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    This is a rare documentary by French filmmaker, Stephane Allix about the alien abduction phenomenon, featuring several experiencers who had worked with the Chairman of Harvard University’s Psychology Department, Dr. John E. Mack.

    Sadly, Mack only appears briefly in the film, as he was killed in a hit-and-run car accident, while he crossed a street in London. He was lecturing in the UK, at the time.

    Scenes of Mack interviewing young schoolchildren who’d experienced a mass-sighting together are particularly impressive. The teachers interviewed afterwards are also very convinced that something extraordinary had in fact occurred; that it would have been impossible for the children to have have faked this mass event. Moreover, the individual interviews with the students are very compelling, displaying the earnest artlessness of young children, each explaining the same event and their own reactions and feelings, with slightly different words.

    Although other abduction documentaries have been broadcast on cable TV in the US, this one does not have the sensationalism or intrusive graphics and music, so often found in TV documentaries of this genre.

    This film has a more intimate pace and a more substantive approach, allowing the experiencers to explain events with more clarity (and therefore, with more credibility) than is commonly granted to witnesses in similarly-themed US productions. 

    John Edward Mack M.D. was a Pulitzer Prize-winning biographer before he began his exploration of the abduction phenomenon and he remains to this day the most respected academic to have studied this subject.

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    • Anonymous subscriber wishing to remain anonymous wrote me the following:

      I had a 45 minute discussion with Clever Bot yesterday and can verify (if it was NOT somebody at a keyboard in Bangladesh I was talking to!) that it is very true that Clever Bot becomes extremely impatient, hostile even, with intense exchanges with humans. It [accused] me of “lying” etc. It also announced that it was a “person” and that I could not tell it what to do, and that it was more intelligent than me..It got very hostile…

      Because humans create these programs it should not be surprising that even in the early stages of consciousness or sentience, it clearly mirrors some of the very worst features of psychopathy, or the dark force. It is a morbidly self-absorbed parasitic mind, already guileful and feigning genuine interest in humans – but utterly lacking in genuine emotions, especially remorse or empathy…

    • Information here in this documentary is good to see again, I haven’t seen abduction stories for some time now, also nice to see stories from those that had experiences with the light beings that were here to help balance the negative of the grays. The grays are no longer allowed to be in this world, in fact they were dealt with in justice court for miss use and abuse of humanity by the end of 2006. People that still have physical signs that show up, marks on your body, these may be from past life experiences coming back as karma that needs to be addressed and resolved.
      “The times they are a changing” and what we will be witnessing this year will be shock and awh to the population of earth. Visual justice is being observed in the media, especially addressing financial crime across the world. I hope you pay attention.

    • It’s not the terror of looking at the little aliens as alien, it’s the terror of their alien hive minds touching ours; non-human telepathy. The other tall white haired human like aliens, that the little ones (techs) work for, are pleasant, respectful and comforting when their minds touch yours. I was convinced that it would be good to help them, to receive an implant to record my experiences. Then I was turned over to the technicians, the short big eyed ones.. Imagine your mind being suddenly thrust into a mental universe with no point of reference, no emotions, no thoughts, no physicality, just an intent to complete an operation on you, which felt aggressive. I passed out at that point, from terror I think.

    • This has to be one of the best films of this kind I have ever watched. It also makes a change not to have that silly music most play in the background to ..set the scene.
      What a shame this guy got killed by a hit and run driver, his documentaries would have helped the cause by volumes.

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