This documentary gives a revealing portrait of the life and times of one of the greatest Oglala Lakota leaders, Crazy Horse. Historians and elders of his Lakota tribe provide their take on this legend and period accounts, art and artifacts show the relentlessness that marked his pursuit and capture by US forces, following the crushing Lakota victory in the Battle of Little Big Horn.

This is a sober yet stirring profile of a noble warrior who gave everything he had in a desperate and futile struggle to preserve the freedom and dignity of his people.

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    The above link brings more bad news for the peaceful protest at Standing Rock.
    Though the Governors office tries to sugar coat it, it obvious he’s being influenced.
    The oppressors realize that any victory at Standing Rock is not only a loss for the establishment but may encourage others to test their resolve.
    Nobody wants another Wounded Knee; During those times Russell Means was Crazy Horse incarnate, a warriors hero. Though not all agreed with his ways, and perhaps such methods today would only serve as a match head for combustion of the existing tinderbox. Legal wrangling takes time and resources while owing to a system known for corruption where the illusion of justice is akin to a pale face treaty.
    Simply put, we have a major ideological clash between those who wish to protect the planets resources and those who wish to get rich by exploiting them. The spirit of the Lakota is like the current of the river; those who feel the empathy see that Standing Rock is but a symbol of a far greater problem whose awareness can no longer be ignored. A moral cancer has society unwittingly boiling its offspring for the sake of custom.
    We are all squatting on a rock called Mother Earth, perhaps its time we stand; together!

    • No matter what the price, we the people of the earth, MUST STAND TOGETHER. We are the billions against the few. We are not alone and it is time we TOOK OUR POWER BACK AND OUR RESPONSIBILITIES towards ourselves first, and then to all other life including the DIVINE CREATOR.

      SO BE IT.

Kirk Elliott

dr elliott


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