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Woo and Consequences

Clif High’s datasets point to a complete unraveling of the Mainstream Media around the third week of October, which will precipitate a watershed moment for the Normies, many of whom will finally begin to see what’s really been going on.

It appears that the release of the audit results will trigger a shut down of the internet and other communications in order to stop the spread of information damaging to the Biden regime. Clif says this action, albeit short-lived will have the opposite effect of that intended and that it will Red-Pill an enormous amount of Normies.

Also, the fiscal year of the US Government’s budget ends at the end of September and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen has already said that by mid-October, the US may be “unable to meet its obligations, for the first time in our history.”

Clif says the US dollar will undergo severe degradation and that there will be a collapse of the Federal Reserve banking system. He does not believe that another system is waiting in the wings. He thinks that all of this talk of NESARA/GESARA and the Quantum Financial System (QFS) are total BS and that the people promoting such ideas, like Charlie Ward are pathological scumbags or disinfo agents.

Many banks will fail. He even anticipates bail-ins, where if you have any money in the bank, the banks may actually seize it.

Clif says, “The Federal Reserve does not producing sound money. The USA does not work on sound money and we have very, very, very unsound management that is illegal and immoral and criminal – and that criminality is about to come out!

“And so, the populace is going to get really, really pissed. So now, all around the world, ‘F* Joe Biden, F* Joe Biden’ is the official mantra of all of humanity.”

Clif says there’s a growing awareness among the college kids that ‘F* Joe Biden’ is not only in relation to Afghanistan but that we’re at war with China and as Clif says, “Their future has just now been taken from them, because they’re going to be suddenly smacked up against the wall that is…1933…and the Great Bond Crash.

“And no matter what anybody tells you, it was not the stock market in 1929 that caused the Great Depression, it was the bonds degrading and dying over the course of 1932 into 1933 caused all of this sh*t. We’re there now.

“China is unraveling. China is the world’s second-largest economy and ours is all f*d-up and the Chinese own us and it’s only an illusion that America is a separate economic structure now, because all of their Progressive and Woke and all these people are in our top positions…

“The good part of all of this is that these minions…Obama, Michael, his wife, Biden…all of these f***ers have an image in the political world and that is where we’ll find them and lasso them down and pay for their crimes.

“And in that process, some of these guys are going to sing…and we’ll get a lot of these guys [minions] as a process of going through this. It will be all these college kids that will be doing it. And we know that they’ll be doing it because they’re just filling the stadiums and shouting at the top of their lungs, ‘F* Joe Biden!’. And they know why they’re shouting it.

“They just don’t know the complete ‘why’ and they’re going to be getting that complete ‘why’ relatively quick, over the course of these next few months, because there’s going to be a mass breakdown in the narrative. And it’s not going to be good for the people in the things that are actually working the depop agenda and driving all of this chaos.

“And we shall have some form of ‘different’ coming out but it shall not be order. There will not be Ordo ab Chao, because that implies that someone is giving us that order, or laying that order over on us – and humanity’s not going to do that anymore.

“That’s because we have the ability now to see our enemies…in the sense of the people that produce the vaxx, that are killing us, the lockdowns…the humans out there that are our enemies. That will lead a great many Normies into the abstraction of ‘Why did they do it?’ and they’ll start exploring those sorts of things.

“We’re going to deal with the depop. We’re going to deal with all of the deaths. We have a lot of people that are suffering from this sh*t already. We already know that NAC [N-acetyl cysteine] and Ivermectin and glutathione…NAC produces glutathione in you. You can take them both but it’s not necessary but if you can’t get NAC, you can get glutathione…NAC is a little better, in a sense because it aids your body in its own production of it, as opposed to just supplementing it…

“Amazon has stopped people from selling [NAC]. They’re restricting the ability to get that supply anywhere. It aids the mind and body of the people that have been vaxxed and it helps remove some of the SPIONS, the superparamagnetic iron oxide nanoparticles, as well as the graphene oxide.

“Glutathione will take graphene oxide and attach an oxygen and a nitrogen to it and aid it in being removed. Ivermectin can be used for grabbing all of the spike proteins and removing them.

“So it’s not as bad, it’s not as dire as we might have thought. That Fauci is a f*er and he’s also a f*-up and their spike protein is deadly when it’s injected in you but it’s not as deadly as they thought it was going to be. It’s, in fact a poor death shot. It doesn’t kill enough people fast enough for it to work for them.

“Bear in mind, they had a very delicate operation, the Powers-that-Be. They wanted to kill 95% of humanity and leave only 5%…but they had to kill ’em in such a way that we wouldn’t wise up to the fact that we were being killed in the process, because then, we could kill them and stop it.

“So they had to have a fast enough weakening and a die-off, that we would be too weak to pursue them once we understood what was going on and we would only understand that just before we died. Maybe. That was their whole goal. But it had to be a slow enough die-off that they could process us all through there.

“It’s very much like a very delicate balancing act – it’s probably like an alligator harvest or something like that. You don’t want to start shooting alligators, then they might turn on you. They might come and charge you…cause we’re dangerous critters.

“So, the Powers-that-Be have a real problem, because we’re not dying at the rate that they need it to. That’s why they came up with the third, the fourth, the fifth, the sixth, the seventh shots, because they need to keep injecting until it ‘works’. They cannot stop. And this is why we see the people in Kentucky bringing in the National Guard to fire hospital workers.

“The vaxxed have to maintain that paradigm, they’re under a mind control. They think it actually is good stuff in them. They do not understand – they cannot conceive the mindset of the unvaxxed. It is a gulf that cannot cross, because they accept all of this stuff.

“The vaxxed individuals accept whatever they’re told about that material that’s been injected into them. They can’t tell you what’s in it but they won’t believe anything you tell them about it, probably – unless they’ve been ill from it – but they do not understand your reluctance, your inability to accept being shot-up with something that you f*ing idea what it is!

“Because they’re authoritarians. They believe in authority and that’s what they’re pushing out. They’re real Fascists. So you see the videos of the people getting fired in a hospital in Kentucky…and this will progress.

“I don’t think we have to worry too much about the courts. You need to file your cases within a timely period but I actually think that the infrastructure breakdown will be rapid enough that the court system will break down this winter and that we just won’t have a courts for a very long time…

“Getting back to the Consequences of the Woo…we’re at this point now where we’re going to see something that hasn’t existed for many centuries and that is a naturally-arising human response, in the sense that, as the people dive down into the Woo…this will propel their awakening into this more emotional response.

“So, there’s been a dampening on all of humans within Normieland, because…the framework, the structure; you’re not allowed really to express yourself…We’re going get into a bust-out phase, something that’s akin to VJ Day, where ‘Victory Over Japan’ and everybody basically had a giant party from West Coast to East Coast and back again, here in the United States and then also around the world.”

But we’ve got a long slog to get there. The release of the audit data will result in a lot of chaos.

“The datasets forecast that we would get to the point where individuals would break free of the mind control, see what had been done. They would be a ‘survivor’, so to speak. They wouldn’t be 100% debilitated by the shot but they would know the reality that they had, indeed been injected with a death sentence and they would take matters into their own hands and find guns and other weapons and hunt out those individuals that they believe are responsible. We’re getting close to that…

“If you see that your Normie friend is going to pop his cork…as gently as possible and without putting yourself at risk, try and watch out for the Normies that are going to go a little crazy around us, because there’s going to be a lot of them and they’re going to be a danger to themselves and others.

“Its the consequences of ignoring reality for all this time. It’s the consequences of not knowing that your reality is simply a box floating in the vast Woo of Universe and it’s a real shock to the system.

“Humans react to shock frequently – because of adrenaline – with a violent response and we have to guard ourselves and others against that.

“We may need to use force. We may need to use violence in the future but it should be reserved as a tool and not as an emotional release…

“I can’t give financial advice but take the fact that it’s the end of fiat currency. We know this. The central bank system is breaking – it was the central bank and warfare model, if you go and look at Catherine Austin Fitts’ work. She pretty much details and lays it out.

“So be careful, keep your bodies up, keep your mind and your emotions up and watch out for the Normies. It’s going to be a good time in the end, when we get through this period and I’m very pleased that Fauci is such a f*-up and the minions did such a bad job for the bug with the death shot. So, hopefully, it won’t be as horrific as it could’ve been.”

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