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    Watch the votes switch from 2,225,915 to 1,874,206.

    Just like in November.

    The “factckecers” are saying it was a CNN employee’s “mistake”…

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    • 2 Reports were reported: 1) Republicans that showed up to vote were turned away. They were told they had already voted. 2) Dominion machines are still being used.

      This is exactly why there can be no 2022 election, no 2024 election, etc. until they FIX 2020!!

    • Hmmm Very disturbing video but I can’t say I’m surprised. Supposedly the polls were neck and neck up until election day when that sleek and thundering horse Gavin pulls half the race track ahead and wins the day.

      I also heard that the mail-in ballots were funny like you could look through them with a flashlight and see the vote to know what to trash. Now people are making plans to leave. Expect another mass migration out of California. I can only say thank you to Larry Elder for being a bright spot in my otherwise glum 2021.

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