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I’m making today Truthstream Media day!

This couple makes some of the best-made, most clever dissident short videos, EVER.

Their brilliance has been the source of much suffering for them, of late. Last week, their website was hacked, with an unknown entity making ridiculous posts on their website – and mysteriously, too, without the means of a user account within the site’s administrative panel. Their email list was also hijacked, with weird messages going out to their subscribers.

In the past few days, dozens of their videos containing the words “ISIS”, “ISIL”, “Islamic State”, “Syria”, “US Foreign Policy”, in the “Middle East” with regard to “Regime Change”, etc. were demonetized by YouTube.

In response, they’ve made this tragicomic, sanitized edit of an aggregate of these videos, replacing all the above offending words with “Leprechauns”, “Bob’s House”, etc.

It’s hilarious but it’s also very, very sad. It is a sad day in America and in the world, that YouTube (aka Google, aka Alphabet) is censoring words like “ISIS” and “Syria”…real-world issues are apparently off-limits.

It appears that the Trump Administration is not going to do anything about the dread Global Engagement Center, the new branch of the US State Department, which was created by Obama, when he passed the Portman-Murphy “Countering Propaganda Act”, within the NDAA budget for 2017, with $180M allocated from the Pentagon this year, to *engage* in censorship like this.

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  • War is big business for a few fat cats in USA, it is all about money to be made. It will never end.
    WW3 will end it for all of us,ALL the see is MONEY MONEY MONEY.
    Some have billions, it is never enough, they need more,and millions of people lose their lives.
    But it is good for business.

  • Truth can be hilarious. Google/FB/YouTube are corporate Deep State, there is no mistaking the facts.

    Truthstream go get ‘um!

    • Unfortunately, knowledge resources (Wikipedia) has been corrupted into a deep state Ministry of Misinformation. I wonder if this is also true of WikiLeaks? I hope not – Thank God they got Clinton-Podesta, (Alefantis..) emails exposed so we could get those pedos’ Pizzagates opened…anyway, I digress. My point is, the “truth” has become a commodity, a word with a dubious usage. We must remain ever vigilant to the abuse of power (and language) by those who wield it. We must keep the truth pure, as the sparkling ideal it represents, and stop that evil which would seek to pervert the truth.

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