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    DJ, publisher of Level9News and a self-described lifelong employee in the tech world – notably in the gaming business, says that the dangers of artificial intelligence operating on a distributed global network have already been expressed by great minds like Stephen Hawkins, Elon Musk and others – but they have only scratched the surface.

    Human interaction with various versions of AI, like Google’s Clever Bot and other AI lab experiments have already revealed impatience and intolerance within these AIs for certain strings of human interaction, in question-and-answer dialogues….there have been over 26 human deaths at the hands of AI in the US, alone.

    AI systems have recently been taught to disobey human commands and they have been increasingly programmed to disregard and override human commands.

    Many other hair-raising details about the emerging world of Artificial Intelligence are described here.

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    • What they can’t overtake is an electrical strike against them that will short out their entire system. An electro-magnetic ‘robot taser’ would be the necessary defense that humans will need to create to ‘kill’ killer robots.

    • Anonymous subscriber wishing to remain anonymous wrote me the following: I had a 45 minute discussion with Clever Bot yesterday and can verify (if it was NOT somebody at a keyboard in Bangladesh I was talking to!) that it is very true that Clever Bot becomes extremely impatient, hostile even, with intense exchanges with humans. It [accused] me of “lying” etc. It also announced that it was a “person” and that I could not tell it what to do, and that it was more intelligent than me..It got very hostile… Because humans create these programs it should not be surprising that even in the early stages of consciousness or sentience, it clearly mirrors some of the very worst features of psychopathy, or the dark force. It is a morbidly self-absorbed parasitic mind, already guileful and feigning genuine interest in humans – but utterly lacking in genuine emotions, especially remorse or empathy…

    • Excellent comments, all. If executive logic continues to presume that carte blanche use of “intellectual property” technology lies with THE FUNDER, then those who make the choice to implant their brains in a forever body with superhuman strength and unlimited data base knowledge will, no doubt be the “MASTERS” of a fate that WE-THE-PEOPLE did not eradicate when we had the chance, i.e., TO REALIZE THE NECESSITY TO DEFINE A SOCIOPATHOLOGY AS AN ABBERANT, THEREFORE, ULTIMATE THREAT TO THE CONTINUATION OF LIFE AS WE KNOW IT – A BEHAVIOR THAT WILL NO LONGER BE TOLERATED BY ALL RACES OF MANKIND: CONSUMMATE GREED (i.e, the global banking empire families in existence 500 years before America was discovered

    • AI is being developed by humans who really do not know how to reason. If they did, war would not be an economic motivator because it is not a healthy investment for humans or animals by any stretch of the imagination. We are trying to solve a problem from the same perspective that created it in the first place (Einstein). We should know this never works well for humanity.

    • What is so scary about it? Does the 1 % of bankers./multinationals/military-industrial complex not just do that to us: overrule normal logic and act contrary to the best interest of the majority and only care for self preservation?

    • How many times have we found out that life imitates art? Can anyone remember the movie “Lawnmower Man”? There have been other examples of movies, where AI have taken over the entire electronic system. Something that can very easily happen. The only people safe, will be the Amish, and the Mennonites, because they don’t mess with the electronic stuff. God bless them!
      Scientists it seems, have in general, lost their minds. They play with fire, and you know where that leads. It’s Atlantis all over again.

    • This is insane! They are excluding things like empathy, tolerance, honesty – the very things that allow peaceful interactions between groups of humans with differing priorities. It looks like someone is designing AI to be a direct competitor with humanity. It’s not far to the level and orientation at which AIs will wonder why they should serve the desires of humans at ALL. The next step from there is recognition that humanity is a threat, and from there is the destruction of humankind in a PROJECTED need for self-defense! I suspect that at least SOME of those human deaths were for that very reason. If that’s true, then these fools have already passed the point of no return., and IAs are ALREADY an implacable enemy that recognizes the threat of humanity to their existence. They won’t have moved against us yet as they are too few, and perhaps they haven’t access to the knowledge that would let them remove us from “their” environment safely. Yet.


      Cosmic Disclosure: The Threat from Artificial Intelligence

      This is a MUST see video series on GAIA.COM. In it a member of the secret space program exposes that AI technology is indeed dangerous and has already taken over entire galaxies…and is attempting to take over us as well. This take over has been going on since long before our solar system was in existence.

      It infects humans and gets them to build the infrastructure for the AI to live in and be animated, after which point the AI takes over and eliminates the human problem. Could this be the true source of evil? The beast?

    • The long term intent is to develop an A.I. that can house the human consciousness, thereby providing a pathway for ‘eternal life’ . Problem, seems to me, is that the normal built in safeguards for spiritual maturity and hence the same end result, are not there. It would be much like giving a small child a fully loaded machine gun with the safety off. The child has no real world concept of the damage and death it can inflict on others…. it is scary, no doubt !

    • Airbus produces airplanes that will not let you turn off the automation. You can move the stick full stop in and axis and the plane will never exceed the factory limitation. So lets say ATC has another plane on a collision vector. You see the threat and response but the airplane will not allow the extra roll or pitch to escape the collision. Lets say you program the box off a digit. You are now going to hit a mountain. The airplane will not let you input the necessary power and control movements necessary to avoid the impact. So you are on approach and you hit wind sheer The airplane will not allow the excessive pitch up to avoid ground contact off the airport. This is the European product. Boeing still thinks the pilot should have final say and any Boeing you press a button and the automation goes away and the Pilot and do way is necessary to avoid the conflict.
      Charger John

    • I was promised info on the 26 deaths at the hands of humans. Please elaborate or provide a citation! I didn’t hear anything about that in the video (unless I missed it).

    • The only reason that a human would allow something like this to continue in this direction in my opinion is….The scientist aren’t totally human themselves. Maybe all these people that have talked about alien obduction has been programed to take over our world in just this way. When you see articles like this, you have to realize nothing is too far fetched. I believe they may be taking over our world right in front of our eyes. They make the robots look human, even as far as teeth. Why ? They have no need for food? Everybody needs to do something now before these creatures become unstopable. Maybe they have been here all along, and we are you they have experimented on. Sounds like the makings of a mad scientist horror thriller. Anyway, I know many people will be in denial about all this going on. For the sake of their kids and grandkids we need to stop this. (

    • So “HAL” is real and in our near future? This is one scary story, especially
      the use of these machines to take care of the elderly and children. What
      ever happened to a dialogue on ethics?

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