify their election beforehand. This is done by each one’s secretary of state. Soros pretty much owns them all, like he owns the prosecutors, governors, mayors, some judges, etc., etc.

        Meanwhile, the Trump Team is working on nullifying the illegal ballots/votes, before they can be certified. Powell has warned the secretaries of state to consider whether they wish to implicate themselves in election fraud before certifying bogus votes.

        A Pennsylvania judge ruled yesterday to stop the crooked Pennsylvania Secretary of State from certifying the election until the Trump Team evidence could be heard in court.

        • Dear Alexandra,

          Thank you so much for that clarification. If only my guys would do the same?

          But I thought that each state could only vote according to their political alliance? Knowing now that most evil parasite Soros decides makes me wonder why a good Patriot has not taken him out!

          You only had to say openly that Michelle Obama is a dreadful transvestite to be shot within the week and yet Soros gets away with what he does?

          By the way, my view on Barr was very much aligned with the comment from DownieR, what is the real position of this man whom as far as I was concerned is Deep State?

    • Bringing down this evil global network is essential or life on this planet as we know it is doomed – no more freedom, no more dreams attainable.

    • As soon as I read this, “I think AG Barr is a wonderful man…he needed this job like a hole in the head. He took this job to come to Washington and burn down the Deep State.”, from Byrne……he LOST ME!!! Barr is a Deep State, Globalist PIECE OF SHIT! Which makes everything Byrne says DISCREDITED! He, TOO, is a Deep State POS!

    • I am very grateful for FKTV, but I do have a question. The ‘media’ is saying that the Trump team has pushed Sidney Powell away. I can’t imagine this! She’s such a fierce warrior. And if this is true, why?



        • Dear Alexandra,

          Thank you so much for the explanation and the link.
          I loved Churchill’s narrative: “In Wartime, truth is so precious that she should always be attended by a bodyguard of lies.”

          What truly concerns me is that the average man and woman in the street in the UK has not a clue. Not only with regard to what is happening in this war of all wars but with what ‘they’ intend for us. I once wondered why China has built something like 180 full cities that remain empty? Now we know why!

          Any news yet of the outcome of the first Court Hearing, please?

          I am sorry to keep asking you for clarification, but my guys reveal nothing, and the MSM is a cesspit of lies.

          You and sites like you have really come into your own!

    • The swamp is DEEP as well as *GLOBAL*!
      AG Bill Barr, and Durham, are we going to see anything from them?
      It’s very late in the game.
      I have also heard that there are planes going to, and from Gitmo, Delta fights, also hear say.
      The TRUTH can set us free. Swamp rats don’t want that. They want us to take a vaccine, and disappear into the dirt. Like the Georgia guide stones say.
      Time will tell, but time is getting short as well.
      We lose President Trump, it’s game over, and nowhere to run to.

    • Dear Alexandra,

      I cannot but hope to hear the outcome from the first case taken to Court with presumably a good-guy Judge presiding?

      Despite the accolade given to Barr and the fact that when I dowsed him he did not come up as ‘Evil’, it is for me, nevertheless troubling that he has been more or less quiet?

      It is also significant that my earlier concerns over Sidney Powell not knowing whom seized the Scytl servers in Frankfurt, appears still to be the case. My Higher Self says that regrettably, it was the bad guys. Which is not surprising considering The President was informed on an open line.

      You may not be aware that my dowsing skills allow me to track down ‘Evil’ and almost any energy. Thus I am certain that if anyone was interested I could locate the physical presence of the ‘stolen’ servers.

      The other matter is Durham? The last Q drop simply states his name? Once again my HS says that he is one of the good guys. We can but hope once the election fraud has been overcome, he finally comes forward with indictments galore?

      • Mayb the 1 name Durham was actually referrin’ 2 Sydney Powell, who was born n …w8 4 it…Durham N. Carolina!!!…haha…👱…

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