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Is graphene oxide what Harald Kautz Vella meant when he was talking about “Black Goo”?

There are rumors that once everybody is good and vaxxed-up that the 5G towers will broadcast frequencies that will activate the superconducting graphene oxide in our bodies, as the vaxx kill switch.

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Alexandra Bruce

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  • Hydrogen Peroxide breaks down G.O. and ice packs on affected skin suspend its effectiveness while cold.

    Strategy: Cold bath as cold as you can stand it once a week with 1/4 bottle of H.P. added to the tub. If skin is sensitive, then further dilute it. If not strong enough, increase.

    NOTE: 3: HP is not as effective as 6% BUT above referenced dilution has been used for 3%.

    You can also pour it on a damp washcloth and thoroughly treat area affected.

  • Bring it! All the idiots will be dead. Their employers will be dead. The courts will be dead. Those of us who live will hunt the guilty down and cut the power. But most of them will be dead. So, bring it.

  • Never tooktheMayrix film seriously , or the Crysis and Fallout three,new Vegas
    computer games seriously. But once again , art imitates life.
    In the UK , Boris Johnson , the evil clown is now backtracking on the poison injection , calling it ‘ worst public health disaster in the UK ,ever! Crocodile tears for the next phase which is accelerated by internal/ national strife , infighting about who’s responsible,then in the end the governments try to make it compulsory…… protect us all ,I e. Vaxing the unvaxed because they are a risk to the vaxxed. Same result. Meanwhile China consolidates it’s resources before it’s economy implodes causing exchange rate chaos and internal revolt within China…food being a big issue.
    It’s not as though the I .C C. can prosecute China alone,along with the UN and WHO ,CDC etc. They are all complicit and it looks like the evil people are throwing their once loyal politicians and billionaires to the crowd , who are waking up rather quickly.
    The Department of work and pensions,which provides welfare benefits and unemployment/ furlough are intentionally or otherwise, making it really hard for people, old,disabled or educational/ dyslexical to get their income. They assume that EVERYONE is capable of using their phone fir banking,welfare and tax , Amazon etccc and assume we are all in Facebook and Twitter n linked in. The vaccine control mechanism makes this assumption. They do not want ANY human interface with the outside world. Just like many companies that make use of call centres to offload most of their real people or high street shop fronts/ staff, this poison vax has a logic that NO human interface is needed with customer complaints or customer queries. It’s a direct one way deal. No human interface between the citizens and ANY government body.
    Elections forinstance would be fully digital and the unvaxed be unable to vote. Companies would find it difficult to fit unchipped workers into their workforce as they will not interface as well as vaxed one’s.

  • Regarding this i would most certainly recommend one take a look at the movie “Cell” starring John Cusack and Samuel L Jakcson.
    Interestingly enough Mr Cusack also played a role in the series “Utopia” , where he lays out how the virus would work.
    Made just before the ourbreak i think, released in 2020 at least, so probably filming was done just prior to wuhan outbreak.
    these clips should tell you all you need to know really

  • G.O. can be added to anything you consume or snort. One of the properties of GO is frequency selectivity within the body to direct it to specific places brain, heart, blood . We have been softened up so it will pass the blood brain barrier. Then the question is what is it for to control our health including termination , hook you up to the spy grid or mind control 2.0 The virus was just a ruse to usher in their agenda with the jab the foreplay is over. I needed some dance lessons anyway .

    • Music is sound, or in other words: pressurized
      then rarefied waves of gas molecules colliding through the air. Cellular signals are not that. Cell towers emit radio waves which are electromagnetic. I’m confused about how sound could have any magnetic effect on graphene, or if graphene could be magnetic at all. As far as I know magnetism requires iron right? The word graphene indicates graphite which is carbon which is not magnetic right?

        • My my. The sound element is just a minor distraction. The experiment isn’t clear but it appears that the graphene is responding to the audio electrical signal bUT is held in suspension in a magnetic feild. It has lots of resonant frequencies. . The circuit board is obscured. I see graphene in humans in an MRI scanner context ,wherby the frequency/ electrical properties of the material means you do not need most of the intense magnetic feild coils to manipulate the graphene. Imagine an MRI scanner machine that requires a millionth of the power and weight as conventional scanners. Graphene can be made to flex and move in certain axis s by radio signals and weak magnetic feilds. The effect is similar to the pezio electric effect , found commonly and used for years in microphones. In this process the sound waves flex the metal back plate causing electrical movement with the coating and a small electrical signal is produced which is amplified. Exactly the same principle is used for small speakers , but in reverse. An electrical audio signal is applied to the pezio plate and it vibrates producing sound.
          What’s interesting in the reversal of process is …….it’s like how a d.c. motor can be reversed and used as a generator….Tesla’s simple genius.
          Imagine FM radio.A radio signal of high frequency , in the UK the range is 88 to 108 MHZ ,which is a vibrational frequency in Millions of cycles as a second , is modulated with an audio signal that is 20 to 20,000 cycles a second…HZ .this last number is the range the human ear can hear. The high signal is beamed from the radio mast and our radio filters out the small audio frequency.
          Graphene can be energized with a high frequency then manipulated with a low frequency,as the audio shows. So in effect graphene can be made to walk around our bodies or be incorporated into assembled strutchures .

          • Well-put and I agree.Supposedly the g.o. Is neutral now,but a change can make it deadly=killswitch.Frequency and resonance are key.Hulu can mind control via targetted frequency use.A patent was filed by someone/thing with a very weird name.Patent describes the device which can manipulate human minds,transplant emotions,thoughts.Not kidding,I have details on explains all this as this possibility was discivered in the ’30’s by Royal Rife.He wanted to use his machines for healing while others fought and intimidated him.Comparable to Rockefelker medicine which did the same to the Chiropractors and Actual healers.Graeme Rothschild was pushing this mindcontrol idea decades ago.Frequency and rsonance based control.He said humans are transducers,etc.Ive that text also.Evil!!Highest frequency in universe is supposedly LOVE.Grow your details much of whats happened so,mateixofgog.c,,,,,Briteon.comRobotoids,blackgoo,morphicfield,Operation Gardenplot and Lockstep,Bluebeam,

      • Magnetism does not require iron, it requires a conductor, and most metals are conductors along with many other elements. Even water is a conductor. Electromagnetism is one of the primary forces in the universe, you can create electricity through the use of magnetism and you can create magnetism through the use of electricity, they both derive from the same force of nature and are basicly the same in the eyes of a conductive element.

      • I should have been a little more clear in my comment, yes iron is magnetic, as in it attracted to magnets, but conductors can create magnetic force through electricity and pass this property on to a magnetic substance, like wrapping copper wire around a steel bolt and passing current through it will transfer the magnetic properties over to the bolt creating a magnet.

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