Retired US Army Colonel and former chief of staff to US Secretary of State Colin Powell, Lawrence Wilkerson weighs in on Trump’s recent bombing of Syria.

He is of the mind that the sarin gas attack was a “Gulf of Tonkin”, “Iraq WMD” hoax, as a pretense to make a strike, for the purpose of gain “higher ground” in the upcoming peace talks about Syria.

The so-called sarin “provocation” amounted to less casualties than the collateral deaths of many dozens of US attacks, including the US bombing of Mosul, in Iraq last month. He completely picks apart the official narrative about the sarin gas attack and its alleged motivation.

We also hear statements from Russia’s Deputy Ambassador to the UN, Vladimir Safronikov, who lambasts the lack of any impartial investigation of the sarin attack, who described it a “Flagrant violation of international law and an act of aggression. We strongly condemn the illegitimate actions by the US. The consequences, for regional and international stability could be extremely serious.”

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  • Can you possibly find it within your abilities to modulate the volumes properly? Your presenter is barely audible, then your interview subject is at a ridiculous volume. I am half deaf, and have an audiophile amplifier that does not have a remote control and do not want to get up every 20 seconds to modulate the volume. What am I supposed to do? Not watch?

    Interestingly Dr Steve Pieczenik seems to interpret Trumps Syrian Strike exactly the same as I did:
    Trump’s decision to escalate in Syria with this morning’s air strike is too transparent. It’s not even about Syria. It’s about showing Chinese President Xi Jinping, now visiting Trump in Trump’s Florida Mar-a-Lago, what Trump is made of. Chinese President Xi Jinping released to our western mainstream media an ariel photo of China’s new jet fighter parked at the end of the controversial Spartly Islands new airstrip. This tells the west China claims new strategic territory and the presence of China’s best new jet fighter tells the world China will defend its claim. This (in the mind of Trump-think) is the main chemical response to make his diplomatic point that Xi Jinping is meeting to discuss China’s Merchantile trade practices with the US and they are going to be altered; no more China cheating. China shows its new jet to embarrass-or emphasize their point with Trump on the very eve of meeting Trump in his Florida castle and Trump shows China what Trump can do with his missiles on the other side of the world In Syria. “See, I just whipped out the Syrian Air Force, now let’s talk about US and China Trade, then later we’ll have some tea and let the media photograph you sitting compliantly in my castle chambers.” This is Trump-think …. his predictable way of tactical entrapment for negotiating advantage. Pray for the awakening of your President no matter who’s in office. The path of peace is never easy and Trump’s advisers appear to fuel his fire-brain predictable negotiating technique. His technique fails when everyone else adopts our evil US Neocon policy of first strike. There’s always another way but the Deep State doesn’t want peace. Pray Trump returns to negotiating his economic recovery
    without more war.

  • but what about the fixed plane bullshit is that just bullshit they didn’t talk about a fixed wing in the other false flag chem attacks?? now that i can remember i am just sick and tired of fracking amerika END THE FED END THE SHIT DOLLAR STOP AMERIKA BEFORE ITS TOO LATE!!

  • Although I agree with the interviewer’s statement of creating a “world moral stage” in situations that could end in taking life, it’s fantasy. Corporations of the Nazi Deep State (NDS) have no morality. If a NDS dictionary existed no entry for that word would be logged. Nor would there be an entry for the word ethics. Someone inside the intelligence agencies once told me he’d rather work for the Mafia–at least they had ethics. You knew the rules, he said. The NDS does not.

    • (Ooops, pressed the wrong button. Suppose that happens in this Syrian/Russia/USA crap? )
      AND… I do not watch CNN but the interviewer notes Woolsey said this so-called moment should be used as an opportunity to attack Iran? OMG–I wrote just yesterday that IRAN IS NEXT with Israel up its butt. There ya’ go. Neocon’s posted agenda and their action plan coming to the fore.

  • the sound level in this one sucks. Other then that, did anyone catch a whiff of swamp gas from Trumps location?

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