Wow. I’ve learned a lot of new things, here. I have seen my fair share of plastic surgery but the Koreans are doing some next-level “work”!

In the West, one doesn’t see such radical procedures. Westerners don’t want to look like another person; they want to look like a  prettier version of themselves. Not so in Korea. People want to look like neonatal Anime cartoons or something, if one is to judge the ideal outcomes presented on, the website for Korea’s most renowned plastic surgery clinic, Cinderella. One observes this, as well in the large genre of Korean “Before and After” plastic surgery videos on YouTube. This could be because it seems that most people getting plastic surgery are kids receiving it as a High School graduation gift. Many are boys,
who chop off their jaws, to make themselves look prepubescent for the rest of their lives!

By far, the most upsetting procedures involve achieving the “V-line” effect. I’d never heard of or conceived of this before. I never knew that having a “V-shaped” face could be considered to be desirable. In fact, I grew up thinking that having a “strong chin” and being “square-jawed” were desirable traits, giving one a bold appearance and looking strong. I grew up with a lot of models and there is a technique in posing , to clench one’s jaw, to accentuate one’s square jawline! Being a “Chinless Wonder” is not aspirational in the West!

Some of the people seen here have been mangled in a way that was a total disservice to them, by catering to their own (and their cultural) Dysmorphic Body Disorder. They looked more beautiful with their authentic square jaws and Mongolian eyes.  In other cases, the patients did have serious faciocranial deformities.

Korean High School graduates have their jaw bones chopped in half and sawed off, losing almost half of their faces! Faces are made even more unrecognizable with double-lid surgery and nose jobs, inserting prosthetics, to create a high bridge, to conform to idealized ratios between facial features in the Korean imagination.

There’s an unmistakable transhumanist feeling to this approach. Beauty, from a biological perspective is a signal of reproductive health. These fake-faced people are duping each other into marriage. What will happen when they have kids? The offspring will likely also be customers of these Anime character-producing clinics.

It will be interesting to keep tabs on this vast generation of massively surgically-enhanced kids, as these procedures require a lot of maintenance and some might not be able to keep up.

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  • So, the Koreans want to look Japanese.I know they find the Japanese appearance desirable. Long ago, I had a Korean girlfriend who looked like the “after” photos. She was quite desirable among her culture. Everyone, even I, thought she was Japanese not Korean.

    Empirically, the Koreans are not a very pretty people as humans go. They have flat, sometimes concave, faces, very heavy long jaws and thin eyes. However, seriously mangling your face to appear more desirable in order to attract a mate (sans a deformity) is kind’a nuts. We have our own surgery nutty bunch in Hollywood. These children will find in later life when their health is affected by this radical choice it will not be so desirable. Besides, as Alex points out, the children of such marriages will retain the genetics of their parents. And the whole thing has a kind’a creepy transhuman feel about it.

    The very weirdest of these matched photos was the good-looking Caucasian boy who went Asian. WTF? Was that one a misprint? I certainly hope so.

    • A blond, blue-eyed Brazilian kid was an exchange student in Korea and freaked out over KPop and got his eyes to look Mongoloid, dyed his hair black and wears black contacts…

      • Terrible. I was hoping he was a misprint. That’s like getting colored tatts all over your body. One day you wake-up and realize you are not a billboard.

  • Radical changes in bne structure. This must have been a pretty painful experience. How long was the recovery rate?

  • Many of these people have serious deformities of the jaw, living with jaw deformities is painful and dangerous to ones health, look it up, ya have to chill on e judgements

    • There were a few jaw deformities. Those were obvious. It was mentioned in the summary text as well. The majority were not deformities by choices. Heavy jaws are a Korean genetic trait.

      Example: In my early youth I had a face like the after photos (at that time we called it heart-shaped). The shape was actually due to a jaw deformity that produced a “crooked smile” like a few of the Korean “before” images. I modeled and was considered quite pretty. However, I was forced to have my entire mouth restructured and my jaw “widened” just to be able to accommodate enough teeth to eat properly. Prior to the surgery I had five migraines a week because the mandibular nerve had become trapped and damaged by the narrow jaw. I can tell you that forcing a narrow jaw on a naturally wide face is not a healthy choice and will, in the long term, result in medical problems.

      No judgement here, just firsthand facts.

  • Let’s “face” it, caucasions are the most beautiful of the human species. That is why Asians are now rounding out their features through the knife, and why black women spend billions each year having other races hair sewn unto their scalps. I guess whites should also feel guilty over our natural beauty as well as our intelligence and creativity.

  • All I can say is this a plastic world we live in, if it makes them fit in easier, what he hell, do what you like, you have to live with yourself first, or face yourself in a mirror every day. But, are you ready for the next generation of plastic people? Nobody wants to look like Frankenstein, well maybe Fred Gwyn. Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive…. Real beauty is always below the surface, no mater what the outside looks like.

  • Dear Alexandra,
    I must have a warped sense of aesthetics for I did not find one of the treated individuals worse after the treatment; in fact, I found most of the girls quite beautiful.
    But if these really are un-Photoshopped, why do so many of our so-called older celebrities look so down right awful when there is real plastic surgery skill in the world that can remodel in such a dramatic, near flawless and beautiful way?
    I recognise that they are all very young and thus their ability to heal and regenerate tissue is at its height, but nonetheless; impressive technique on the part of the individual surgeon.

    • Yes – these are kids in their late teens & early 20s, but I wonder what’s going to happen to their jowls when they become middle aged?

      Korea is becoming a “medical tourism’ hub because of these face-engineers.

  • I’m happy for them. Nobody wants to be ugly, especially the female of our species. But, looks aint everything. Personality and temperament are. You can live with and ugly, kind, cheerful person, living or working with a lovely looking ass is unbearable.

Kirk Elliott

dr elliott


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