The latest Facebook whistleblower joins Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe to give us a peek behind the scenes at the Death Star of social engineering.

Zach McElroy worked at Cognizant, a firm contracted by Facebook to perform content moderation, where he would invariably see in the queue of posts flagged for “civic harassment”, roughly 80% were from conservative, Republican and Trump-supporting accounts.

He says, “I saw everybody around me and I saw myself and I did a little bit of comparing and I thought, ‘There really are not very many conservatives here and because there are not very many conservatives, I really don’t think there are very many people sticking up for the voice of conservatives at a company that handles…the large portion of the discourse online…in charge of what gets said and what gets stifled.”

McElroy secretly videoed several associates bragging about how they mass-delete posts from conservative accounts and put Trump supporters on their watch lists.

He says, “Facebook and Instagram are very large platforms…and our voices are in the hands of people who are almost entirely Left-leaning and not Right-leaning or otherwise unbiased and in speaking with a lot of them, I found that they are not at all shy to exercise their political will in deleting [conservative posts]…”

A Cognizant supervisor is shown on hidden camera, saying he’s aware of what his staffers are doing and that he condones it, because, “Gotta get the Cheeto [Trump] out of office.”


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  • Just a quick note about terrorism in America.

    Haven’t posted in months since your site had all of the attacks against your bandwidth, etc. They were also preventing me from posting through my internet provider, Comcast on this end.

    The AI attacks on my life have devolved into brutality and terrorism from the enemy, who is the Military, Industrial, Tech machine that includes DARPA and DOD in the driver’s seat.

    Most Targeted Individuals that I’ve spoken to, read or heard from these past COVID era months are experiencing the same.

    We were guinea pigs for all that is about to be unleashed upon Americans with the 5g net and mind control and terror machine.

    To say that both parties are the same misses the point. The 4 sisters of EU, USA, Russia and China are ALL part of the SAME exact engine. Everything – all disputes etc, are planned theatre for optics, along with mad 3am tweets, meant to distract from what they are really doing.

    Have no idea which way they will govern COMM or FASC, along with their false flags, forced urbanism, etc along with Agenda 2021/30, but does it really matter? With bitcoin and a committee ruling over all, there will be no opposition, no accountability, no transparency or democracy. If there is, it will be optics only (what I call retail). The truth will lie just below a very thin veneer of a lie.

    Covid was a planned event to help them plan their future viral/bacterial “health” attacks to align societies into a dragnet of health surveillance. They ALL had foreknowledge and have played their parts.

    May God Bless you all.

    Roger Waters just released a song two suns in the sunset.” In it is a line “we’re now at ten seconds before might.” – Doomsday clock. I do believe he’s pretty close on this.

    Time to align ourselves with the Father’s will, His creative universe and His apparent unending love and mercy towards us. Peace.

  • Direct Election Meddling! It’s not Russia, Russia, Russia, it’s Facebook, Google, Twitter,
    Instagram! Kind of like the hiring practices at Google, if you are from outside this country, you have preference over an American Citizen in being hired.
    So, all these corporations, are all against freedom. And are part of The New World Order.
    The UN, wants the US to replace our police with UN Contractors. Sounds like part of the same plan to me.


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