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While everybody in the Alternative Media is eagerly awaiting the next shoe to drop in the investigation of the computer belonging to former Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-NY), Sean from the SGT Report interviews Brittany Pettibone, a 24 year old woman from California who has been at the leading edge of the citizen’s investigation of the DC pedophilia ring, evidence of which was revealed by WikiLeaks and in the lewd Instagram photos and comments of the owner of an infamous pizza shop in DC.

Very unusual for her age and place of birth, Pettibone is a far-right activist (I would say extremist) and co-author of two novels with her twin sister, Nicole.

Sean and Brittany discuss how the Mainstream Media have totally savaged citizen investigators of this story, including herself and more recently, David Seaman in BuzzFeed’s hit piece against him.

Seaman was previously a blogger at HuffPo, until he was fired last summer, after publishing an article which alluded to Hillary Clinton’s apparent health problems. He then went on to become very vocal and single-minded in his pursuit of the DC pedophilia ring. This has, in turn created some health problems for him.

The two discuss the odds of Hillary Clinton and John Podesta facing prosecution.

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  • I can totally relate to Pettibone’s feeling of fatigue after dealing with pizzagate (I think it’s time to properly classify this mental illness/ deviant personality flaw/ evil soul – whatever the cause of this scourge – be called what it is, versus the cartoon the MSM is trying to undermine the truth of. They always pull this crap – look how they took the high ideal of the TRUTH, and disparaged it by naming truth-seekers “Truther” – as if that’s a bad thing. Anyway, I digress,..

    I applaud Brittany for ‘fighting the good fight”, as all Light Warriors are trying to do, be Proud to be a Truther. But I, too, ran into opposition to the even THOUGHT of the pedophile ring for use in blackmailing world leaders.. disgusting. Let’s call this disease and crime what it is; ” Pedophilia- Institutionalized Zampone Zeitgeist Affliction..” Seriously, these perverse, institutionalized zoic zombies of aberration, Hmm, maybe Pizzagate is OK after all, although I prefer to just call these murdering pedophiles as what they are: Criminal Perverts.

    Does that work for you?

    Criminal Perverts, Psychopathic Sexual Deviants, or my favorite, “Spirit Cookers”, which I guess means “Murdering, Satan-Worshipping Cannibals”, but I digress..

    We (as in, us reasonably sane, otherwise kind, compassionate, caring humans, looking to serve justice and revenge fantasies on these child-raping motherfuckers who need to be shown no mercy and otherwise tortured.. but I digress..)

  • The investigations in to the pedophiles of this world, what a snare, do you really believe that all that power and money will give in to be prosecuted, hell no, they believe they are above any law, and if it comes down to it they will have people killed to keep their positions in the world. Keep your eyes open, watch and see, they may loose some of their lime light, things will be swept under the carpet. People don’t seem to care so much about children, just something to use and then get rid of, in a way it’s kind of like sending your kids off to war, to see if they survive, learn to kill, then after that have them come home, and need to reset themselves to “this” world vision. However, I can still hope that these killers, that’s what they are, go down the fu*king drain with Draino and a snake. To the people digging this stuff up, thank you, may your actions be rewarded, I will put a little “force” into this of my own. But with their numbers, they are strong, and have been getting away with his for a long time……….. Having had a child who was taken advantage of by a grandparent of sorts, I feel this, and it hurts. Best wishes.

  • I would urge everyone to watch Richard D. Hall’s Documentary about Madeleine McCain…the pictures that keep coming up of the Podesta Brothers has no relevance to the McCain case…the Portugal Police have release all information on the McCain case…There was in reality only one man was was witnessed near the McCain home and his drawing came out 2 months after the allege abduction…The police in Portugal believe that Madeleine’s death was accidental and the probability of her death was caused by her parents…its a wonderful well researched video…we need to nailed the Podestas on other crimes against children!

  • It’s the Russians don’tcha know! The Russians are secretly conspiring with Trump to embarrass and malign innocent pedo-angels. America has to focus on removing everything and everyone Trump, before that wicked Jeff Sessions can call a grand jury and indict innocent pedo-angels. It’s all Putin’s fault, everything that went wrong, he is to blame.

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