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    This film by Zimbabwe-born peace activist, Sacha Stone aims to be the definitive film about the new generation of wireless technology being rolled out and the existential threat that it poses to humanity. The film features interviews with weapons development experts, biologists, molecular and cellular biologists, blood microscopists and activists, who all agree that the dangers of millimeter wave radiation far outweigh any improvements to cellphone reception.

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    • Maybe the sun will shut down the project (plus all electrical things) with a massive out-burst of solar radiation. I read that the last time this occurred in the mid-1800’s, all telegraph lines and transmitters were rendered useless and had to be replaced. Such an event today would throw us back to horse and buggy times. wood and coal for heat, and candles for light.

    • 5G will turn Earth into another Mars, and the only survivors will be living in DUMBs, just like on Mars. Ask what your government can do “to” you.

    • Thanks for the documentary.
      The extinction of the species precedes the extinction of the planet

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