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    This clip has been making the rounds. I first was sent a version dubbed in English a month or so ago.

    This one appears to be a version dubbed from one Slavic language into another.

    I don’t advocate this behavior but it’s definitely a kick-ass way to put on a bra. (Pun intended).

    Until or unless I get real advertisers, I can still run all manner of risque’ content, such as  this.

    The moment you no longer see these types of clips, you’ll know that my site is no longer a money pit, hurtling rapidly into non-existence.

    After 2 months of cleaning up the site’s code for 17 hrs per day, 7 days per week, we are finally about to migrate the database into the SEO-friendly WordPress platform, which will hopefully breathe life back into this moribund website, in the form of organic search traffic, with the site once again visible to search engines.

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