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    I joined Dark Journalist and his special guest, the Black Vault’s John Greenwald to discuss the latter’s Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests on Luis Elizondo and the Pentagon’s Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program. Greenwald has been publishing for over 20 years, since he was fifteen years old and I’ve been aware of this for about as long, so it was a real treat to have a brush with Internet history!

    Then we covered the brazen calls for Internet censorship at the Senate last week with YouTube’s head of Public Affairs, Juniper Downs and at Davos with PM Theresa May. Then a volley of the best viewers questions so far on one of our Livestreams. (We’re getting better at this!)



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    • Congratulations to all of you for clarifying crucial things, including the thing about that “to the stars” academy. Read the book of Delonge; my feeling was: Wait one moment; trillions of dollars not just from the USA but from the people of this planet was via CIA and co., stolen to get very advanced space technology and now the peoples in the world have to pretty much get permission through that academy’s directorate to learn more about that technology?

      Also congratulations to show that what is happening is that the deep state wants to make a transition into deep intergalactic corporation benefiting a few elites when it should benefit all. And I am very glad that perhaps Trump through that Soace National Security Council (as understood by Joseph) picks up where Kennedy left things and because of it he was assassinated: a planetary effort to deal with thev proven space alien reality and presence in, not just the Earth and our Solar system but also the Galaxy.

      Each human needs to be active on that and the first thing to do us to do what in Systems Sciences and advanced cybernetic engineering we do: test for quasicomprehensiveness of the hypotheses. I hope someday soon to share with you what on the basis on the works of Academician Nikita Moiseev and my mentor in Systems Sciences and cybernetic engineering, the late Dr. Frederick Bernard Wood (the father if cybernetics with his collegue Norbert Wiener); on 2012 I have proposed to the world; I named it (mainly for aesthetic reasons), The Ecovbiostt Strategy: axshareable strategy for the coevolution with the cosmos and the Earth’s Biosphere.

      Muchos saludos desde Bolivia.

      P.S..- I am Bolivian born in La Paz in 1956, I had to leave Bolivia at age 18 due to the Banzer dictatorship; went then to the US (Wyoming( where somehow I got my M.S. In engineering; lived and worked and opposed the Bputsches until 1987 and then fled the US as the Bputsches took your country and finished destroying your marvellous Contitution…. Remade my life in Bolivia from where I keep on resisting black red and petro Islamic Fascism. “We shall overcome someday” that another more humane world with guys like you is possible. Wish I could meet you personally someday soon. Carlos

      • Wow, Carlos, all the way from Bolivia! I spent a few nights at the La Paz Sheraton with my family way back in the 1980s. Our cameras were stolen from our room but I thought the city was absolutely beautiful! We walked to a fondue restaurant of all things, which was owned by a Swiss woman and had dinner there which was delicious. My late mother was Brazilian and our dentist in Rio was from Bolivia.

      • “. . . the deep state wants to make a transition into deep intergalactic corporation benefiting a few elites. . .”

        Precisely–with the funds they stole from the public.

    • You want to be infuriated go to the link Alex provided–article of 01/18/18

      Since global/US corporate and government concerns are making an on-going decision that the internet is “different” and therefore does not represent a protected form of speech for Americans covered by Constitutional rights, we’ve gotten this robber baron censorship crap (link above) from the revolving door between the criminal blocks of the US alphabet agencies and their corporate criminal buddies. It’s the Deep State hard at work supporting their unelected shadow government’s demands. Some really convoluted excuses were forwarded by both Deep State participants as to why the public should be censored. The representative Clint ‘paranoid’ Watts is so very afraid of the boogieman. Someone please tell him that ‘Anwar Awlaki meets PizzaGate’ happened last year. But, what an interesting example he gives to support his logic for censorship. He wants to stop all public talk about PizzaGate? This statement alone should provide anyone a clear picture of whom he’s seeking to protect. AND, it’s not America. It’s likely himself and certainly the criminal organizations with which he agrees. He thinks we should not be having a public conversation about pedophiles and those who traffic innocents for them. What you really mean, Clint, is that the public should not be ‘allowed’ to talk about your buddies’ criminal behaviors and possible incarceration. I gott’a ask, “Trying to stay out of jail, Mr. Watts?”

      The caring public is not going to stop internet censorship by any usual political means. We’ve tried that several times and been roundly blocked or simply ignored. However, I’m feeling a cure is on the horizon. There is a tipping point for everything and it’s coming. So, keep it up FB, YT and Google. Eventually, even the normies will tire of your fascist policies and move on. When they finally realize their content is being deleted by your little armies of censors and, that the free exchange of information with their thumb-happy buds isn’t happening, unless vacuous, they’ll pin your corporate and political butts to the wall. The normies sleep most the time until one day they wake-up to a single annoying reality and riot, well… 2018 will tell about that hopeful thought.

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