The X22Report says that Trump’s firing of Comey now has the Deep State in a panic. After firing Comey, Trump then met with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov and then he met with Henry Kissinger.

Dave from the X22Report says that the firing of Comey was meant as a signal from Trump that he will not sit by anymore, the old way of doing business is over. While the Deep State has been pushing for war, Trump has been planning something else with China and North Korea. Is this the “3D chess” everyone’s been talking about?

The “One Belt, One Road” initiative is a massive infrastructure plan of roads and rails from Asia to Europe, which will circumvent the US’ current dominance of the sea lanes used for most of the cargo shipments out of Asia, controlled via “choke points” patrolled by the US Navy.

“One Belt” member nations will be having a major meeting next week, to which the US was studiously not invited. Member nations encompass about 60 countries in Asia, Europe, Oceania and East Africa. Trump ally, Filipino President Duterte recently met with China to talk about the Philippines joining the initiative.

Dave from X22 warns that the world is about to get more chaotic than ever before, because the only way to weaken the Deep State is to defund them, which is why Dave says Trump intends to collapse the economy and the Central Banking system, which will result in a very uncomfortable period for those of us who survive it.

For whatever it’s worth…

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  • Rubbish from start to finish. Trump, Russia and Syria working together? Why did the US bomb the Syrian Army getting near to the US/UK special forces on the ground there?
    This guy is a pure fantasist, fear mongering product selling idiot.

  • Be ready? Prepare? In what manner? Store food? Hone a craft? Learn a new barterable skill?
    Lets say the fiat faux dollar is no longer. What currency will replace it? None? Cashless society?
    That’s appears to be exactly the elite’s plan: Absolute monitoring of all transactions and maximization of tax income – as well as total control. Unless Trump has plans to re-introduce the ‘greenback’ like Lincoln did before the central bank got rid of him, then devoid of information here, looks like we’re playing right into the hands of the central bankers. NO more printing funny-money! Think of the cost savings! Replace it with computerized economy and we can charge interest for nothing! Woo Hoo!

    ALso claiming the deep state knows nothing about what’s going on is a bit out there, don’t you think? I mean….it’s on YOUTUBE!

  • The economic collapse is inevitable so why are we not talking about a solution that resonates with the rest of the population and stop focusing on what the elite are offering.
    There must be plenty of us who have other possibilities that we need to promote.

  • Though giving humanity a stand-up high five for rising above the present insanity fomented upon the planet, sitting with X22’s take here is way beyond fantasy…Donald Trump playing multi-dimensional international politics…I don’t think so. If anything he’s colluding with whatever resistance will give him the biggest profit, along with doing the bidding of those whut put him there…come on here, at these levels of Macheavelian interplay, where tinhands has only been at best a muppet, we’re to believe he is now a master at the game?

    • You, sir, are rather biased so that you don’t see the overall big picture. The U.S. is in a crises. You show that you have a lot to learn. Is Trump a nice guy? No way. But this is not the time nor place for a nice guy. We need someone to kick ass and get this Oligarchy back into the mode of the republic as the founders envisioned. Most people now are in a descending middle class that is worse off than any time since the 1950s. People are sick of the DEEP STATE siphoning off all of the benefits and riches for the Oligarchy and leaving the middle class struggling with less. This election of Trump was a REVOLUTION and is in the early days, but it will grow and strengthen despite the media’s hostility and gross misrepresentations. That is my take.
      CGL, Ph.D.

      • Is the CGL, Ph.D. noted so clearly for everyone about us all imbibing your implied credibility? Sorry, self-aggrandizement doesn’t work on me, sweetie. It’s clear, however, that you have a lot of faith in you’re assessment of Trump, even with the condescension. I suppose we will all see soon enough, even you.

  • This is Tremendous Good News. I can’t fully express the joy of my spirit leaping to the sky with Solution. May it continue to be so!

  • Alexandra, while I believe your intentions are good, this kind of video and Dave’s fantastic theory, like so many others, are more harmful than beneficial to the ordinary person. The suggestion is always present that if one can simply get to the end of the presentation there will be some actionable guidance. Since there almost never is, the presentation has done nothing but create fear, urgency, desperation without any positive effect. To repeat over and over that everyone needs to get prepared and “brace for the impact” without the slightest suggestion of what such preparation should look like is worse than useless, it’s destructive and terrifying. It makes me angry to have wasted another 20 minutes of my life on this video.

    • Your negativity sustains the problem and ignores the solution. There are too many people thinking like you that are holding back human evolution and revolution.

    • I hear your frustration and I, too, sometimes get frustration with fear statements. However, it’s part of a whole to be taken with a bit of eye-rolling, if necessary.

      Nevertheless, I’m not sure who you mean when you say “ordinary person”. I don’t read many ordinary people on this site. We have different/various PsOV, of course. But few are ordinary by virtue of the fact they are here. It appears to me that most commenters are attempting to better understand humanity, TPTsB, the planet and their place on it by sharing their perceptions with those who value the same considerations. They are not on an ordinary path. Having said that, I seriously doubt that many, if anyone, here feels fearful, desperate or freaked by the statement, “brace for the impact”. I’d be very surprised. Rampant talk of such has been going on since 2008-09, at the very least, even in the MSM. There is suggested “actionable guidance” all over the internet if one seeks an answer or definitive path to follow. In fact, the X22 site itself gives such, if you follow that sort of thing.

      The bottom line here is that no one actually knows what actionable guidance is in a financial collapse. It’s all guess work. We’ve not had one in the USA since 1929, let alone a realignment of currencies worldwide. That is just short of 90-yrs. As for being prepared for an emergency with a smart plan to address utility, food, water and energy disruptions, well that’s just plain sensible anytime. No collapse necessary. In the USA we are coddled and conditioned by TPTsB to believe that “it”, whatever “it” is, couldn’t happen to us. In the words of Forrest Gump, “IT happens.”

  • Agreed with you Ella. All is a played out game. ” trump then met with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov and then he met with Henry Kissinger.” useless eaters comes to mind; all of them payed actors.

    • I’m both in awe and in gratitude to the many smart people who come on here to post their points of view, regardless or not of whether they agree with my often off-the-cuff reporting. This group of people is remarkable and I must keep publishing, in order to help maintain the coherence of this impressive community of people!

      There are so many smart people here. I have to think that together, we can make a positive difference in the world.

      Thank you so much, truly from the bottom of my heart, to all of you who read and respond to my posts!

  • Trump bringing the Deep State down? Trump keeping his promises to the public? The Deep State in panic over Comey’s firing? Adjustments after banking crash? If any of this is true we will all be making adjustments, huge adjustments. And, if he brings down the banksters is there a transitional system for monetary flow in this country? I don’t think so. Is there a backup system we are unaware of here? It’s not as if the banksters know the meaning of the phrase “back-off” either. When there is chaos there is opportunity. They’ll just try to get control through their media mouthpieces in MSM to create public fear just as they did in with Obummer’s entry into the POTUS seat in 2008-09–timed for their benefit. You know the cry: FUND US or ELSE! Implication? YOU WILL ALL DIE IF YOU DON’T! Remember that? At the time I worked with a guy from NYC who was all about money. He was terrified when I said, “let the banks fail.”

    I’d love to think X22 is correct on all counts. However, I’ll believe it when I see it.

    • The “transitional funding” would be the new digital cashless currency that the Central Bankers have been attempting to launch, with the Global Currency Reset (GCR). The transactional processing systems of this have been 100% complete and in place since 2014 but for whatever reason, it hasn’t deployed yet.

      I’m told that it will be launched when all of the world’s major currencies are within 3% of each other in value. Note that the Mexican Peso went up 30% against the dollar earlier this week.

      • I’m aware of the NWO’s plan/preparation to bring the world to the final frontier of ultimate control with “their” digital system. However, I was referring to any other clean system that did not lead humanity into deeper slavery and continue the control and profit model for the banksters, i.e. achieving their long time goal of total human compliance.

        I didn’t know that the Peso went up 30% this week. Actually, that’s pretty big news. Hearing that gives me some faith a GCR could happen worldwide.

      • I looked around for the USD to MXD conversion over the week and can’t really find any info on the 30% rise of the peso to the dollar. Here is an historical day-by-day list of the peso’s exchange rate. The map shows that the Peso fell after the Trump’s entry and big talk but hasn’t fully recovered since. At closing on Friday 5/12/17 it was 18.80650 MXD to a dollar.

    • That is the hopelessness of the past. Awaken your vision. Humanity’s success is guaranteed if we keep marching forward.

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