You don’t have to wear a MAGA hat to grasp the Soviet-level wrongdoing of Barack Obama working in support of Hillary Clinton to cover up her crimes. Wielding John Brennan’s CIA, Comey’s FBI and the State Department’s propaganda allocation, Obama gave us, among other things, this castigating style of late night Politburo “comedy” and a bottomless pit of Fake News to gaslight the American people.

Disgraced former Deputy FBI Director Andy McCabe’s admission on 60 Minutes to instigating a coup d’état against the President appears to be an attempt to have him fall on his sword – but everyone knows that the operation was in effect long before May 2017 – or as Trump tweeted last night, “Andrew McCabe didn’t go to the bathroom without the approval of Leakin’ James Comey!”

Top Obama Administration officials, Susan Rice, Samantha Powers and John Brennan spied on the Trump campaign, using so-called “unmasking” requests, while FBI Director James Comey knowingly used fraudulent “opposition research” paid for by Hillary’s campaign to obtain a FISA spy warrant on the Trump Campaign.

Those same FBI agents looked the other way while Clinton sent courtesy copies of ALL her emails to Chinese intelligence and God-knows-who else.

Their plot to derail the Trump campaign has long since morphed into a 24/7 regime-change operation against their own country, replete with idiotic media hoaxes intended to make Trump supporters look like violent bigots, from the MAGA Bomber, to the MAGA Teens to the “We are MAGA Country” assailants of Jussie Smolletts’ botched self-lynching, with each plot more moronic than the last.

Are the tides about to change?

Retired US Army Reserve Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer joins the Epoch Times’ Jan Jekielek to discuss these details and whether the FBI has been reformed enough that political bias won’t influence ongoing and future investigations.

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  • I think that Tony Shaffer should run for President after Trump fulfills his 2020 mandate. Great discussion….glad he’s on MAGA’s Team; gives one something to hold on to for the future.
    At the moment there is no Bottom to “The Bottom Line”. It just keeps dropping to give the insanity of what’s going on in Government a reason not to implode. The FBI, CIA, etc. are being run by psychopaths and no one seems to care that the inmates are running the asylum. It’s not just the USA on shaky ground…..look around…..the EU is on the brink; Canada is being run into the ground by a puppet & its’ master….Haiti….well that was a given. The ranting about climate change, carbon tax, vaccines, abortions, immigrants; pipelines….it’s just never ending horror stories. Tonight’s topic was a refreshing walk (albeit) a quick one into a time warp where common sense could prevail….I hope beyond hope and pray that it’s not too late.

  • All this has long been debunked. The Anthony Steele dossier was first paid for by a right-wing billionaire. Robert Mercer I believe. He dropped it when his candidate, Ted Cruz, dropped out of the race. The Democratic Party then picked it up from there. It’s been shown that the FBI used much more than the Steele dossier to obtain its FISA warrant. And, some of that dossier has been proven to be true.

    McCabe, Rosenstein and others were not discussing a coup. which is an illegal take over of a government. Using the 25th Amendment to the constitution is not illegal nor unconstitutional.

    The Smollett case appears at this point, unless new evidence comes to light, to have been a personal affair of Smollett staging an assault on himself in order to get sympathy and attention,. There’s no connection to any political party here whatsoever.

  • I am not surprised and my wish is that things will get better. That we replace bad people with good will meaning Individuals. Accountability should be at the fore front of our government agency’s.

  • FBI, CIA, NSA…major criminal organizations in upper management…do not trust Dept of Defense….owned and operated by FBI, CIA, and the mafia…this cancer is spreading and has been spreading since 1963.

  • Now to find field optatives to put in place of the lawyers running the FBI & CIA as well as the NSA and etc. But it’s more then just the top brass that needs to go. As we all know the swamp is deep.

  • Those of us who’ve had the agencies act against them in unconstitutional and equally troubling ways, for nothing more than exercising free speech online, were not and are not shocked in the least.

    What was done to Trump was done to thousands of others, and the MSM, as well as most alternative online media, are fast asleep to what really happened, except when it involves political theater.

    Collective Evolution is one of the very few sites to report on it.

    • Indeed. I don’t know that I would have become as radicalized by this issue had I not personally been de-platformed from Google AdSense for publishing anti-Hillary posts during the run-up to the 2016 Election. THAT is how far-reaching this operation has been.

      This has been a totally unexpected journey that has caused me to entirely disavow all of my previous affiliations with the Democrat Party.

      • Both parties are hip deep in the Council of 300, the Club of Rome, the Bilderbergs, Rckefellers, Rothchild and Agenda 21.

        I got attacked for coining the phrase “Hillary’s Billionnaires” on Politico to show their hypocrisy, extolling about Bill and Jeffrey Epstein’s pedophilia links and for writing a blog. But many neo-cons are in the same club…not just the Bushies.


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