The entertainers at the Mainstream Media are still fumbling around their characterization of what happened in Las Vegas in their attempts to sell the unlikely Stephen Paddock as the Lone Nut du jour since the script handed to them is so botched. One wonders if the Paddock narrative will ever solidify and agglomerate onto their reeking leviathan of lies or if the people will successfully reject it.

How long might it take for the Paddock-Lone Nut story to become something that hapless truthers argue about with their toady hosts on cable TV?

I missed this epic showdown between Piers Morgan and Jesse Ventura five years ago but I was reminded of what an oppressive enforcer of mistruth that Morgan has been within the Mainstream Media. His bullying tactics reveal his naked function as a career propagandist. Where does someone like this get off being called a journalist?

Piers Morgan lost this round of verbal pro wrestling to Jesse Ventura and he was sent packing back to the UK, where he now focuses on brainwashing children with the state-sponsored garbage of First News, a British national newspaper for kids.

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  • If Jesse Ventura actually stood for president at the next election I’m sure he’d win hands down a thousand times over! Why can’t you Americans persuade him to do so..??? He, or someone like him, is your only remaining hope in regaining your country’s standing as a leading nation which right now has diminished to the point of being abandoned by the rest of the world!

  • Please feature ex CIA agent Susan Lindaur ,who’s cousin Andrew Card was at the school and told criminal Bush about the planes hitting the towers, as if he didn’t know.The CIA, day’s before 9/11 ,planted the explosives in the buildings after the janitors left the buildings ,around 3AM. .Very informative. She is blacklisted from all news media ,trying to silence her.

  • Piers Morgan is a British twit and an ass clown. George Bush and Dick Cheney are TRAITORS who need to be hung by the neck until dead.

Kirk Elliott

dr elliott


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