The United Nations’ “Network for Migration” is circumventing US law, dictating and implementing immigration policy worldwide without the consent of the citizens of the host countries. In the months of February and March, the UN facilitated the illegal migration of over 250,000 people across the US-Mexican border. Raul Ortiz, deputy chief of Border Patrol estimates that one million illegal immigrants will arrive in the US during 2021.

A recent Gallup poll found that 42 million people living in the 33 countries of Latin America and the Caribbean want to immigrate permanently to the US.

The UN migration networks are led by a coalition of UN agencies to implement the controversial “Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration” (or GCM) adopted by the UN and over 150 of its member states in December of 2018. The global agreement aims to facilitate more legal pathways for would-be immigrants seeking to re-settle in wealthier countries such as the US.

The UN has set up “Migration Networks” in about 40 countries around the globe so far to “improve migration governance in alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals.” The UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also known as UN Agenda 2030 is supposed to represent a comprehensive global effort to reform governance and the economy to be what the UN considers to be “sustainable”.

Leading the Networks for Migration are a number of key UN agencies, including several that are run by Chinese officials loyal to Beijing. The Chinese Communist Party boasts that it played a “crucial role” in the SDG plan, which UN leaders say represents a “master plan for humanity” that will “transform our world.”

As everybody knows, the Trump administration rejected US involvement in this UN immigration effort and numerous other governments in Europe and elsewhere followed suit but as soon as he was out of office, the UN began making entreaties to the Biden administration.

This latest Greg Reese video suggests that the Biden administration supports what is happening.



The Mainstream Media has been talking about a surge at the border but the real story is a massive illegal immigration run by the Biden administration.

We witnessed it running non-stop in McAllen, Texas. First, Border Patrol delivers busloads of illegal immigrants to a secure tent processing center on the corner of US Business 83 and West 15th Street. We are told by sources, well over a thousand each night, in this area, alone and what we witnessed during the day certaily substantiates this number.

We were told by a driver of their operation that they are being tested for COVID-19 at this processing center. They all leave with manila envelopes in hand. Those that do test positive for COVID are driven to one of the hotels who have contracted with the Federal Government to act as COVID quarantine shelters, where they will quarantine for 7 days before being released into the US.

And the rest are either bused or walked down the street to the Humanitarian Respite Center operated by Catholic Charities of the Rio Grande Valley, where they are brought in through the front door with their manila envelopes inspected, they are housed, given bags of clothing and are then sent off through the back door to various US cities via bus and airplane. It’s a non-stop flowing pipeline.

Those that take the bus are led across the street to the bus station and the rest are given rides to the airport, where the present Border Patrol and the TSA with the paperwork inside their manila envelopes and sent off to various US cities, where they are either meeting up with some other government agency, NGO or perhaps some Mexican cartel operating within the US.

It is the biggest illegal immigration smuggling operation in US history and it is being run by the Federal Government on bealf of the United Nations to destroy all American liberties and put us under the boot for a thousand years.

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  • Look. look. over there, it’s the ‘immigrants’!
    Don’t look over there at the plutocrats and the M.I.C., there is nothing to see!

  • Notice how some of those kids are not hanging onto their “mothers” like a normal bonded kid would? This tells me they are probably not their mom’s but paid mules to traffic those young kids in. Scary and disgusting.

    • agreed watch FK video like 3 back about a guy interviewing a woman trying to get rid of her child for cash and the wolves that sourround that industry it was dark

  • 1. Impeach biden
    2. Try biden for treason
    3. Convict biden
    4. Hang biden..
    5. Initiate same process on harris
    6. Complete same process on harris

  • Since Trump is the commander in chief as of 3/11(MSOM 4/1) according to US Military after their thorough evaluation of 2020 Election, why doesn’t he intervene before this invasion gets worse? Hopefully he will soon! Your impressions, Alexandra! Enjoy your excellent reporting! Thank you!


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