Join Dark Journalist, Daniel Liszt and his Special Guest Author and Researcher John Greenwald, who’s been publishing The Black Vault website since he was a teenager 20 years ago. The Black Vault is the largest privately run online repository of declassified government documents anywhere in the world. With more than 2 million pages of documents to read, on nearly every government secret imaginable.

Greenwald was genuinely excited about the story broken by the New York Times in November 2017 about an unheard-of Department of Defense UFO study program and the related disclosure efforts by To The Stars Academy (TTSA) and he dug deeper into the claims of its founders, Luis Elizondo, Tom DeLonge and an array of CIA agents.

Greenwald constructed a detailed timeline of their various claims and found a lot of contradictions, inconsistencies and outright falsehoods, according to this report. Freedom of Information Act requests made by Greenwald about the DoD’s alleged Advanced Aerial Threat Identification Program (AATIP), where TTSA founder Luis Elizondo claimed to have worked have so far come up empty-handed and he was told that no such program existed.

He and Liszt discuss the heavy presence of CIA Officials involved in TTSA and how it appears to be an operation aimed at managing the UFO narrative, rather than truly disclosing anything.

The spotty coverage of this story, which had resulted in an immense amount of traffic for outlets like The New York Times is also unusual, as normally in online publishing, this would impel them to publish many follow-up reports and there have been almost none.

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  • This KIND of info presented just proved to me WHY I no longer Trust most of those so-called “Disclosure” type websites claiming to Know all about what’s going on in the “Cosmos”.
    Way to MUCH “Secrecy” and CIA involvement (Criminals-In- Action)
    Now to learn that it may All be about creating more False Securities to be traded via the Stock markets…Of course to benefit the “Insiders” exclusively.

  • Mr. Greenwald claims he has “spoken to every journalist involved with the AATIP”. There can be no doubt that he has done a great deal of research, and has contributed to our general knowledge tremendously, but I know firsthand that he never said a word to Leslie Kean, who did the actual research on the Times article and who is directly in touch with Elizondo. Whether he spoke to Blumenthal I don’t know.

    But more to the point, Mr. Greenwald seems to judge the existence and mission of the program solely on FOIA documentation. The value of such materials is not to be discounted, but really, if the government wants to keep something secret, or control the flow of information about anything, it hardly seems credible that it would allow such a weak and easily manipulated law as the Freedom of Information Act to thwart its purposes. We surely cannot make authoritative claims about any program on the basis of what FOIA documents the government is willing to let us obtain.

    The previous name of the program is really a very minor matter. AATIP was the name of the program at the time the article was written, and previous names were deemed irrelevant. That the purpose of the program was to study UFOs has been established with better credibility than anything that has been produced to cast doubt on that premise.

    Mr. Greenwald is a prodigious and persistent researcher, and is highly to be commended for his work. But his questions and conclusions are not yet the last word.

Kirk Elliott

dr elliott


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