Alexandra Bruce
April 22, 2013

To see the full film, please visit the site of the film’s producer/writer, Michael Horn:

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Robert Smith
February 11, 2013

This film documents the true life story of Billy Meier, who many believe to be the only proved UFO contactee.

The film shows much of his amazing photographic, film, video, sound and metal evidence, as well as his amazing prophecies and the testimonies of other witnesses and experts.

Produced & Directed by Jack Gerlach
Produced & Written by Michael Horn
Edited by Wolfgang Heynold
Creative Consultant Michael Horn

Interviewees in Alphabetical Order:
Michael Arndt
Jacobus Bertchinger
Berndette Brand
Madelein Brugger
Phobol Cheng
Christian Frehener
Michael Horn
Barbara Harnisch
Brunhilde Koye
Christian Krukowski
Hans-Georg Lanzendorfer
Daniel Lutz
Atlant Meier
Atlantis Meier
Billy Eduard Albert Meier
Guido Moosbrugger
Gunter Neugebauer
Michael Parker
Leon Rubenhold
Stefan A. Rickauer
Phila Stauber
Wolfgang Stauber
Wendelle Stevens
Davide Turla
Marianne Uelinger
Englebert Wachter
Prof. Doni Whitsett
Santiago Yturria
(c) 2007

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    Finally the world can learn about the simple Truth.

    All we have to do is – to start trusting our own INTUITION – we are human beings striving for love and harmony amongst us all, we can get there individually and together.


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