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    This transcription is part of the the reading accompanied with illustrative video (above) of an upcoming book, entitled ‘You Get What You Pay For,’ written by an (as-yet?) anonymous female author:

    “We stand at the end of an epoch,
    “At the end of a civilization,
    “At the end of an empire,
    “At the beginning of something else.
    “Nobody knows what will happen in the next season, but people have got some inklings.
    “We’re Moving into a new geological era. Sixth Mass extinction Spasm.
    “Every Civilization, man, beast, plant, rock mineral, oil; is under silent siege. “Everywhere you look, billions and billions of stories and we’re missing all of them “while we stare at something that is not happening, is essentially a lie. It’s all in your minds.

    “What is happening is that the planet is awash with slaves, and all of them are heroes just waiting to happen, if only we’d give it some of our attention. People tell me that I carry the weight of the world on my shoulders — indeed, that’s why I’d beg a hand carrying it. Spread the load around. But it’s not. People aren’t watching. They’re staring into bright lights, like rabbits before impact, and it freaks me out.

    “Because I’m not watching ‘Game of Thrones,’ I’m watching History write itself and it’s the most thrilling, exhilarating, troubling, terrifying, meta-story that’s ever been written and it’s happening right here, right now, in real time.

    “The stories. The characters. The lives. You think what happens on TV is bad. You should see what my grandad had to do. With knives.

    “You should see how your iPhone comes together – now there’s some stories. We’re wearing stories. Slave stories. Everyday, new episodes. And if you did see it, you’d feel it. Everyday. You might feel it like I do. We’re not so different, we’re just tuned into different stations.

    “I feel a bit alone, when everyone’s tuned into ‘Game of Thrones,’ I feel like everyone’s missing out, not only on the greatest drama on Earth unfold, but to participate in it. To script it ourselves.

    “While we watch the screen, the directors prime the scene, and it’s a very interesting scene. And we think the plot is so complex, not really up to us to figure out, but actually, it’s just all the background noise getting in the way of some very simple things: Slaves. Profits. Cunning as foxes in a hen house. Sweet deal. There’s a ruse going on. It’s part of what makes the plot so exciting, fascinating, creepy.

    “And the ruse is not so elaborate; it’s simple: Flash a light in their faces as your round them up for labor. Keep them distracted while you steal the land out from underneath them. Justify the action in a foreign dialect. Take by stealth and not by siege; capture the people intact and have them do your work.

    “Sabotage those who resist, kill them if you have to. It’s in the killing where things get really interesting. A whole lot of killing going on. Lots of stories. The Feelings.

    “If I’m the only one I know, tuning into this show, is it really happening? I tell you where it’s up to and you look at me crazy, like: Where do I get all this stuff from? These ideas, these opinions, these projections?

    “What really freaks me out – and a lot of you do this – is when you look me in the eye and say, ‘It’s not happening.’

    “The conspiracies, the theft, the propaganda wars. The homicides, the homicides, the homicides, the homicides; the lies. The colossal, inter-species genocide. A holocaust.

    “Not happening.
    “Tin Foil Hat.

    “Sheesh, man, I’m just watching the show. ‘Game of Thrones’ is not actually Happening…

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