The Dollar Vigilante’s Jeff Berwick and WeAreChange’s Luke Rudkowski from a location in a barrio of Caracas, Venezuela, which is in total collapse and chaos.

They chronicle their observations and experiences in Venezuela, which was not too long ago, a fantastically rich “Petro State”. The country is undergoing what Berwick describes as “The final end product of Socialism.”

The hyperinflation is such, that dinner costs a whole backpack loaded with devalued currency. Criminals rule the streets, while guns are officially illegal and seemingly every aspect of society is regulated. The average restaurant needs to comply with over 100 regulations in order to operate. The police are more concerned with enforcing such regulations and no-smoking areas than in tackling the gangs of criminals who’ve taken control of the streets and completely run amok.

Berwick opines that what’s happening in Venezuela might be a test run for what financial elites want to see achieved throughout the entire world by October of 2016, starting with a complete global financial meltdown, then the establishment of a world totalitarian state and then that of a global currency.

Let’s hope he wrong!


PS: I apparently need to clarify that the opinions in this video piece are those of Luke Rudkowski and Jeff Berwick.

In my opinion, to boil down what’s happening in Venezuela to “Socialism” is absurd and typical of the telegraphic, shallow, pat mentality of North American pop culture, even if there was evident jocularity in Berwick’s pronouncement that a Bernie Sanders Presidency would result in the US transforming itself into Venezuela.

I thought I’d made it sufficiently clear that they were expressing their points of view and I was allowing it, without endorsing it – but apparently, I wasn’t clear enough.

I used to have a notice printed on my old site that said, “A post on this site does not equate to an endorsement.” I allow differing points of view from my own on the site to trigger debate and dialogue, such is happening, below.

Being half-Brazilian, I’ve long known about the ongoing destabilization of the nations of South America by the CIA and by transnational corporations.

For example, Zika is a case of economic warfare against Brazil. It’s a psyop, which is being propped up by the CDC to protect the Japanese petrochemical behemoth, Sumitomo Chemical.

The dangerous effects being reported about “Zika” are caused by petrochemical toxicity, such as that used in the larvacide, which was placed in the public drinking water supplies in some poor communities of Brazil’s Northeast, where cases of microcephaly have become near-epidemic.

The very, very low-grade Dengue-type illness caused by the Zika virus on the other hand produces symptoms in only 15-20% of those infected.

I lived in Sao Paulo, Brazil for 5 years during the waning days of the CIA-installed military dictatorship. I can assure everyone reading this that they don’t want to live in a military dictatorship. Yet, it appears that this is fast what the US is becoming. Because of my direct experience, I became aware of similar covert operations all over the “developing world” during the latter half of the 20th century.

After 9/11, the USG’s geopolitical actions became totally overt and the covert stuff all became corporate.

I do think it’s fair to criticize the crappy leadership of Venzuela’s Maduro and Brazil’s Rousseff – but it’s important to acknowledge also the relentless and ongoing clandestine actions to destabilize the governments and economies of South America and to understand that the modern-day predicaments of these countries are very much an outgrowth of some 150 years of US meddling, mostly through the bribery of the controlling classes, going as far back as Jacksonian times.

I’ve also observed 12 years of Socialism in Brazil, which has been disastrous for small business owners and for the Middle Class, overall but which has had some positive outcomes, such as the eradication of hunger and the raising of 40M people out of poverty. This was only possible with the first-time discovery of crude oil reserves in the 1990s and by high oil prices. I think Brazil’s economy is diversified enough and has a large enough manufacturing base that it will not collapse into a state such as that of Venezuela (few people know that Brazil was the China of the world before China did, in the late 1990s!)

Brazil might actually be in better shape to weather the collapse of the Petro-dollar than the US, because it did not offshore its manufacturing base. Venezuela, as noted below bet the farm on petroleum extraction and it will take a lot of work to put Venezuela together again…

Time will tell…

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  • If you are going to report on an economic situation provide some depth! Linking Sanders, or Trump in the manner you did is pure propaganda and psych manipulation, and it does nothing to further an understanding of the situation you are talking about. I’ve seen a number of We Are Change videos and am generally disappointed with the info and analysis provided. Please stop the 1 plus 1 equals oranges logic, and provide real information. Fear-mongering is great for getting people excited about the problems, but is also used to direct people toward the cliff. Stop pointing people toward the cliff and start providing solutions to these problems. The best game to play is the one everybody wins! Research that, and provide those solutions.?

  • On a serious note this is produced history happening again. Economic strangulation has always been used on developing countries to bring them in line with the “New world order” plan of control. Those with oil and a leader with a public cry against the evil empire of this new world order are usually dupes with a job to do. All our leaders and the elite in these countries are likely a part of the system , if not -bye bye just like Chavez. I do think his contact with Castro was the route that they got to him. Cuba’s historic revolution was written by the victors, and for a little dictator 90miles off the coast of a world power seems to be not in their cross hairs off the USA for many a decade, no defence but still in power, Saddam and Gadaffi seemed more important being half way around the world. If Chavez was intent on getting away from the established world system, he knew oil cannot be his safe guard to beat the New World Order because of the ability of them to manipulate the price of oil since they control it. that has been used now. I have to admit I was convinced of his direction but his connection to Castro may have been the route to his demise. Castro is a part of the new world order. Venezuela is now experiencing what Cuba is living , the systematic destruction of a country bringing it to its knees and causing a brain drain leaving little resistance to tyranny.

  • You were allowed to do a negative video on one of America’s enemys. Did you ever think ou were being played.

    Why are you here versus USA anyway

  • see in youtube-O mundo segundo os brasileiros; Caracas (Venezuela )
    Is a poor country,yes, but very similar to Brazil as a whole.
    I think, in Brazil, till now there wasnt a socialist governement,but a corruptocracy;
    and a terrible one.


  • Talking about theories of socialism vs capitalism mean nothing. What matters is what is happening. There is more to this than the form of government. I would apologize for using the word “conspiracy” but in fact that is exactly what has caused this. Conspiracies for power. Government power is the only kind that can do this because it can use force.

  • I love your work, I think we’ve talked before via e-mail, and since you mentioned Brasil, I’d like to share a post on my blog called MY PERSPECTIVE FROM INSIDE BRASIL’S CRISIS – MARCH 2016, hope you enjoy it, let me know, keep up the great work!

  • Socialism? You want to boast about it? Then why did it not work for the former Soviet Union? Why has China and Russia gone the way of Capitalism? True Capitalism works and what you should be putting down is Crony Capitalism. I agree with Marcos Andara and Obombo is all about regime change. Just like the puppets before him. The USA has an imperialism problem, crony capitalism problem and a corrupt government problem. But Socialism is not the answer. Capitalism works when it is followed in its true form. Bottom line,? Socialism is another form of slavery.

  • Thank you Marcos for your intelligent comments. I agree with you that the troubles Venezuela is experiencing is due to pressure from outside sources!
    Venezuela is a beautiful country, with beautiful people.
    Too bad the yanks have it in their cross-hairs.
    Socialism works, capitalism hates it for working!

  • Folks, Alexandra is trying to show some alternative viewpoints. While I agree that these two are dubious as critics of Venezuela – clearly they don’t understand true socialism (Go to England, Germany, France, SWitzerland, Norway, Sweden, Finland… some of the wealthiest and well-educated countries on the planet, for an example of socialism that works). The failings of Capitalism are the failings of humanity – it is the LUST for power & obscene GREED by materialists that has turned American into an “Oiligarchy” – the US has not been a capitalist economic system for quite some time, and Bernie Sanders has more ethics and concern for people than all the Republicans put together. Until we arrest George W. Bush & DIck Cheney, et. al., for TREASON, and put the Sandy Hook traitors on trial, then America will continue to disintegrate because of NWO/ Nazi traitor billionaires sucking all the wealth out and creating a police state – just like ol’ Goehring & Goebells did. The people cannot withstand such hypocrisy, as the rise of Autism and other disorders proves. A WAR is coming – history tells us so, because people act in cycles: Benevolence becomes power & opulence, which in turn falls into ego, vanity & megalomania. Berwick is right about one thing: better get prepared!

  • That video is extremely misleading to the extent that it discredits you as a news/information source.

    Yes it is a very poor country with a huge disparity between the rich and the poor with the violence which results from that. That is not socialism. It was like that back in 1975 when I visited there but not for the reasons that these 2 ‘pseudo-journalists’ imply.

    Check out:

    I can only assume that this documentary was paid for by the Republican Party as a scare tactic against Americans in an election year. The problem here is corruption from outside influences (multinationals and the usual predatory international powers). This is Feudalism, not Socialism. What you are seeing are the tactics which are used by the weak government and local ‘warlords’ to control the people and keep them subservient.

    Alexandra, please do your homework before you air any more nonsense from these 2 posers.

    Also there is something seriously wrong with this page which makes it almost impossible to enter comments. You should NEVER have to wait for the text to catch up when you are keying into a

  • What a bunch of trolls!!
    This is exactly what you get from socialism, complete chaos. Actually, this is really communism lite, and anyone with 3 working brain cells could expect this situation exactly. All these apologists for socialism, you are collectively (no pun intended) stupid beyond belief. You are like heroin addicts wallowing in your own shit crying it’s not the dope that’s the problem, what we need is more heroin and every thing will be OK..

  • How utterly stupid comment about Bernie Sanders! This total lack of insight takes away any value that this video might have had. Let them come to my country, Norway, and learn what type of society Bernie Sanders officially has said he wants to copy. These guys call themself journalists?

  • The video it is very accurate about the situation in Venezuela. Very
    Well done. The only comments that i have to consider very stupid and lack of Politic knoledge is the comment that one of the guys did about Mr Sanders.. I consider that this guy have to take some Politic and history classes in order to learn a little bit more about socia/Politic beheve of countries underdeveloped.

  • The COMMENTS program in this page is barely functioning. The current system changes the presentation grouping all text chaotically promoting misunderstandings.

  • I am shocked to see these two guys with whom usually I agree with, making themselves CONDUITS FOR A BRAINWASHING SCAM that is so obvious to whoever wants to pay attention.
    They keep talking about their “FIXER” when referring to their contact showing them Caracas, and I can only imagine it is this “fixer” who has put HIS ideas in their minds to what’s happening in Venezuela shaping their minds.

    I have close friends living in Caracas and while not happy with the government’s direction, they are more realistic than these two guys who are being used to bad-mouth “socialism”, when there are plenty of other countries with SOCIALIST systems like the Scandinavian countries, Netherlands etc. that are a better example of socialism than Venezuela. Even in South America itself Ecuador and Bolivia are much better examples than Venezuela of a socialist economy working well.

    The HOAX is to manufacture a synthetic domestic “protest uprising” paid by those who want to inflict the change, to gain something from the place. In this case is OIL.


    Francisco I Madero MEXICO 1913 Augusto Sandino NICARAGUA 1934

    Mohammad Mosaddegh IRAN 1953 Jacobo Arbenz GUATEMALA 1954

    Salvador Allende CHILE 1973 Hugo Chavez VENEZUELA 2002

    Manuel Zelaya HONDURAS 2009 Fernando Lugo PARAGUAY 2012
    Victor Yanukovich UKRAINE 2014 Muammar Gaddafi LIBYA 2011

    Nicolas Maduro VENEZUELA ongoing 2016 Ngô ?ình Di?m South Vietnam 1963

    Bashar Al Assad SYRIA ongoing 2016 ….and many others

  • Woah! This is quite a reaction! I thought I made it quite clear that my views weren’t aligned with those of Rudkowski & Berwick, especially when I said, “I hope he’s wrong!” And Carmen, I understand your frustration at foreigners trying to summarize what’s afflicting Venezuela in a couple of sound bites. It’s much more complex. Being half-Brazilian, I completely understand that Brazil’s current problems are not all a product of 12 years of Socialist rule…however, some of them are due to the criminal Worker’s Party (PT) – who are as criminal as all the other parties in Brazil (and as criminal as most representatives of the US government – it’s not as visible, because there’s *still* more money to throw around in the US).

  • I’m the one who cannot believe what I saw in your video. I have been a constantly watching your videos, now I know I cannot trust you, one more in the list of journalists that doesn’t really make a good investigation. Venezuela is in a chaos, yes, but you miss the reasons. You miss everything. Sorry. Now I know I cannot trust what you say so I won’t be watching you anymore. And to inform you a little, it is not socialism I that has failed, it’s capitalism. Venezuela is still a capitalist country just trying to,be kind of a socialist. The biggest problem, too many things too many people want, oil, gold, coltan, water, land,… Please,,investigate more. Jumping to conclusions without due investigation makes you a lier.

  • This is not the result of Sanders’ “extreme socialism.’ This is the inevitable chaos that ensues with the fall of extreme, govt. mandated capitalism, and where the US is headed if the petro-dollars, big pharma and Chemical companies controlling the one-world control of the people continue to prevail

  • Venezuela’s collapse is due to two factors: sabotage by the rich & betting 100% on just one natural resource – a similar collapse could happen in Texas: not the peak of socialism.
    Capitalism is a cancer that destroys the collective efforts of a community.
    Speculators need to be treated like any other dangerous parasites.

  • EYYY please tell me the true how much did they pay you for this bull shit…next time you coming please let me know and you will see whats really happen from the roots…dont be a FUCKING lier you are not any professional journalist you are a kind of journalist mercenary how much rigth wing politician pay you fior this..’

  • Let me tell you something everything you say about my VENEZUELA it is half a veenzuelan living inside it is not true we are in a caos..our goverment is fighting hard agains capotalist gangs that want to break out our econmy in a ecnomical war previous military intervention as always happen..we are ready and prepared to defend our mother land agains OBAMA goverment..the only thing they want from as is our petroleum rich and minerals..also is clear what they want..alsoyou did not mention why hyperinflation is happen..? ask for rich people owner of the big companies ask them what are they doing for breaking our economy..CRIMINALITY as you mention is even lower than in EEUU please check real next time you want to coming let em know to show you the real veenzuela working hard to overpasse this econo
    mical war..

  • How true and updated is this video? when did it started? how? why?
    This is absolutely crazy and there is no breaking news ???????
    May be is another Hollywood ( Wag the Dog) !!!! movie ??
    Looking for more info and thank you.


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