With all of the white-knuckle reversals taking place in US political scene at the moment, the situation calls for some levity.

In his ongoing series called ‘Ultra Spiritual Life’, comedian JP Sears is known for his side-splitting spoofs of New Age sanctimoniousness.

This piece takes us to Instagram territory and into the specific genre of bikini selfies posted by Z-List non-celebrities seeking the D-List status that was pioneered by Kim Kardashian and which has been proliferated into near-ubiquity by ingenues and matrons, with a pervasive and nauseating trend toward massive butt implants.

Sears offers us general “Pro Tips” for success in social media engagement and some specific tips for this particular genre, where the prime directive is, “To practice thong-based self-objectification.”

I’ll reveal my age by saying that I don’t have an Instagram account (let alone a Snapchat) and that I only know of this genre from my search engine-driven forays into the Mirror online, which drives further traffic within its site with this peculiar brand of Narcissistic Personality Disordered, Body-Dysmorphia-affirming content – and occasional fillips of hypocritical virtue-signalling thrown in for good measure.


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  • How about we just remember that we are all on the same page….planet earth. Remember the Golden Rule?….it’s hardly talked about or taught any longer. It used to be a sturdy part of classroom teachings. DO UNTO OTHERS AS YOU WOULD HAVE THEM DO UNTO YOU! I think that just about covers everything…..and it has stood the test of time, at least in my life so far. From the looks of things I think we’ve strayed a bit, to say the least. Loved the guy in the bikini…..:)

  • This is great, why can’t people see this? Have people lost their minds? Is there a way to get them back? Do we even know where to look? Could we have a technology free day, every week, for a start? Is is possible to get meaning, thought , connection, humility, compassion and values back ? Check out the Embody Love Movement. My daughter is involved with spreading their message and teaching their philosophy. It is an antidote to our meaningless, shallow society. Their motto is “celebrate inner beauty, commit to kindness and contribute to meaningful change” It is never too late to do the right thing.” Since life is our most precious gift,let us be certain it is dedicated to the liberation of the human mind and spirit, beginning with our own” Maya Angelou

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