Virtual Reality (VR) developer John Carmack is tasked here with explaining what Virtual Reality is at five levels of increasing
complexity, to a 1) Child; 2) Pre-Teen 3) College Student; 4) Grad Student and an 5) Expert; describing what the technology allows us to do today what it may allow us to do in the future – and whether it should even be the goal of human beings to approximate reality with VR.

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  • Learned a few new industry technical terms. However, Moore’s Law would not apply in quantum computing. Thanks, Alex. Quite informative video at each level.

  • Another techie step into post modernism and Lewis’ Abolition of Man in which man replaces actual reality with virtual reality and in the process destroys himself. Oligarchs are eagerly funding the end of humanity by the subterfuge of artificiality and sensual enticement into it for the purpose of ending procreation except on exclusive privilege under the control of the oligarchy.

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