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    Dozens of eyewitnesses to the apocalyptic NorCal fires and cellphone have spoken about laser beams associated with these devastating fires.

    I’ve posted other videos, in which people suggest that Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) were used to create the NorCal fires.

    Setting aside for the moment whether or not these allegations are true, I think what’s important here is that there are thousands of Americans who believe some kind of sneaky genocidal campaign is being waged against them.

    When you look at the comments on YouTube, you see many well-wishers sending prayers and thoughts for the safety of the man who posted this video, similar to what we find in the comments on videos posted by witnesses to the Las Vegas shootings.

    With the growing number of survivors of the latter who have since been murdered or killed in freak accidents, one can see why such concerns exist.

    Sixteen years after 9/11 and countless hyped-up and bizarrely-explained massacres later, many Americans feel like they’re sitting ducks for totally random, unfathomably perverse violence. Death rays from space become plausible.

    One may ask whether fostering this state of mind is intentional. Is this some messed-up way to keep the people in line?

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    • This is perhaps one of the most slanted/biased reports of the hysterical NWO pundits that I’ve ever seen: simply ludicrous.
      Besides the fact the transformer failures and lens flares are mostly what’s being observed,… directed energy beams are in a non-visible spectrum. Use your own brains for a change, will ya?!? What makes ANYONE believe that if criminal activity was happening in real-time, especially when global attention is being paid to the crisis, that the perpetrators would simply fly around with their beautifully-colored destructive energy beams clearly visible to the entire world: How stupid ARE you people???

      • Hello big R, actually he is right. The lasers used by the defense industry are not visible. High powered visible lasers are only used with telescopes that had adaptive primary mirrors to compensate for random diffraction from gasses in the atmosphere. Most of the high energy lasers to date have either been chemical lasers, CO2 lasers, and various types of solid state that are all invisible.

        You can talk about NWO pundits all day but the plain fact is you presenting any facts to back up your claim, you are simply just mocking the statement because it shows how little evidence you require to believe in nonsense.

        You see I am a actual truth seeker and I am happy when someone points out facts that prove me wrong. Those of you who just automatically shoot someone down who proves you wrong and call them NWO pundits are not helping anything and you wouldn’t know truth if it was staring you in the face. I am not sure what the deep state is and who is in it but I assure you that I am not on the side of any clandestine nefarious plot. I solidly hold the opinion that the govt and other organizations have done horrible things to the people and the world at large but this particular narrative is total nonsense and I have 8 years of direct experience in this field to back up my claims.

        Here are some actual facts that destroys this blue laser narrative.

        I worked in the laser R&D field for 8 years. I worked with people who built the laser systems that are up there from the Regan era. Yes there are lasers up there. Yes they can do immense damage. No they are not in the visible spectrum.

        Atmospheric transmission of 450 nm (blue lasers) is around 40%. You would never use this wavelength for a directed energy weapon.

        Blue lasers would not be used because they have high atmospheric absorption, you would lose energy and the beam would lose it’s focus. The issue is called Thermal blooming.

        Visible spectrum
        390 to 700 nanometers

        1 micron = 1000 nanometers

        Laser technologies used by military as weapons

        CO2 wave length 10.6 microns
        COIL laser (chemical laser) 1.315 microns
        Deuterium fluoride laser 3.6 – 4.2 microns
        Hydrogen fluoride laser 2.7 – 2.9 microns


        Please show everyone your stupidity by not addressing a single point I made and call me a shill…. Please please do… 🙂

    • Its a lazer pen clearly originating at the guys hand as you see a brighter source of light on his hand that is raised up clearly holding something small like a laser pointer.

    • that couple who took refuge in their neighbors swimming pool-and all the others killed and property harmed should get together and file an international mass genocide charges against the UN and the Lazer company and all those involved in this astoundingly evil travesty.

    • It’s just a *lens flare* when the camera lines up with the bright light. It’s also curved, and the same curved line can be seen below at 00:21 and especially 00:29. Smartphones aren’t the best cameras, and have lens problems that wouldn’t show up in a high quality compact camera.

    • this is definably some thing that should be brought to the attention of the people , there were dead people involved here = murder??





      • Hey,…. 99.99% of the people dont DESERVE to be alive: I hope HAARP succeeds. This massively stupid, corrupt, and filthy populace is ruining the planet with pollution, disrespect, and decay,… and since the invention known as “civilization” has completely overrun the naturally efficient mechanisms of evolution, we MUST now thin the herd: People must be eliminated. Or, find a planet which is 100x larger to migrate to and start again.

    • Wow. THIS is interesting. It’s a little difficult to understand the narrator. So, he’s saying that profiteers of the Shadow Government are being set upon the public once again by their Deep State mechanism. This time they are targeting and burning older, wealthy neighborhoods of homes/businesses as well as those settlement nearby to make way for new structured neighborhoods where possible ownership and eventual profits are theirs? If I understood correctly, I’m getting a better image now of why CA is such a huge target for the MIIIC criminals. God.

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