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A Deeply Healing Experience: ‘The Animal Communicator’ – Anna Breytenbach

The subject of pet psychics and animal communicators has tended to annoy me for a number of reasons in the past. I was annoyed that delusional people were enabling each other and that some pets in the world had such a higher standard of living than many humans on this planet, that their owners would actually pay for such a frivolous luxury as an animal communicator.

So, of course I think you’re well within your rights to doubt claims that Anna Breytenbach can communicate with animals. That’s what I thought before watching this film. Having now seen it, I can honestly say that it was one of the most profound YouTube experiences I’ve ever had, or really any kind of experience. My thinking has been corrected. Through communication, anything is indeed possible. I’m not sure how Breytenbach had escaped my radar all of these years.

If you don’t have time to watch this whole film and especially if you’re unconvinced, please do at least try to see the last sequence, involving the incredible breakthrough with the black leopard, Diablo, which starts after the half-hour mark.

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