5G technology is the 5th generation of wireless telecommunications technology. 1G was released in 1979 and enabled the analog transmission of voice; 2G was released in 1988 and did so digitally; 3G came out 1998 and enabled mobile Internet access; 4G was released in 2008 an enabled high definition video and phone conferencing; 5G was released in 2018 and provides higher data rates than cable Internet, higher system capacity and the massive device connectivity that will facilitate the Internet of Things and driverless vehicles. Like its predecessors, 5G technology has not been adequately tested for its safety.

Many of us have heard warnings about how the millimeter wave frequency band used by 5G is also used in crowd suppression and voice-to-skull non-lethal weapons. Some people assert that the rollout of 5G actually represents an imminent “apocalypse” for biological life. Transparency is lacking, due to the immense amount of money riding on the future of this technology, as well as the strategic and National Security concerns around maintaining dominance in this field.

Dana Ashlie has been doing excellent reporting about 5G. In this video, some words are muted from the soundtrack and deliberately misspelled in the text to evade online algorithmic suppression.

Following the release of Dana’s last video, she says she was approached by a Navy Special Operations veteran working at the Department of Homeland Security with a high security clearance, whose team was severely berated and disbanded after discovering the serious health threats posed to TSA workers by airport screening technology, including eye damage. This witness strongly suggests that travelers not go through these scanners.

This informative interview gets into other aspects of 5G, including psychotronic applications potentially delivered via the 12k+ satellites currently delivering 5G “service”.

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  • I watched this ir a similar video a few weeks ago and have a few comments.

    * Thanks for posting this Alexandra, the V2k is a huge threat and very scary. 5g enables them to use it full time 24/7 on anyone, anywhere, anytime. And all it takes is a cop with a grudge… V2K can make a human a slave, a zombie or dead. Together with 5G, the ultimate weapon.

    * You mentioned that they haven’t tested 5g for safety. The video likely covers it, but they’ve been lying about the safety of 2g, 3g and 4g for decades now. And the cancer is just starting to take its toll.

  • Now, how do we go about stopping agenda 21? Because, 5G will be used to not only control us, but to kill us. In places where it has been tested, birds fall from the sky, dead. But, no one notices little things like 8,000 birds, or can figure “what happened”. I also wonder what the hundred books that were edited out of the bible had to tell us. I know, it’s all in my deranged little mind, right? Make today a better day, enjoy life, laugh, live, love. For soon, we may not be. And remember, everything is connected.

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