There is a large collection of ancient Native American sites with evidence of a developed, urbanized ancient civilization called the Mississippian culture, located mostly in the Midwest, in places like Cahokia, near St. Louis.

These sites have been largely ignored by mainstream archeology, according to these interviewees, due to a colonial legacy of devaluing Native American culture.

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  • Since I’m connected by birth with both Andrew Jackson and native American Indians, I have had considerable interest in this sort of thing. No single production can do justice to it. One thing is certain in my mind is that Europeans overran the Indians because they were technologically and intellectually more developed. Now somebody will likely take offense so let me explain. I am not talking about natural ability, I am talking about sociological development. Europeans simply out gunned the Indian in weaponry and cunning. I don’t take pride in that. Our ancestors shamefully treated these people.

    • Speak for your own ancestors. Mine bought their 70 acres in Oyster Bay for 40 pounds sterling, and the deed is still on file. That was one of my English ancestors. My Dutch ancestors on New Amsterdam bought their land from the Dutch, who bought it from the Indians about 5 times. The first purchase, for the famous $24, was paid to the Carnesie tribe, who were all laughing behind their backs, because they didn’t really own it to begin with. Four or so different tribes played the same trick on the Dutch before they got it right, only to have the English grab it from them. Not withstanding all that, the “Indians” killed off the tribes of giants who were here before them. And, like my Loyalist English ancestor, the Cherokee got deported because they sided with the losers of the Revolution, as did many of the tribes. After the war they were put in “concentration camps” because they were the enemy. And I had a Native American ancestor whose ancestral tribe fought with the Patriots, and they didn’t lose anything. My grandmother remembers her sitting in the rocking chair with her long black hair smoking a corn cob pipe back in 1904, when she was only 3 years old. So, I say doodle squat to these modern day commie instigated politically correct stories about how we treated all the Indians so bad. There was reasons for everything.

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