Bloomberg reports that, “Russia accused the US of ‘criminal negligence’ or even direct support for Islamic State after coalition aircraft bombed a military base in the Syrian city of Deir Ezzor, besieged by the terrorist group on Saturday. As tensions mounted, Russia also warned the US that the cease-fire agreement was at risk unless it pressures rebel groups to respect it.”

What the West and its Middle Eastern allies are doing to Syria is brutal and unconscionable and what’s actually happening on the ground bears little resemblance to what’s being reported by the Mainstream News. For example, it is not being reported that economic sanctions have been placed on Syria, which have had a devastating effect on Syrian society, on top of the vicious military and terroristic pounding that it has been taking from outside forces for several years.

A delegation from the US Peace Council (USPC) went on a fact finding mission to Syria in early August 2016, meeting with Syrian Government Officials including President Assad, Union Leaders, Government Opposition Members as well as Civil & Business Leaders, NGO’s, Charities and Universities.

The delegation stated that each member paid their own way and that the Syrian Government allowed them to meet whomever they wanted.

This is a segment of their press conference at the UN.

Madelyn Hoffman, Executive Director of New Jersey Peace Action stated:

“This is not a civil war in Syria. That’s probably the first thing we heard, and we heard it over and over again.

“It is not President Assad against his own people. It is President Assad and the Syrian people, all together, in unity, against outside forces, outside mercenary forces, terror organizations, the names change everyday or every other day, to try to protect their identity, and maybe keep the connection between the country that funded it and that group, kind of a little bit more nebulous, but there are groups, mercenary forces, supported by Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, United States, and underneath it, Israel, the state of Israel.

“And these outside mercenary forces are the ones that are terrorizing the Syrian people, and are attempting to divide the Syrian people.”

The West’s failure to divide the Syrian people is the reason for its lack of success in bringing down the Assad government, despite the unrelenting horrific attacks mounted by their terrorist proxy armies for going on 5 years now.

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  • obama and hillary both have been instrumental in the rise of ISIS. Go back to the beginning when the US began arming “rebels”. I know of 2 times when supplies and arms were “accidently” dropped on ISIS camps. Benghazi was about moving weapons from Libya up to Turkey and over to the “rebels”. These rebels were al qaeda. This is known fact, too, in congress, because I watched a video where Ron Paul was talking about in July of 2012. When the “rebels” got enough weapons and money, they hired all the other terrorists from other groups by offering more money. This group became ISIS. My belief is that obama and hillary are making financial and political gain by helping the Muslim Brotherhood advance a caliphate in the Middle East. Why else would they be so dead set on bringing in millions of unvetted Muslim refugees? Something is very wrong here. Put all the pieces together and it is a picture of treason, murder, and espionage. When Trump is elected I pray that he deals with these two and all of their minions, as well.


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