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    • I agree about what he said of poison jap, yet I’m wondering about the cure on his web site seemingly conflicting with other reports such as pine needle and N-Acetyl Cysteine. Is that me that feels like he’s trying to sell some expensive medicine?

      • I think he promotes all of these. The FDA is quickly classifying NAC as a prescription drug. I know heparin he recommended. Isn’t it a recycled drug?

      • Infowars has the daily broadcasts and text news stories.
        The videos are posted on
        The code of the latter will not embed on this website.
        So I upload them to Rumble to embed on here.

        • Thanks for your enlightenment. Is the problem with embedding links part of the government agenda to control [censor] private websites being adjudicated by Dr. Shiva ??

    • By now, people with half a brain know the virus is a bio weapon from China . China People Liberation Army top military biological weapon expert Chen Wei took over Wuhan P4 Lab in late January 2020, after Wuhan was lockdowned and they couldn’t cover it anymore.
      The bioweapon brought the whole world to its knee, while Amazon is funneling trillions and trillions to China every day

      • It may have come from China, but regardless, the shot Gates/Fauci created is far worse, far more nefarious, and the majority of leadership around the world is participating in what has resulted: CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY. All planned by design to kill and destroy. Thankfully, we have those on the frontlines like Dr. Fleming awake and ready to go in for the juggler of every vein that’s involved in this CRIME OF THE CENTURY. They need our prayers. For such a crime as this means war against the worst of the worst.

      • Stop pointing finger at one side.
        US funded Chinese and they are both responsible!
        People seriously need to stop pointing finger at others before looking into own.

    • We know they are lying,
      They know they are lying,
      They know we know they are lying,
      We know they know we know they are lying,
      But they are Still Lying.

      • Hi

        Very well put my friend.
        Myself like Sommer and you, believed
        this to be the case form the beginning.

        What about trying to substainate the truth
        What about trying to avoid the issue
        What about trying to get the US to admit funding the initial aim in Wulham
        What about trying to find who the big Pharmaceutical are paying off
        What about trying to stop continually treating us like mushrooms
        What about trying, not lying about the present cull of humanity
        What about trying not to stick your head in the sand
        What those trying to avoid the amount of bullshit in the World
        What about trying,trying, trying and giving up lying

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