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    Thunder Energies Corp (TNRG:OTC) has recently announced that it’s detected invisible entities in the terrestrial environment with their new concave-lens Santilli telescope.

    Previously, Thunder Energies Corporation presented evidence for the apparent existence of antimatter galaxies, antimatter asteroids and antimatter cosmic rays. In this new breakthrough, Thunder Energies has presented evidence for Invisible Terrestrial Entities (ITE) of the dark and bright type.

    “This is an exciting discovery. We do not know what these entities are; they’re completely invisible to our eyes, our binoculars, or traditional Galileo telescopes, but these objects are fully visible in cameras attached to our Santilli telescope,” stated Dr. Ruggero Santilli, CEO Thunder Energies Corporation.

    Dr. Santilli is the author of the “Apparent Detection via New Telescopes with Concave Lenses of Otherwise Invisible Terrestrial Entities (ITE),” published by the American Journal of Modern Physics.

    Dr. Santilli is a member of CERN, is the author of hundreds of peer-reviewed scientific papers and has been a professor of mathematics and of physics at MIT and at Harvard University, besides being nominated for the Nobel Prize and other prestigious awards.

    Today, he is the CEO and Chief Science Officer of Thunder Energies Corporation, in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. Thunder Energies develops technologies in optics, nuclear physics and alternative fuel.

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    • Would “Shadow People” be in this same category? Or are these entirety different? I had a few terrifying experiences with these Evil little Fuckers as a very young child. They ARE REAL as well as EVIL!

    • these creatures for a lack of better words are very much real and have been around from the beginning. some are good and many are evil, these are spoke of in the bible and are very much real. over the past couple of years i have been given the privilege of speaking with many of the good ones. bad things are on the way for mankind as a whole. do to our evil ways, things will be coming to a head very soon. 3-22-16 will be day one. some of these will enter leaders of this world and they will cause very bad things to happen. laugh now, but hold your peace when you see i have spoken the truth in the days to come. all those in high places are very much aware of these being for it was the beings that helped them to the places they are. everyone is the same, so treat others are you want to be treated and get right with GOD for this thing, life, is coming to a close. some of the things look like what will be coming out of the ships
      (airships) read your bible, that is where the truth hides…

    • I’d like to know exactly what the ribbon/medal crowned by the large diamond means and from where does it originate?

    • This is an interesting finding, and surely worthy of additional investigation via the scientific method.

      On a separate but related note, do keep in mind that the Santilli mafia possesses the most powerful nuclear tech on the planet, and Santilli himself is a f*cking madman. I.e. see trust me, I know him lmfao

      moreover, note that the santilli cartel includes (but may not be limited to) the following organizations:
      [1] MagneGas Corporation (
      [2] Thunder Energies Corporation (
      [3] International Committee on Scientific Ethics and Accountability (
      [4] Hadronic Press (
      [5] Santilli Foundation (
      [6] Institute for basic research (

      in any case, this is also a magnegas video worth watching with good explosions and 50 caliber rifles lol

    • I was a strange child troubled by things not seen by human eye. Of course I grew up thinking I am defective and this travelled with me into adulthood. Some years ago I heard of orbs I bought a digital camera and went orb hunting I have some strange photos and caught two images in particular that were very odd. I fully accept now that I am imprisoned by my eyes and that what I percieve as empty space is not so at all. I cannot see outside my reality but am 100percent certain that we are not all there is. I wish I had studied physics I wish I was working with you all. I never will I am old now but I am glad scientists are beginning to be able to confirm within their rules this truth that other energies are around us the air is thick with them. Many people will still poohpooh the idea even when scientists say ah! Look what we find! But I am glad. Good hunting!

    • Take it all a step up…In Scientology’s upper levels People train to audit/remove from them self’s ,,,body thetans [beings] an body clusters…The meter they use locates them [reads]…They are asked to leave an when they do the meter needle goes into a float an one can feel a sensation sometimes of relief…..Anyway that is part of the idea……

    • I take pictures of what I believe to be the sub atomic microscopic zone of life. It surrounds us.
      Here is one of my videos of what I see both with the naked eye and with my camera.

      I take pictures of what I believe to be the sub atomic microscopic zone of life. It surrounds us.

    • @jonah…maybe Galileo did use a Santilli type lens, but what he saw convinced him to keep it secret…lest the Vatican also poke out his heart.

    • If one ever looks up into the sky at night and sees the mass of stars out there, one must attempt to realize the size of it all. Then consider the amount that we don’t know about. When new information about things like this are found, continued research will uncover more discoveries.

    • Convex lens usually causes rays to disperse. Are you saying antimatter has an inverse effect through optics???

    • feedback by all was good and I agree that what I live with is controlled by humans _invisible orbs to human eyes but they will show you when they want and it won’t be a sphere always . The lighted ones are no better then the dark ones they all hate us humans but have cut a deal with some really bad humans . Like ones running HAARP and the energy beam weapon .if your smart you want never to part of there world now that you been told . I wish I had been warned . For 14 months they live with me and fight me . They can break anything and you can’t keep them in any jail . They can manipulate temperature and matter and do things you would not believe but I do I have seen _they teach me bout 5d photagraphy and have taken me through doors in tin foil on my walls in my home . They let me sleep but travel through my nose mouth ears and two other privet parts without hurting you .But they can hurt you anytime they please .

    • With any luck, the New-Agers and wannabe shamans, psychics, etc. will get sucked into the black hole of CERN where they can celebrate their “ascendancy” in demonic activities at their own expense instead of luring well-meaning people into their traps.

    • Very interesting, yet not surprising if you’ve participated in Indigenous ceremonies, where there is engagement with these non-physical entities. The fact that they’re hanging out around human installations shows that they are aware of our existence, or attracted to something we give off. According to medicine people, the dark entities are like vampires, feeding off negative emotions, and the light entities are like angels, providing inspiration and energy to people doing positive work. Some people have seen these things, under certain conditions. If we go to ET lore, the telescope may be picking up on another dimension or phase shift of our reality, in which case there are stories of lizard beings working through “Grey aliens” and humans to instigate negative emotions. Perhaps they, like humans, require positive and negative energy sources (think Matrix) and we’re just the renewable resource they’ve been using to fuel their societies…ironic, or just desserts?



    • They dont know what these entities are but they speculate that they are a danger to societies in the form of surveillance for some government institution ?? I would believe it if they nominated a country [The US for example ] They spy on the world and even their allies and are evil enough to indulge in this creepy activity. usually for nefarious reasons . ! Given time they will find that these so called entities have a more simple and mundane explanation . 1

    • Iniitble terrestrial entities leads you to thinkk of “ghosts”‘but this artcle’
      does not explain what they are. or may be. Not well written.

    • TOTALLY possible I think. We didn’t know about cells before microscopes, x-rays before “readers”, radio waves before radios, DNA and/or RNA and all that goes along with them before we “knew of their existence” and in fact we STILL do not know all there is to know about these structures, activities, interactions, etc., atomic activity before we had geiger counters and the list goes on and on. Remember that at one time in the past, “we” thought the Earth was flat!!!! To think that we “know all there is to know” today is totally crazy,,,,,,,,, just look at history. Just because “IT” doesn’t make sense to us, with in our current knowledge base, doesn’t preclude that “IT” is real.

      The link worked for me but I did have to klick it twice.

    • Very interesting, however I’m a bit confused……they’re not quite able to discern exactly what these anomaly’s are, but they’re able to discern what their evil and benevolent objective is? A threat to our governments? Why does it seem to always come down to this……. Hollywood portrays it dutifully. If it’s an unknown, blow it up or kill it………I suppose fear mongering just runs deep in the veins of humankind, which is a goddamn shame…………Love & Peace baby, that’s our job…….

    • The Broken link above is both funny & apropos…

      The link above LOOKs correct, but when the author cut and pasted it she/he accidentally copied… an invisible character! Could it be an ITE??? Just kidding.

      The invisible char is just a “NO-BREAK SPACE”.
      You can see it for yourself if you copy the link, then paste it into a text file that will reveal control characters, like this box I’m typing in right now:

      Funny “coincidence”, eh? Hehee.

    • So could some of these invisible entities be considered Djinn or Archons? Have they been detected around top secret bases, equipment, etc?

    • John, I agree with you that we need to ‘grow up’ out of the violence. Our belief that we can do this suggests we know that violence is not essential to our nature, that we have the capacity for peaceful existence. Perhaps we might find a different phrase than “violent species”, one that does not implicate our species.

    • I have been taking pictures with a digital camera, mostly at night of Orbs and other light bodies for years. I seem to draw them in after meditating and opening my heart to them. I have hundreds of pictures. I’m a believer.

    • Susan, Any new technology can be subverted by the Cabal. We need to keep our eyes wide open so that they don’t put us into fear and panic. After all, we have known of these other beings for thousands of years and it doesn’t surprise me that we can see them now with our technology.

    • I agree Susan, we are a violent species and assume that things and other entities we see as different are just as violent as we are and that they will kill us, and we need to kill them first. why do you think aliens don’t really make contact with us, we need to grow up and stop killing each other over dogma.

    • It makes me nervous that we can now see these entities. Not because I’m worried they are “watching us,” but because these scientists are paranoid about this. I worry for these light beings that humans will feel threatened and harm them. We have so little understanding of the vastness of life. I just hope we can expand our thinking va use this new telescope to harm other beings.

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