This 20-minute film details just a fraction of the unending criminal activities, over the past several decades of this current Nominee for President of the United States.

If ceaseless crime and fraud were considered to be an art form, the sheer scope, variety and creativity of the body of “work” produced by Hillary Clinton, her husband and the Clinton Foundation, it would be seen as one of the world’s greatest masterpieces.

The bald-faced criminality of the first woman US Presidential candidate is on such a higher level than that of the one-trick pony offshore accounts of so many other of the world’s corrupt politicians, that it’s something out of a mega big budget Hollywood DC vs Marvel Comics CGI/computer game franchise!

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  • The reason people “vote” for her is A they only read papers and watch channels that support and hide her stuff. B the establishment rig the polls and votes because they have no intention of losing controll of power. Clinton is for sale and establishment buy her compliance.
    The Republican party never care who wins the elections ,they just want to keep the status quo because its profitable,Trump wont get the support because he is not for sale.
    Trump upsets a lot of people because he speaks his mind, he would be a far better bet than criminal Clinton,hes earned his wealth ,Clinton sold her soul for hers.

  • yes…she is a liar, a theif, master of deception, pedophile…like her hubby….murderer, master of scandles, cocaine smuggler, money launderer…ect ect ect….but dont forget about the cannibalism….she like to eat her exlovers….All I can say is…troubling times for my neighbors……you guys have an awesome list of choices to lead you into the future dont you! And I thought my primeminister is an ass………..if an elbow is his worst….well I think we will be just fine….cant say the same for YOU!!!!!!! LOL. Good luck people……I do wish you the best…but to get your best…you have to open your eyes and make choices for the better.

  • You’d think that there would be a law that would forbid ppl with a record to be politically elligible, at least it is so in many countries. I guess the US is more democratically inclined than other countries in the West.
    One could wonder at what price though

  • Even setting aside 50% of these accusations as hyperbolic ‘vast right wing conspiracy’ stuff, this turncoat liar former Goldwater Gurl (nuke ’em Barry) and her husband and their cronies must answer for their brazen criminal activity.

  • How could ANYONE who has a BRAIN VOTE for this PSYCHOPATH…..she has blood on her hands….and she actually went AFTER the Girls that spoke out about having sex with Bill….she is the worst excuse for a WOMAN I have ever SEEN….


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