Clif High says that, contrary to what happened during the economic crash of 2008, the Fed will not protect the banks during this imminent crash, it will move protect the dollar instead.

No bank will be “Too big to fail” this time.

So a lot of banks will fail and he is taking all of his money out of institutions that he thinks are exposed. He believes that many small regional banks will be sound enough to survive this crisis, as well as certain small, non-regional, independent credit unions.

He is preparing himself for 15 years of supply chain disruptions by buying certain equipment now (like a pressure cooker for home canning) but he tells viewers to do their own research and not blame him when they get screwed because they misinterpreted what he said.

As for the “deadly” new FrankenCOVID created at Boston University, he says that it’s true that it killed 80% of those infected in the trials, which were laboratory mice genetically engineered to have vitamin D deficiency built into them.

He says, “That’s all that is. Doesn’t apply to humans, at all. We’re not mice. If you have vitamin D in you, the spike protein can’t get into you, because it will be destroyed in the mucous membrane areas by the vitamin D, as a key element in your immune system…

“The spike protein is deadly. The coronavirus shell has extreme vulnerability to vitamin D. So it cannot be a delivery mechanism and get it into you if your vitamin D is adequate – not even robust, just adequate.

“You’re not gonna be ill from the coronavirus and you won’t get the spike protein in you. That’s why they had to put the spike protein in the shot, because that’s the only way they could kill off all the people they tried to kill off [with the release of the synthetic virus]…

“The injection of it [via the lipid nanoparticle] is what causes the spike protein to get around your immune system and get into you and f* you over.

“That’s causing a whole slew of problems now, that we’re seeing some really bizarre sh*t. One of the things that’s now coming in is rapid onset blindness. And so, we’re getting a lot of people that are relatively young that are suddenly going blind. I think it’s a precursor to a very early death and this is a very sad state of affairs…

“Some of these effects with the spike protein will be able to be dealt with. I’m of the opinion that the type of blindness that’s affecting these people probably could be staved off and/or recovered by getting the spike protein out of the optical system by way of ivermectin, which binds it and helps get it out.

“So, I think there’s some level of hope for some of the symptoms but it was never a good idea to get the spike protein injected into you.”

Clif says that at the beginning of the COVID PSYOP, he took Columbia University’s Virology course, along with a Molecular Biology course, to fill in gaps in his knowledge and to better understand virology. He concluded that the program was filled with poorly-supported assumptions and assumptions supported by data that he assumes is corrupt.

Then, he gets into Corey Goode’s recent admission under oath that all of his stories were “channeled”, i.e., confabulated. Meanwhile, Corey had previously sued Clif High and his producers at Gaia in a civil RICO case alleging that they had all colluded and acted as a criminal enterprise to damage him. He lost then, too.

Clif reminds us that the gp120 spike protein made its first appearance in the late 1980s with Mad Cow disease [later, again with HIV] but the main thing is to stay healthy and to support your immune system with vitamin D, etc and to stop infection before it starts.

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  • Absurd! Of course Big Ag is destroying the soil with chemicals and glyphosate; geoengineering with chemicals in the atmosphere;
    Drugs, chemicals and pollution in the water and ocean; the burning of toxic chemical factories creating pollution, oil spills and every other toxic crap spewed by big corporations has left a toxic imprint. All these create imbalance as life is synergistic. I call it human miscreation, which I see it separate from “The Church of Climatology” scam to eliminate and control humanity. It’s bio-psycho-spiritual warfare!

  • Still talking nonsense about spike protein / virus crap, eh?
    It is NOT spike protein or so-called virus that causes disease, but is the poisoning and break down of cells!

    Read the fraudulent papers that scientists claim to have isolated virus, you’ll find that they first had to mix diseased cell with chemicals in order to “produce” the symptom of cellular breakdown.

    • Should we go back to exchanging slaves for commerce, the way the Arabs & Black African’s did in the Congo from 640 AD. – 1920

  • I am convinced that the adjusting the 5G frequencies was the main cause for the covid-19 symptoms, (not a virus). I would love it if you would prove me wrong.
    Thank you , and have a great day.

  • Inspirational Truth Comedy from Zero Point Observation! I would love to see Cliff do a comedy routine at large venue night club where everyone would be required to do a hit of acid.! At least that’s what his commentary entertains to my perspective! “I larft’d me arsed oft”!

  • Today, there are close to 8 billion people living on Earth. To assert that humans do not have an effect on Earth is ludicrous.
    The obvious being stated, the drive to shop until one drops and the feeling of never having enough, has been promoted by the same financiers & bankers that are blaming the deleterious effect of over-consumption on “climate change” and on they very human behavior they promoted.
    The problem with overpopulation: the more conscious one becomes, the less likely one is to have children. Therefore we have a huge population of unconscious people, with seemingly no desire whatsoever or are genetically incapable of seeking consciousness.
    All the while, there is global cooperation in engaging in the 75+ year old science of geoengineering, which is taught at such prestigious schools as Oxford University in England.
    (Has Cliff High ever mentioned geoengineering? I’m not too familiar with his work.)
    All one need do on any given day, is go outside, look up and observe the long lines of chemical trails, laid out in a grid, that spread out until the entire sky is grayish white. The entire Earth, thus the entire web of life, is being sprayed on a regular basis and has been for decades.
    How can people ignore what they are observing with their own eyes? It is difficult to live on a planet with such a huge population of willfully ignorant humans and genetic idiots.
    I am confused when people assert that climate change is a hoax, yet fail to also mention what is most definitely not a hoax: global, climate geoengineering.

    If we do not address the foolishness that got us in such deep trouble in the first place, why do humans then insist on believing in some kind of miracle or savior or latest technology that will turn things around at the last minute and undo our foolishness?
    Why would any spirits on a higher evolved realm want to involve themselves in saving us?
    Isn’t that our own job?
    If there is indeed a Paradise realm, and I personally think there is, I doubt if the entities there are on the hierarchy system of the physical realm.
    For one thing, it would no longer be Paradise if entities had to involve themselves with human concerns.
    Also, I’ve never understood why Westerners, would want to worship a desert, volcano-war-thou- shall- have- dominion- over- the earth- god, that was created in the Iron Age, when our own ancestors left us such magnificent logic and wisdom.

    “Any man can make mistakes, but only idiots persist in error.”

    Marcus Tullius Cicero

    • Yes, about 3-4 years ago, Clif used to talk about the spraying all the time and about how it would affect his moods but he hasn’t been talking about it much lately.


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