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Google-YouTube has really created a monster with their platforms that pay content creators a living wage for years and then suddenly cut them off.

YouTube shooter, Nasim Aghdam, a self-described “Persian Azeri female vegan athlete and animal rights activist promoting VEGANISM” was so frustrated over being demonetized, that she went on a shooting rampage that will finally gain her the world renown she craved, if only for a brief moment, as a footnote on the dangers of social media, Internet addiction and the narcissistic solipsism that these help foster.

Seriously, though, Nasim’s beef about algorithmic filtering was real and it is exactly how you get disappeared in our technocratic world. On her website, she clearly documented how her view count had been reduced on her channels and how her earnings had been cut to pennies.

And if all of this isn’t sad enough, her valid arguments in this regard will be portrayed as the rantings of a disturbed individual – because that is exactly what she was, by all accounts.

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  • Does no one else see the computer generated image of this “person”?
    Until a bullet happens into me, I am not buying any shoot’em up scenario, from anybody. Especially from a CGI!

  • Be interesting if she really was the shooter. So many fake shootings. Just the sheer number and regularity of US shootings is suspicious in itself. Before any analysis is done.

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