The Bilderberger Group meetings are upon us again this year, at the Taschenbergpalais hotel in Dresden, Germany. Therefore, it’s fitting to run this well-made independent film about the events surrounding the meetings of 2013.

The film certainly conveys the creepy and oppressive atmosphere generated by these meetings of the world’s most powerful people, as they jointly decide how their going to control the world for the next year…

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  • What the hell is wrong with these ‘people’? Do they not realize that they are FOULING THEIR *OWN* NEST? What are THEY going to eat if they destroy the planet’s ability to produce food (plant and animal); what are they going drink, if they turn the world into a desert?

    Bilderbergs: The Rockefeller Group was well represented at the meeting on Jekyll Island, in November, 1910. This meeting should be taught to every man, woman, and child in America and should be known as ‘The Great Selling of America’. The successors of the current ‘Bilderbergers’ or ‘legacy children’ are even stupider and more venial than their elders. Nero was spoiled CHILD, just imagine what a WORLD in control of these immoral, ignorant, and depraved CHILDREN! Rome fell, in part, because of Nero’s narcissism and ineptitude which left Rome teetering on the brink of collapse, just like WE are, now. ALERT: The Chinese and ‘Russia’ are poised to be our next ‘Attila the Huns’, make no mistake! The 1% of these two countries live EXCESSIVELY well and ALWAYS HAVE, while their 99% live at or near abject povery-while being PREYED UPON by their own former KGB/Secret Police. These versions of ‘Organized Crime’ make ours look like play dates! BOTH China’s and the Soviet’s track records, TOWARDS THEIR OWN PEOPLES, make The Romans, Hitler, etc., look like pikers! Stalin MURDERED 50 MILLION (yes, MILLION), of his own people, while he was in power and the Overlords of China have NEVER held a sanctity for life! This isn’t about Communism or ‘The Red Threat’: It’s all about POWER and the less of YOU that there are, the more POWER they’ll have!

Kirk Elliott

dr elliott


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