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Dr Peter McCullough, Dr Heather Gessling, Dr Roger Hodkinson, Dr William Makis and Dr Paul Alexander discuss how spike protein lingers in the body long after vaccination and what that means for those that took it, those that didn’t, and humanity as a whole. They also discuss the crucial need for therapeutic interventions that may aid in degrading the spike protein.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • I have not been able to access forbidden knowledge. It stopped on the 12/11/23. Has your platform been cancelled? I really miss it. Thank you for all the past messages. If possible could I start to receive it again if it’s up and working. Thank you.

  • It’s very decent of Dr. McCollough and these other Doctors to have offered this information about the dreaded Spike Proteins of this devised Bioweapon.
    Unfortunately, as good as they may be, there is no Cure for Stupidity, which is why I adhere to the Darwinian Law of Survival. Simply put, don’t allow Fear to make you stupid and make you Comply.
    In other words, if you don’t put your gun into your mouth and shoot yourself, you are highly unlikely to die of Lead Poisoning. Better yet, in the future (if any) learn to Just Say No!

  • I post this while knowing that it’s pointless,,,:


    Aug. 15, 2023

    Jenny Wood ✨🌸 #NoVirusRadical

    “Anybody who talks about spike proteins and embraces the story diffused by the pharmaceutical companies just accepts that as given. But nobody is reading the damned scientific literature.”

    Jenny Wood ✨🌸 #NoVirusRadical

    Aug 14, 2023

    There is no spike protein. There is no virus so nothing to create a spike protein from. All covid “vax” manufactures admit that it is a synthetic recombinant CODE not from a natural virus. Purely toxic shot.

    #Scoglio #Englebrecht #NOSpikeProteins #NOmRNa #Deathshots #Jabs #NotaVaccine #Injections #Kaufman #Cowan #Bailey #SamBailey #MarkBailey #SpikeProteins #mRNA #BigPharma

  • It’s the demonic plan to highjack the human body , replace it, destroy it and to capture them by spiritually blinding the person(s) from the image FROM God! It’s an attack on God Himself and His wonderful design.

    It’s satan’s plan from the beginning of his thought that he wanted to and be God. Kill the most precious image of God that is above all angelic beings.

    Fight the Good Fight ! Finish the race of your life with the Truth of God/Jesus/Holy Spirit!

    Satan’s plan = Lies, death, destruction
    God/Jesus/Holy Spirit’s plan = Truth and Life

    I accept and pick/ picked Life, which one would you benefit from? Your choice.

    Thank You for this post.

      According to the biblical paradigm, the Creator of the Universe became the God of Israel when he chose the Hebrews. But according to biblical scholarship, the historical process was the reverse: it is the god of Israel who became the Creator of the Universe. This process, which was only completed during the Persian period, was not so much due to a progress in metaphysical thought as to a political cunning. The book of Ezra betrays a calculated effort from the Levites to confuse, in the mind of the Persians, “the god of Israel who resides in Jerusalem” (7:12–15) with the “God of heaven” whom the Persians also called Ahura Mazda, with the aim of obtaining the support of the Persian king for their theocratic project in Palestine.
      In Ezra, only the kings of Persia, in the various edicts attributed to them, recognize Yahweh as “the God of Heaven,” while in the rest of the text, Yahweh is merely “the god of Israel”. The same can be observed in the book of Daniel, when Nebuchadnezzar, impressed by the gifts of Daniel’s oracle, prostrates himself and exclaims:
      “Your god is indeed the God of gods, the Master of kings” (Daniel 2:47).
      Such passages give away, for those willing to see it, the deepest secret of Judaism, which is the key to understanding the relationship of Judaism to universalism:
      Yahweh is really the god of the Jews, while Gentiles are led to believe that he is the supreme and only God.
      “In the heart of any pious Jew, God is a Jew,” confirms Maurice Samuel in You Gentiles (1924). (1)

      This secret is not a fully conscious thought for most Jews; it is more like a family secret running unconsciously through generations. Nevertheless, it is the binding force of the Jewish people, and I am reminded of Carl Jung’s remark that secrets:

      “are of vital importance on the primitive level, for the shared secret serves as a cement binding the tribe together. Secrets on the tribal level constitute a helpful compensation for lack of cohesion in the individual personality.”(2)

      As he usurped the majesty of the Heavenly Father of all mankind, Yahweh in no way lost his character as a military god bent on looting and slaughtering the enemies of his only chosen people. Against the Babylonians, his sword is expected to “devour until gorged, until drunk with their blood” (Jeremiah 46:10). Against the Edomites, “it is greasy with fat” (Isaiah 34:6).

      If Yahweh had remained a tribal god from the desert, he would simply be recognized as particularly primitive and cruel; perhaps a demon escaped from hell through an Arabian volcano. But his successful claim to be honored as the true and only God is the biggest sham in human history, and a civilizational disaster of incomparable magnitude.

      It is ultimately responsible for the spread of atheism in the West. As long as Christians were discouraged from reading the Old Testament, they were not much disturbed by it. As soon as it became widely available, it started corroding Christianity. Philosophers like Voltaire had an easy job denigrating Christianity by quoting the Old Testament:

      “Never was common sense attacked with so much indecency and fury” (Sermon of the Fifty).

      Rather without God than with such a God, became the logical and morally decent thinking.

      “The finest trick of the devil, Charles Baudelaire wrote, is to persuade you that he does not exist” (Paris Spleen).

      Perhaps he was mistaken. His finest trick, I believe, is to convince the world that he is God.

      (1)Maurice Samuel, You Gentiles, New York, 1924 (, pp. 74–75.
      (2)Carl Jung, Memories, Dreams, Reflexions, Pantheon Books, 1963, p.
      Source: Laurent Guyenot

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