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This is Tom Fitton’s December 3, 2018 acceptance speech for the Freedom Flame Award given to him at the Center for Security Policy with an introduction by former District of Columbia United States Attorney, Joe diGenova. As the President of Judicial Watch, he has filed hundreds of Freedom of Information Requests that have done much more than the Government to investigate and expose the criminality of the Clinton Foundation and the Obama Administration.

Fitton begins by explaining that he stumbled upon the Clinton email scandal by accident, while Judicial Watch was investigating the 2012 Benghazi attack on US diplomatic facilities in Libya that resulted in the deaths of US Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens and US Foreign Service employee, Sean Smith.

Little did Fitton know that that Clinton email scandal would so frighten the establishment that they would immediately try to figure out ways to “get out of it”. He says the way they’ve been doing that is by diverting attention away from themselves and by siccing the FBI and the Justice Department on Donald Trump.

“This Justice Department and the FBI, while it was supposed to be prosecuting and investigating Hillary Clinton was actually working with her campaign to come up with fraudulent reasons to spy on, investigate and target Donald Trump and his team. There’s no scandal like that in American history; not in the history of the FBI; not in the history of the Justice Department.

“The Democrats and the Left will talk about these ridiculous Trump scandals and of the Administration. I’m sure there are some ethical problems, no matter what administration you have. We know that at Judicial Watch. We’ve sued the Trump Administration 50-plus times already for documents.

“But the scandal of our generation is what’s going on with the targeting of President Trump. The hijacking of the FBI and the CIA and the Justice Department and the Defense Department – and who knows what other agencies, to try to drive him out of office…

“This Justice Department…has set itself up has a fourth branch of government, that thinks it can investigate and harass the President in a way that not only impacts his ability to govern here, at home but in managing our nation’s national security matters abroad…I mean, this is a Justice Department that isn’t working for the people, anymore…

“One says, ‘What can you do? What can we do?’ Well, you know…I’ll use a bromide, here. All you can do is what you can do and you would think that’s pretty easy – but it isn’t.

“Ask yourself, ‘Has Congress done everything it can do? Has our executive branch? Have our foreign intelligence establishment agencies or law enforcement agencies at the Federal level? Have they done what they can do? Have the political leadership of both parties done what they could do? Has the media done what they can do?’

“Of course not but I’ll tell you this: Judicial Watch does what it can do and I’m asking you to do what you can do…you’ll be doing 50, 75, 100 percent more than the folks you pay [Congress] to do the work that you think ought to be done.”

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  • JT- you stole my thunder & I thank you for it.! If it wasn’t so true that list would look like a Hollywood screen writers’ wish list….but the horror of it is that each subject on that list is 100% the pride and joy of those that saw each one come true.
    What kind of people dream, plan & carry out these atrocities….are they even human? I think not! Seems while everyone was busy growing up, trying to get an education and a job, raise the kids and plan for a retirement…..we all got highjacked along the way and lulled into a ‘everything is sort of OK’ situation. It all started, for me anyway, after JFK, RFK, MLK, & so many more were sacrificed, that we lifted up our eyes and realized that things were not going as we figured it should….it culminated with 911 and the icing on the cake was Hillary Clinton and her god awful stench. Soros & his league of NWO low-lifes taking what all of us have put into our country for the future….squashed by their evilness & deceit. Who would have ever figured? I have come to my senses….& I’m damn sure many more will as well and Trump will win the next election and kick the garbage to the curb. Wake up folks, time is running out here.

  • It does bother me that the new division now I’d not racism, hate & kill the blacks or the government is out of control, but separate and divide the people by party, hate the democrats, they are the new black face of America. It gets so sickening how easily the sheep follow that I just give up and shut it all down and stop listening.

  • Pick your poison. Which one is the worse? How about all of the above.

    * Assassination of a sitting president – JFK.
    * Assassination of a civil rights leader and pastor – MLK.
    * Assassination of a presidential candidate and attorney general – RFK.
    * Attempted Assassination of a sitting president – Ronald Reagan.
    * Attempted Assassination of George Wallace and Ross Perot.
    * Assassination of activist and musician – John Lennon.
    * Assassination of world leaders around the globe.
    * Theft of gold, natural resources and wars to achieve those goals for decades now.
    * Economic hit-men to achieve those goals prior to the wars and or assassinations.
    * False flags to start wars – Sept 11th, Pearl Harbor and others.
    * Lying to Americans about all of the above
    * The deaths of 100,000s of soldiers during all of the above.
    * A Coup d’tat against Donald Trump using foreign intel, the FBI, NSA and CIA.
    * Subverting the constitution by forming a corporation to replace a constitutional republic.
    * Selling our nation to international bankers to bail out our war debt and inability to run a government within a budget.
    * Sell additional generations into the slavery of debt to those bankers.
    * I could go on and on…

    Just needed a bit of additional perspective.

      • wow, jt, i only thought of 911
        on reflection, i think the economic hit-man takes the door-prize. That debt-at-gunpoint syndrome applies to every nation on earth

        • On second thoughts, perpetual war (somewhere else, so never mind) for the fat few?
          And isn’t there a moon-landing question, potentially a blockbuster scandal? I believe a pressurised spacesuit in a pressure-less (absence of) atmosphere would look like the Michelin Man
          We’d better stop here, or we’ll go off the page; i’m starting to think about subliminal sexual references in Disney….oh no, and GMO and Pharmafascism…..aaaaargh

    • ……Coupled with an easily manipulated population, ignorant herd-like mentality, cognitive dissonance and apathy….
      The end result does not look too promising.

    • At age 72 I’ve lived through all of what you said. During the Viet Nam war people thought this nation was torn apart. But no one in my age group ever saw anything like what the dems, in collusion with the press and the deep state, have pulled off.
      I was an Independent voter, but now have no choice but to vote a straight Republican ticket.

      And, the primaries are extremely important if you want to drain the swamp. I can only suggest that you pay attention to every vote your congressmen, state reps and Senators voted. Did they vote as they promised or go against their promises? The primaries give you a chance to pick a better candidate.

    • well stated jt …November 22, 1963…never, ever, forget!! 21st century Mafia thugs in the Media, DNC, and the War Pigs are calling the shots, pulling the strings..

      • Yeah, psychopaths sending the people they are suppose to represent to die in some other country, so the corporations can make money. We the people are not represented, we are suppressed, our liberties taken away, in the name of safety. What a crock.

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