Following the debacle that was the 2018 midterm elections, the Trump administration created a new department within the Department of Homeland Security, called the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency or CISA. It sees our critical infrastructure is a matter of national security and part of that infrastructure involves the security of our elections.

Outside of the ballots showing up in landfills across the country, the tens of thousands of Pennsylvania ballots being returned on an earlier date than they were sent and the many other abuses stemming from the farce of mail-in ballots and the frauds perpetrated by the USPS, our elections were also woefully hacked.

Therefore, we shouldn’t be surprised that Reuters has just published a report that Chris Krebs, the chief of CISA expects to be fired shortly.

Two hours after I reported this on John Chamber’s Making Sense of the Madness, Q made the first drop since before the election, releasing the news that Chris Krebs’ Assistant Director, Bryan S Ware had stepped down. Adding:

More coming?
Why is this relevant?
How do you ‘show’ the public the truth?
How do you ‘safeguard’ US elections post-POTUS?
How do you ‘remove’ foreign interference and corruption and install US-owned voter ID law(s) and other safeguards?
It had to be this way.
Sometimes you must walk through the darkness before you see the light.

You may recall, a couple of weeks before the Election, that the acting DHS chief, Chad Wolf, FBI Director Chris Wray and Director of National Intelligence, John Ratcliffe held a joint press conference about how they were very confident and working very hard to ensure the security of the 2020 Elections. NSA Director, Paul Nakasone was also tweeting about how “we continue to defend our nation’s essential processes of democracy from foreign threats.”

But all of them have been very quiet lately, as it’s emerging that much of our digital vote tabulation is contracted-out by a private company called Scytl that is based in Barcelona, Spain and with servers in Germany and Serbia.

I’ve been hearing about Scytl since last August, when I saw the first Shadowgate documentary by Millie Weaver, segments of which are played by Tore Maras in today’s video. The information is a lot easier to absorb now, that we can see it playing out in the 2020 Election.

Scytl is one of the most notorious outsourced companies for elections, with regular electronic voting machine problems. They tabulate our election results in cloud services in Europe – yes, from servers outside the United States! Why?

Here is one map of the information flow from the Dominion/Smartmatic machines to their servers in Europe:

In 2014, Scytl got a field office in Kiev to provide “election training” and “election management” for the Ukrainian Election Commission, as part of Obama’s aid package to Ukraine, which corresponds with Joe Biden’s billion-dollar loan guarantee scandal – it came from the same aid package. This is all tied to George Soros and the Atlantic Council, who have been deciding America’s policies for decades now.

So, it’s clear that the election antics we’re seeing are closely tied to the same State Department/Atlantic Council criminals who gave us the fake impeachment, the fake Russian dossier – and who live in Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Newsmax is reporting that Allied Security Systems, a cybersecurity firm has found that your votes are stored in Scytl servers in Germany as well as Serbia, Spain and other countries, with malware, Trojans called “Qsnatch” embedded in the source code to change votes in the databases.

It was found that they can go in and change the data with Qsnatch, they can change the votes and backdate the previous databases to hide the changes. They can watch the malware collect all the information, all your private ID information for voter matching, who you voted for and now they have it all as well, in one of the biggest data breaches in US history.

On Thursday morning, Trump tweeted about Dominion Voting Systems, which has about 40% of the share of the digital voting platforms used in US elections:


These figures were compiled by Joe Hoft at the Gateway Pundit and it’s clear that our insanely precarious voting infrastructure is eminently hackable by design. With CISA, the new government agency tasked with fixing it having failed completely (unless, of course this was a sting operation, as some claim), it’s obvious that vested interests are bent on keeping it vulnerable.

The Democrats are now admitting that fraud occurred – but they’re saying it “wasn’t enough to swing the election” – and that the burden of proof is on Trump to prove that it was.

With all that’s being uncovered, it looks like this would be easy to do but it’s also more than clear that there is no way to legitimize the 2020 Election and it should be declared null and void.

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  • I support President Trump 100%, but I’m starting to side With Joseph Farrell on the Q Op. Just before the election We received drops:
    Are you ready to finish what we started?
    ‘Nothing can stop what is coming’ is not just a catch-phrase.
    Are you ready to hold the political elite [protected] accountable?
    Are you ready to take back control of this Country?
    All the Wayfair, HollyWood pedophilia, World shakers & mover criminals, the DC criminals, the Biden Laptop etc. I mean the list goes on and on and on for over 4 years and still not a single dam arrest, not one, just one laWyer pleading guilty of altering a FISA document, that’s it. One guy. Here We are on round 2 of are you ready With Durham. I’ll believe it When I see it. I’ve unsubscribed to Q drops simply to start exiting myself from the drama of another 4 years of here it comes. Lol sorry for the venting again.

    • I’m with you 100%.

      The people are gonna have to overthrow the system completely. It has to stop, and the PEOPLE have to do it. The politicians, Pharma, Media & Tech corporate execs, and law enforcement – all seem cut from the same cloth of pervert.

  • ANYONE who cites ‘Q’ is ILLEGIT!! So-called ‘Q’ is a CIA PsyOp!! Anyone with a working brain cell can come to THAT conclusion!!

  • Dear Alexandra,

    I have now endured the whole of this podcast and whilst the good lady has much to offer, I found your succinct, narrative far more illuminating frankly!

    I am certain this Podcast would have been more effective if condensed to say 45 minutes at most.

    On a slightly different note, the Comments sections of the Daily Telegraph, here in the UK, is full of thousands of people convinced that Biden was lawfully elected!

    I find it both frightening and staggering that the MSM is so effective at their propaganda!

    I know that I have been assured with absolute certainty that P Trump will serve a second term. Nevertheless, the extent to which ‘Evil’ is embedded within society, overwhelms me. The President needs an army of Guardian Angels to defeat a mere fraction of the ‘Evil’ in our midst.

    Furthermore, what is the role of the existing MSM establishment, post the revelations of corruption surrounding this hacked election. They cannot simply switch on the happy button in January as if nothing has happened? They have been the mechanism through which the ‘bad guys’ have gotten away with it since way back when. I would argue to circa the time of the formation of the Federal Reserve. Although in truth, perhaps since the mid-seventeenth century and the formation of the Illuminati?

    I am aware from speaking to you in person, that your role in speaking out against the corruption has in many ways destroyed your life. I can but hope, that you dear lady will soon start to enjoy a happier life, as ‘Evil’ is overcome?

  • Video stops playing after about one minute. Could be my phone. You tube is censoring me . I guess they can’t handle the truth. God bless you and God bless America and our president Mr Trump.

  • I have just received confirmation from those that live in the tomorrow, that Potus will prove all that he must so that he can really start to drain the despicably smelling swamp.

    Hopefully, along with much of the superfluous so-called celebrities and Hollywood?

    It does trouble me though, that perhaps George Bush senior cut a deal for his son, whom was a slimy toad, guilty of horrendous crimes against humanity that no stay of execution should be warranted!

  • It looks like we are finaling getting there, at last.

    Those that keep me secure have keot me incommunicado for the past four years.

    I am hoping that my time might now be soon also?

    • Last named storm was Greek alphabet letter ETA, a one sided tropical storm with surge and flooding. Target: Tampa to Kings Bay GA.

      7th letter of alpha BET has numerical value of 100 to ancients. Later value changed to 8. Was often used for coordinates.

      Next due storm looks like IOTA. 9th letter, derived from Greek Yodh, value 10. Represents “I”

      Used in programming, formerly used as a descriptor in logic.

      Storm setting up in same locale as ETA south of Cuba hooking north around Yucatán.

      I believe someone is communicating a message through selected, created storms.

  • Many of these machines were purchased by Dominion from Diebold Systems, known for at least two decades to be very hackable.

    Pelosi’s chief of staff is an officer of Dominion.

    • This report from states that a dominion contractor with ties to George Soros caused Texas to reject Dominion machines recently.

      Soros hacks have access to these machines.


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