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    ToreSays notes, correctly that the vaxx mandates that are causing people to lose their jobs are the byproducts of a fraudulent election. People are now losing their jobs because their election was stolen.

    This is yet another reason why election integrity is very important, because if we can fix that, then we undo all the tyranny that’s being foisted upon us by the Chinese/Globalist agents who have captured our government.

    Patrick Byrne joined Tore on her podcast yesterday and these were the highlights of what he had to say:

    “We have proven how corrupt the Arizona election was and in the process, we have proven how everyone that vouched for them, from the Mainstream Media, to CISA, to the DOJ to the Senate, to everyone else you can think of, who vouched for it are all incorrect. They were all flat wrong.

    “And now that they’re flat wrong, we now have no reason to believe ’em about any of these other states that we’ve seen this mishegoss occur…

    “I’ll just summarize – there’s 57,000 fake votes, I mean votes, for which there is no legal way they can be there…57,000 of one kind and 255,000 of another! So, 300-odd thousand fake votes or votes that shouldn’t have been counted and for which there is no legal provenance – and Biden won by 10,500 [votes]…

    “The canvas came up with at least 300,000 ghost- or suppressed votes in Maricopa. Maybe 400,000. And if you listened to today, and you add up these different numbers, and it’s 255k of this and it’s 57k of that and it’s 17k of the other thing, 10k of this, it all sorta adds up into the 300-400k range, coming out of the forensic.

    “So, we have ’em. It’s 300-400 thousand out of 2.1 million votes. So, 15%-20% of the votes are compromised.

    “I’ve been tame and measured for months, since you’ve known me, Tore. But now, I’m saying, ‘There have to be indictments. Based on what we heard today, if they let this slide, if the Attorney General of Arizona – who wants to be a senator next year – lets this slide, there is no law, it’s the end of the United States. It’s done. There’s no reason for anywhere in the United States, for any election officials to comply with the law, if they can turn a blind eye to this…

    “What hasn’t come out yet – but will come out in the Jovan information and all of that stuff – and that’s all getting made public – is the skew is the voter-suppression side of the business…They suppress 10% of the vote and stuff 5% and that’s how they get the 15% swing.

    “The 5% stuffing turns out to disproportionately go against or are in precincts where there’s Latinos and Native Americans and there’s a subtle reason why they do that, that will be coming out and explained in the Jovan stuff…

    “A lot of Republicans don’t internalize, yet how deeply bad it is. They think it’s 1% or 2%. I worry about DeSantis. He’s gonna lose Florida. He doesn’t understand. He’s gonna get Trumped next time. He doesn’t quite get how bad the situation and what they’re setting up in Florida. He’s not getting it…

    “If we can’t fix [election integrity], it’s done. No matter what else you care about. It’s all over. Your kid’s growing up in an authoritarian society – it’s only going to take a few years. I mean, look at what they’ve done in the last 18 months.

    “It’s going to take a few years, we turned into the USSA and it’s the end of America as you know it. So, there’s nothing else to worry about in politics. I don’t care about if you care about abortion, I don’t care if you care about gun rights, religious freedom, none of it matters. What you care about doesn’t matter until or unless we get election integrity…

    “So they want to change America, they rigged an election, stole the seat, rigged the Supreme Court so they would sprinkle a bunch of Holy Water on a bunch of Unconstitutional changes, changed the electorate by legalizing 25 million new voters and changed the voting rules, Federalizing it, even though the Constitution is clear as a bell on who gets to run elections…

    “We have to let the politicians in Arizona know that, ‘Enough is enough.’

    “This is the hill to die on. I mean that metaphorically, in the sense that…if this slides – we have an open-and-shut, crystal-clear, massive mafia hijacking of a state election. If this can slide with just a little slap on the wrist and a little bureaucratic this-that-and-the-other thing, it’s the end of the game…

    “What’s indisputable, at this point is they wiped-out a million files – every one of those is a crime, every one is a charge.

    “And they did this the day before they turned the records over. The day before they turned everything over to the audit, they went through it and they deleted the entire database..every single file was illegal for them to delete and they did it all the day before they turned this stuff over, under the subpoena.

    “So, if nothing else, there’s a huge obstruction-of-justice, cover-up kind of charge. Now, in addition, the law lets you presume that when somebody does stuff like that, there might be some reason for it…

    “You know what a shibboleth is? It’s an old Hebrew word…It means a word that used to distinguish friend from foe…The shibboleth for us is “election integrity”…We’ve got to fight for election integrity like our lives, as a nation depend on it. Any Republican who’s not on that side, vote him out. He’s the enemy.

    “All the RINOs, all the people who have not stood with us, now that we have turned out to be right, anyone who is not teeth, toes and fingernails on the side of fighting for election integrity, that’s how you can tell he’s a fake. No matter what else they say, they’re a fake. They’re not really on your side. We’ve gotta just throw ’em out.”


    Since ToreSays’ Twitch video won’t embed on this site, I’ve got Patrick Byrne, joined by Joe Flynn, brother of Lt Gen Michael Flynn and Jovan Pulitzer, who’ve been working for months on the 2020 Election fraud and are here to discuss their reactions to the Arizona audit of Maricopa County, which took place yesterday.

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    • I watched the majority of last Friday’s expose. It disgusted me so that I couldn’t watch the rest. Why, because it was all about credentials and possibilities , thoughts and might / could haves ect…. What was missing is what you are seeing right here. Nothing about dumped data or the real meat and potatoes on things like all the paper being wrong so it wouldn’t be noticed as fraudulent! That is what’s by far the most disgusting.

    • This very thing happened in the election with Obama and Dr. Ron Paul with what is going on right now but the US was not awake then like now. If you remember Paul had the votes and Obama had to bus his supporters to every state and the numbers were cooked just like what happened with this Election. I followed the Paul and Obama election and found someone had back doors into the system of election machines. Nobody to date has brought this election under the scope like the Trump, Biden election

      • Sydney Powell has said the rigging has gone on for decades. That’s why this is not an easy fight and why Byrne said this is the hill to die on. We older ones can look back and see all the rot that was put in place.

    • It’s time to go after the judicial system that has been complicit with all this corruption. All judges that aren’t part of this need to start coming together and denouncing some of the rulings taking place by these bought, corrupt or untruthful judges. Many in the judicial system know that a lot of the rulings being made in court rooms do not follow the basic rule of law, and to continue unlawful rulings of this sort undermines all the basic rules of law that we have all grown with and abidided by all our life. Honest judges outnumber those who are compromised and they should stand up for the rule of law and all Americans that expect to be protected through law and these judges

    • And now Congress passed gun control. We are in the midst of a revolution. Its painful to watch our country fall. God Bless America and God Bless us all.

    • This is our last chance.
      Joe Biden and his fat General Mark Milley are deeply beholding to the Chinese Communists Party. Milley has told Biden everything about his treasonous deeds to undermined and damage the Trump administration. That’s why Biden said that he had great faith in his General. So, now we not only have an America General working with the Chinese Communist Party, we also have a senile, moronic President protected by 35,000 troops in DC. The anti-American thugs are so compromised with Chinese Communist Party that ever word they speak to the American public is a lie. The 2020 election should tell us all, without election integrity, the America we know today will be gone forever, and there will be no turning back… that is, without a second civil war.
      The Boarder crises was envisioned long before Biden stole the election. These White House freaks who lead Biden around with a ring in his nose are now running the country. They laugh as they plan the destruction of this Republic. No question about it, Joe Biden, Pelosi, McConnel, Schumer and all those of the Deep State running the Country, should all be arrested for treason, given a fair trial and then hanged.
      With your 2022 vote, we will lay the groundwork for Trump’s America. Then, full speed ahead!

      • Jefferson Spivey — I think you mean, ‘without a 2nd revolutionary war’. The communists are few in number, relatively speaking. Even boobus americanus would balk at finding a hammer & sickle replacing Old Glory.

    • The audit was not an integrity audit – it was a *forensic* audit, and its legitimate aim was to look for evidence of criminal intents and actions. That the audit did not itself include a legal element which was qualified to recommend criminal indictments is a shortcoming, but an understandable one.
      That the audit’s effective conduct was quite publicly frustrated and obstructed is prima facie evidence in its own right of intent. Whether that intent was to cover up prior fraud, or simply to cover up wholesale incompetence, it is criminality in its own right, and there is no controversy about what happened. I would recommend immediate indictment on the parties immediately involved, as a curtain-raiser.
      Because of that obfuscation – destruction of evidence, and unconscionable and consistent delay and lack of cooperation – the greater forensic purpose of the investigation was impeded, and the clear allegation to be made is one of obstruction of justice.
      Making these initial indictments establishes the grounds for an enhanced and enlarged criminal investigation to establish intent to defraud, based on all of the rest of the evidence so far uncovered. This should include searching personal investigation of any individual or organisation that plausibly stood to benefit from such a fraud. The issues of motive and motivation are legitimate extensions to enquire into.
      Chains of plausible deniability leading to principals and their agents and actors must be pursued, and this will take additional skills and diligent pursuit of a ‘conventional’ criminal investigation. The problem with corruption is that it may well extend into public office and institutional badge-holders. Therefore, the first task is to establish and assemble a clean team of ‘untouchables’ who are demonstrably uncompromised and who will submit to internal audit procedures to securitise the investigation itself against corruption or intimidation as it proceeds.
      This first step is likely to be a difficult one, and needs to be commenced at once.
      In the meantime, it is patently obvious that the results of the election must be set aside – the consequences of not doing this are more serious than the consequences of doing it – now.

    • So.. I don’t understand the STATIS of this audit 🤔 on one had they’re saying it was correct but the other hand says 200.000 votes were bad,in one way or the other!What is the final proclamation! #bewildered

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