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    Allison Pejovic, attorney for the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, who is representing the truckers and the Freedom Convoy in Canada, joins the program to discuss the current situation.

    She explains the most important cases and what happened with GoFundMe and the gasoline controversy.

    We also discuss how important the Freedom Convoy is to Canada and the world.

    You can learn more about her organization and support the cause at:

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    • Castrudeau is a dual citizen of Canada and Globalistan and he doesn’t have to serve the interests of Canadians. He represents Globalistan!

    • a bad lawyer, COMPLETELY UNINFORMED! These are NOT ‘vaccines’ BUT INSTEAD GENETIC MODIFICATION TREATMENTS!!! GET THAT FINALLY EVERYONE PLEASE!!!! Truckers, PLEASE choose the RIGHT LAWYER, like for example Todd Callender who works for american army and stands for many american solders. He is the ONLY ONE who is PROPERLY INFORMED!!! Here more links to the right people:

    • The deep state press really hates having to show how decent people are so effective at making the crooked people in charge look like complete tools and fools . Not only do they suck at doing their jobs of serving the people they have to use dirty tricks to stop from being run out of town like Castro Jr. . The heavy hand will bury them and the people of Canada are sick of their shit.
      Blessing and Care for the safety of the good citizens who showed the world how to do it.

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