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    Like some other Catholic publishers, such as The Remnant, Life Site News has been putting out some of the most vital and important information during this Unrestricted World War that we are now in.

    In a recent Life Site News interview by Patrick Delaney, former Pfizer Vice President and Chief Scientist for Allergy & Respiratory, Dr Michael Yeadon, who just retired told him point-blank, “Your government is lying to you in a way that could lead to your death.”

    And why would the government be lying about something so fundamental? “Because, I think the answer is, they are going to kill you using this method. They’re going to kill you and your family.”

    In another interview with American Frontline Doctors, he begged, “Please warn every person not to go near top-up [booster] vaccines. There is absolutely no need to them…If someone wished to harm or kill a significant proportion of the world’s population over the next few years, the systems being put in place right now will enable it. It’s my considered view that it is entirely possible that this will be used for massive-scale depopulation.”

    And of course, if you try to share Dr Yeadon’s interviews on social media, the links are either blocked (Twitter) or your posts are unceremoniously deleted from your timeline, without any notification or explanation (Facebook). I guess these companies have finally realized that they’d end up de-platforming ALL of their users if they continued on the path they were on.

    This interview by James Delingpole published on March 31st is an audio version of Dr Yeadon’s message. Share this with the people you care about. You could save their lives.

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    • This has been planned for decades and is being deliberately orchestrated and implemented . As a retired psychologist, I have to give the world psychopaths recognition of how they have controlled social media, mainstream news and most governmental councils and state agencies and news sources. But it is still an enigma to me why people don’t recognize the lies, manipulations and totalitarian elimination of 14/15 of the the world’s population and their plan to modify the world via starvation,loss of income via the destruction of economies and jobs and the total control of the remaining cyborgs via transhumanism via mRNAs and nanobots. See the Georgia Guidestones site which announces the plan for 500 million people worldwide. My appreciation to Dr Michael Yeaden and other whistle blowers and all those who are giving whistleblowers voice. My condemnation of the CIA and their use of the term “conspiracy theory” to describe all those telling truths as crazies. This is psychopathy at it’s best.

    • Forcing vaccination is full scale modern day Nazi regime, Adolf Hitler forced the same thing of the Jews that he enslaved because of his hatred of them. Biden and his puppeteers are forcing the same thing on all of us! Stand up against the experimental “vaccine” they are made to destroy our souls created by God and control us! I choose death before dishonoring God and siding with Lucifer! Save your souls and stand against forced vaccination

    • I have been warning people way before they started the idea of a virus covid19 shot. FB has put my page Go chakra & spiritual Insight in fb jail. I was told by spirit and been trying to reach as many people I can.. Besides this page I have other videos that confirm what she speaks about. Sad to say my daughter took the shot behind my back because she works as a scientist. She was told to do so by her job. With hopes with the grace of Our Father all who took the shot and repeats be healed..

      • These corporations and businesses who make the employees take the covid vaccine shot are not liable if something happens to them from adverse reactions and so on…
        That is what employees do not understand is to know their “Rights”

        If more employees stand up against the “forceable” employers rules, most of them will stop forcing people. Same thing goes with the Vaccine Passport. The more people refuse the more chances the Airlines will not enforce it!

    • I truly appreciate this information from a qualified source.
      Most persons do not use there own education to make an intelligent decision about taking the shots.
      There has NOT been enough research on these vaccinations.

      • Take a look at this plan since 1954.. Crazy strategy…

        You can see more videos and upload your own so people can understand what is going on, World Wide.. at the Independent Site/ Free Speech/Private Servers – click at the site:
        too many various chats to list -Great “One of a kind “ Social Media Site

        We must NEVER let anyone take away our FREE SPEECH!!!




        Chat with everyone in a variety of chat groups

        Lets do something about this!
        People will die, within time from it, if not right away. It also has sterile problems/men or women.
        You need to wake up each other. The World Order / Reset want to de-populate the people
        Read, “This Is A Bio-Attack Alert”, by Dr Robert B Strecker, a Medical Doctor with a PhD In Pharmacology who said,
        “There Is No Proof Any Vaccines Cure Anything”.

        Look up Lt. General Thomas McInorney, who said COVID-19 is WW3

        Where are all the Organizations?? Lawyers, Medical, Religious, Human Rights????

        “Knowledge is Power” “Ignorance is Dangerous”

        • Shut up about the TOGETHER we can do this. Get up off your scared butt and do something. I don’t want to be TOGETHER with any of you cowards. Cancel your car insurance, your health insurance, your licenses ( any / all of them. ) You are waiting on a group. Shut the hell up you coward!. Jesus always decreased the number of men. It only takes one and if you are waiting for a posse, you’ll wind up with the large group of victims. Go away. Im sick of hearing that somebody is going to do something some day.

          Trump played you. Why are you still hanging on?

    • When a loser kill kids in school, within minutes the media say WE MUST CONFISCATE GUNS. Here we have a level 4 labs creating diabolical viruses, and yet not a single person out of the 7 billion people on earth who are affected by covid19 ever demanded that we must SHUT DOWN THESE LABS.

    • This was sent to me. I like to forward this to our Governor of Florida. De Santis. To see what he thinks about this Former V.P. of Phyzer talking about Phyzer vaccine.

    • Mahalo nui loa for your good works. Excellent interview. I applaud both of you for your courage, an commitment to get this out.
      Guidance ,an protection

    • Fyi, the Nevada Legislature building, controlled by Socialist Dimocrats, has mandated no entry into the people’s house unless tested and vaccinated and masked…jus sayin’.
      Btw, I think the goog-drivel mantra of the late 90’s was ‘Do No Evil’…screwed that up for sure.

    • The Corona virus was a bio weapon and so is the vaccine spoken by a top military official. This is the Great Reset being imposed on the world which in other words is is the New World Oder in which the Elites want to depopulate the world by one third.
      The Canadian government, Biden administration, New Zealand, France Germany and many other governments have signed on to their Great reset.

      • They are not going to get away with it, when Trump gets back in the first countries he is going to liberate from this evil is Canada and Britain.

        • Hope fully soon. This is World Wide Genocide! And they want to inject kids. Parents protect your children

        • Wrong. Trump is one of them. Britain can go to hell. Gen Patton said at the end of WW2 that we faught on the wrong side. Then he was murdered. We are going to fight the communists here in the USA. We interrupted the law of sowing and reaping when we got into WW2 ON THE WRONG SIDE. Now that war is continuing right here. The jews will be defeated but its going to be costly. Remember Haman was hung on his own gallows that he planned to use on Mordecai. Obama, Pelosi, Biden, Klaus, Pence, Soros , Ducey, Roberts and the rest of the Rinos are going to die by the guillotine. What they fear the most is us not fearing them. Laugh at the dogs that are soon to be no more.

      • Unfortunately! One thing is for Sure, that Biden and his Administration is Destroying our country , therefore they must be REMOVED as soon as possible

    • This was excellent background information. I’m looking up the charge of coercion in American law. My employer is constantly harassing me with vaccine and covid propaganda, urging me to get vaccinated. Additionally, they are implying that I’m racist if I’m white (critical race theory and diversity & inclusion). I’m sick of it.

      • KCN, Visit ‘Atlantean Gardens’ video’s by a Real Anthropologist: Robert Sepehr, it will help to figure out why they want us (Europeans) gone. Who we are & what we represent.

      • This is how you handle them:
        They call you racist. You say”C’mon. That’s old. You can do better than that. C’mon call me something else. Bring it on! C’mon Racist, is that it? Is that all you’ve got. Really! You poor thing. One trick pony. Racist Racist Awe can’t you come up with anything better? I feel so sorry for you. All you have in your bag of tricks is RACIST. Poor thing. “

    • I am very thankful for this message. This person is risking his life for humanity. However, I would like to point out that his saying those at high risk of dying should only be the ones taking the vaccine, is something I take issue with. I am a senior citizen and is considered to be in a “high risk” (another reason they will use to force-vaccinate me) group. I am very healthy and I am not going to be force-vaccinated. Who the hell do they think they are to decide if I should live or die? Those of you stuck with knowledge learned from your formal education (programming), you will have to look past that because there is so much new information coming out disproving many of what you think are iron-clad facts. I am retired now from our healthcare cartel, but I spent many years dissuading people from getting vaccines. I spent most of my adult life undoing the damage my formal education did to me; expensive education my parents wasted their money on. Learning in fifth grade about passive and active immunity and Louis Pasteur’s hoax of a germ theory, I was sold to those ideas, until I grew up and started reading, reading, and reading, everything I can get my hands on. Do not ever take for granted that information coming from someone with titles appended to their names are all trustworthy. The fact that Pasteur on his deathbed finally admitted that the state of the terrain (our body) is the determining factor whether we will get sick or not has been skillfully suppressed by the same controllers. They want us to believe that the germs are so virulent that our only chance of defeating them is to accept vaccines. Observe good sanitation. Eat pesticide-free, GMO-free food, avoid highly processed food, drink clean water, and your chances of staying healthy is more than good. The NWO has realized that their vaccination programs are not killing enough “useless eaters”, thus they set off trying to weaken the terrain by poisoning our food and water supply. This time they are coming up with a faster solution to achieve their ideal world population of 500 million (see Georgia Guidestones) by coming up with a hoax of a pandemic and then the killer CV vaccines. If you think any vaccine has actually worked, think again. You have not done enough research if you think vaccines work. They have to suppress anti-vaxxers’ information for good reason. They just kicked me out of Twitter for the fourth time (and I am not going to try to go back into that cesspool) for “spreading disinformation” about the CV. We all need to read massively and fast because the controllers take down truthful information going against their agenda as fast as they are posted. I have an external drive that I store important information as soon as I can before they are taken down. More important than the above is never give up your guns because like that Chinese MD who had to remove organs from alive people said, once we give up our guns, we will be just like them, the Chinese people. We will be at the mercy of these tyrannical elite. Our own police force, according to a military whistleblower is being trained to load antivaxxers into buses to be sent to FEMA camps. In 2020, the CDC lost a lawsuit filed by the CHD and had to finally admit that it had never done any vaccine safety study. Think about the implications of that. My love to all of you. May God bless us all.

    • Thank U . I Love All of Your Great Messages , Dear Alexandra & share them with the Ones I Really Care about . Stay Strong . We Are All ONE in This . Together we Stand , Divided We Fall. Warm Hugzzzzzz , Anne

    • Depopulate the world, and make it easier for the few to control the many.
      They will continue till we stop them.
      Be less evil. Yeah, it sounds like something google once said….

        • Already done Marten, 98 have already been executed. A lot has already happened. Go backstage on and then join Gene’s Unleased and look at the Alpha Draco video and all the videos on the Reptilians and you will understand why most or all our real history has been hidden from us.

          • I keep hearing about these executions and Q lists, and I actually believe in Q but sadly, there’s simply no proof or evidence of any executions. Not to mention things are getting more totalitarian and draconian by the day all over the Western world. Trump was to come back before April 1st, then it was May, then July, now August. Next it’ll be 2022. If there’s a plan, no one knows it, not Robert David Steele, not Gene or Ward, even Juan said he doesn’t know the true plan and that he shouldn’t. And so I’ll believe these claims when I see Trump is actually back in office. Until then, I’ll hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

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