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    Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth have just started a new campaign called “Free Fallin’ starring WTC Building 7”.

    Between now and September 11, 2016, A&E 9/11 are inviting all of us to make our own music videos of this disgraceful event and to post as many “Free Fallin’ starring WTC Building 7” videos on YouTube as we can!

    We can use their lyrics or write our own and email the completed video files to

    Their example video is excellent, set to the 1990s Tom Petty classic with their own incisive lyrics. Incriminating audio clips are laid over the music track from live news broadcasted at the time of the event, never again to be repeated on the Mainstream Media. Graphics describe how the wreckage was removed at breakneck speed and put into the Fresh Kills landfill on Staten Island.

    There are endless opportunities for creators to call out even more egregious activities associated with this villainy, such as the mind-boggling rapidity at which the megatons of steel that constituted the crime scene were sold to buyers in China.

    Ad nauseum.

    This September marks the 15th anniversary of the beginning of Post-9/11 Era. Let’s show how far we’ve come in our understanding of this dastardly massacre, which led the way to so many others – and to a quasi-Fascist, dystopic America, almost unrecognizable from the place it used to be.

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    • Our town suffered earthquakes in 2010 and 2011. A few years later we witnessed controlled implosions to destroy now unsafe buildings cheaply which looked identical to the free-falling shown here.

    • When I watched video footage of these magnificent buildings collapsing in the way that they did – my hair stood on end. Many years ago I saw a film clip on how the buildings were designed and built. They were strong, well designed and employed every modern building innovation – built to withstand enormous stress. There was no doubt in my mind that these buildings had been deliberately destroyed. But by whom and why?? The answers are so obvious. and the subsequent enquiry was set up in the same way that the Warren Commission investigated the assassination of John F Kennedy. Because the perpetrators of both these monstrous crimes were the same families and the same organizations.

    • The Political Establishment represent the “One Percent ” Many of the “99 Percent” are still trapped in the Matrix and kept there by the Propaganda spewded By the Corporate Sewer Media, ….I guess it answered you question…Arthur

    • Was insurance collected on Building 7 ? Especially since it was pulled on purpose. What kind of information was stored in that building that it had to be destroyed. Isn’t it amazing that the same man owned all three buildings. What’s wrong with this picture?

    • Their names will go down in infamy forever. For thousands of years, people will line up to piss on their graves. Their progeny shall be forever reviled, and curses will be placed upon them for seventy times seven generations. And that is just the beginning of what will happen in this world.

    • There is a mass murder in NYC and none of the suspicious leads are even explored. We are just supposed to believe the government’s explanation – – without question and no matter how unbelievable that explanation is. All of the perpetrators of this crime did not die, many are still freely walking around this country. If the real perpetrators of this crime were identified, many would be shocked, then again many might not.

    • Great new approach to reach the masses of Americans whove have been rendered incapable of critical thinking by the government DOE and the FCC visual propaganda ministry.

    • A disgrace. The proof right in front of our eyes and no one goes to prison. Are we stupid?Criminal Bush get’s library. His father get’s the Medal Of Freedom and Bush throws o first pitches at baseball games. How sick and evil can you get? Just outrageous .But when you hold the keys to the prison in your bloody hands are you going to lock yourselves up? There is a special place in hell for these pices of shit

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