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    WikiLeaks has released Clinton emails, showing intimate Clinton ties with Fethulleh Gülen, that go back to 1997, during the early stages of Operation Gladio B, when Gülen was brought to the United States, to serve the purposes of the CIA’s and Clinton Administration’s strategy for Central Asia, the Caucasus and the Middle East.

    The first person in the US to expose Fethulleh Gülen, before anyone had even heard of him was Sibel Edmonds, starting in 2011, when she began to describe Fethulleh Gülen and his network and his major role in the CIA’s and NATO’s Operation Gladio B.

    According to Edmonds, the objectives of Gladio B are: “Projecting US power in the former Soviet sphere of influence to access previously untapped strategic energy and mineral reserves for US and European companies; pushing back Russian and Chinese power; and expanding the scope of lucrative criminal activities, particularly illegal arms and drugs trafficking.”

    Edmonds has a lot of choice words for the Clintons, George Soros and Fethulleh Gülen – and I’ll try to include as much of it as I can in the article below – except to confirm that email communications back and forth between Hillary Clinton prove that she followed the orders of George Soros. Diehard Hillary supporters who read this leaked email might ask themselves if they’re voting for Hillary or for George Soros?

    Another longtime facilitator for Gladio B is the CIA’s Graham Fuller, who is Gülen’s handler. Fuller had a direct role in secreting Gülen out of Turkey to the US, during the Clinton Administration in 1997.

    Sibel Edmonds says that Gülen was made into a US agent. Formerly a symbol of fanatic Islam in Turkey, he is now no longer referred to as a “fanatic” by the US. She says his public image has been falsely made over into that of a “moderate”.

    However, back in the 1980s, he was preaching in Turkey against the secular government and he was actually declared a “criminal terrorist, anti secularist” by the Turkish government – but instead of being prosecuted, he was mysteriously whisked off in a private Gulfstream to the US, with the help of Graham Fuller.

    Fuller has an interesting background that includes a two-decade stint with the CIA, during which time he served as National Intelligence Officer for Near East and South Asia. One of his most notorious acts was the penning of a memo that, according to the New York Times, later became the basis for the Iran-Contra scandal.

    Fuller, along with Brzezinski and the Clintons are some of the long-term executors of this strategy to weaponize Islam. It was débuted by Brzezinski during the Soviet Union’s War in Afghanistan, with the creation of the Mujahideen. The vast majority of people in Afghanistan had previously practiced a moderate form of Islam. That country has since descended into irretrievable extremism. Clinton has been quoted several times, extolling on the brilliance of creating the Mujahideen.

    Fuller has also been a longtime proponent and facilitator of the strategy to use Islam as a geopolitical tool for the United States to manipulate for their own ends. Like Hillary, he has been quoted as saying that the policy of “guiding the evolution of Islam” and helping them against our adversaries worked marvelously well in Afghanistan against the Soviets. Like Hillary, he appears to think that the same methods can still be used to destabilize what remains of Russian power and especially to counter the Chinese influence in Central Asia. (Hence, ISIS).

    Edmonds thinks that WikiLeaks’ announcement, stating they plan to release an email cache from Clinton and her Foundation that exposes her intimate relationship with Fethulleh Güllen and his connection to the CIA in Central Asia and Caucasus is an excellent development. She acknowledges that many criticize WikiLeaks for their style of releasing documents and she says that wants to go on record to say, “I have no problem [with WikiLeak’s style] at all and I believe the way they are going about this…is the best way, the most transparent way to put out this information.

    “In contrast to what Julian Assange and WikiLeaks are doing, you have the gold-digger, sold-out people, like Glenn Greenwald, with PayPal and eBay’s Pierre Amidyar (the NSA-connected billionaire who financed Greenwald’s The Intercept).

    Edmonds describes Greenwald as “Getting millions of dollars to help the establishment hide documents. As you know, Edward Snowden had supposedly handed over hundreds of thousands of documents but it’s been 3-plus years – and we haven’t even had these 10,000 documents exposed!

    “So, I think what they’re doing is right and for anyone who criticizes this style of release, I’m more than happy to sit down and have a debate and explain the advantage of what WikiLeaks is doing…

    “[The upcoming release] is going to be extremely important. Here, we have a presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton and you’re looking at intimate ties between her and her husband with the man in charge of…setting up of terrorist organizations in Central Asia, in the Caucuses, in Turkey, in the Middle East. So, we are impatiently waiting for the release of these documents!”

    Edmonds explains the importance of Hillary Clinton’s intimate ties with Fethulleh Gülen’s network, in light of the recent failed coup attempt in Turkey: “To understand the relationship and the connections between Clinton (and this is both Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton as a President) and later with Fethulleh Gülen and money, an amount that’s in the hundreds of millions of dollars, we need to go back to mid-1990s again…

    “There was a decision by CIA, NATO and MI6 to switch from Operation Gladio A into Operation Gladio B by utilizing these various Islamic factions and setting up terrorist cells and targeting Central Asia, the Caucuses and certain portions of the Middle East and that’s when Fethulleh Gülen came into this picture…

    “One of the first implementations of Operation Gladio B was during the Balkans conflict. This was when we started taking the Balkans apart and we started making 3 or 4 countries out of each one of those Eastern Bloc countries…This took place during Bill Clinton’s presidency. It was on his watch…

    “I worked in the FBI and I have gone on record for the past 14 years about the very explosive, important files that I got the State’s Secrets Privilege Order on – I got gag order on – which have to do with these special Operation Gladio B files that dated from late 1997 until February 2002 – and I can tell you from firsthand information, from direct information that FBI was already, by 2000-2001 pursuing a Fethulleh Gülen in several different divisions; both the regular crime division, the counterterrorism division and also the white collar crime division, so they had several investigations going on, that started immediately in late 1999 on Gülen and it was during Clinton’s White House…when Janet Reno was in charge of the Department of Justice…

    “Special Agents were ordered [by my direct bosses] to stop all the criminal investigations and to funnel all those folders on Fethulleh Gülen, the files of heroin connections, money laundering and also embezzlement…they transferred those files to Counterintelligence – and for people who don’t understand the difference between Counterintelligence and Counterterrorism and Criminal Division and the FBI in Counterintelligence investigations – you gather information but you can never, ever use that information in court, to jail someone. It’s only for intelligence-gathering purposes.

    In other words, Bill Clinton “actually stepped in and saved this terrorist, this criminal, this heroin operator and this happened on Bill Clinton’s watch. So, this is why I’m emphasizing the importance of these emails that we would like to see and analyze.

    “With the coming emails, we are going to see that they were being paid off further through all the money [$20B]; the drug money, the heroin money, the money-laundering money, the Islamic terror money, that has been funneled from Gülen and his network to, of course Hillary Clinton our Presidential Candidate, to her Foundation.

    “So, we’re basically looking at criminal entities here. I’m not talking about Gülen, I’m talking about a President and later a former President and a Presidential Candidate, Hillary Clinton…

    “It’s a totally a different story than what it would mean to the Mainstream Media in the United States…I mean, we are looking at a couple who have basically weathered 45 potential prosecutions. We saw what happened with the Libyan-related emails and Hillary Clinton we are looking at an FBI director who is directly tied to them and to their Foundation. We are looking at the this woman, Lynch the head of Department of Justice, who’s been pocketed by the Clinton Foundation – Bill Clinton had a private conversation with her on the tarmac. [Lynch] was formerly employed by a law firm that was cleaning, laundering, whitewashing the Clinton Foundation’s accounting books…

    “So far, nothing has touched this couple. That’s why I’m referring to them as the “mob” as “the Mafia family” and as this new information comes through Assange and WikiLeaks, I invite people to closely watch the Mainstream Media. You’re going to see how they’re going to whitewash all of this because they have been doing the dirty laundry of Clinton Administration. 90% of the media, which is the liberal media; that’s New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times, NBC, MSNBC of course they are not going to utilize this in any way or showcase it.

    “The treasure troves that Julian Assange released had to do with the direct connections between George Soros and Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton. In this particular case, when Hillary Clinton, this criminal – I don’t want to cuss too much during our show – [Soros] is communicating directly and she’s the Secretary of State and dictating; [he’s] telling her what to do on what foreign policy; what to do in Albania, what to do in the Balkans…

    “George Soros, that evil man is the one who brought to us and presented to us Obama what we have seen for the past eight years and look at all the NGOs whether they are so-called “media watchdog” or whether they are government watchdog, so-called watchdog organizations, such as the Pogo Project on Government Oversight. Well, this man is bankrolling all these organizations, so you’re not going to see anything meaningful that should be in place from these NGOs paid by George Soros and the Clinton Foundation – you’re not going to see anything from the Mainstream Media. This couple would have been in jail by now, had they been ordinary, real Americans…

    “Fethulleh Gülen, CIA, Soros: these are the people who organized that failed attempted coup in Turkey. It’s the same people who had first-hand directing/managing what we saw in Ukraine; these are the same people, based on the emails released, who manage what we do in the Balkans so this would be an eye-opener, not for only for our people, in the United States but also around the world – but I really hope that people just stop and say really, we’re just going into this choosing between the “lesser of two evils” and we are going to cast our vote for this crime family; for Hillary Clinton. I mean, could you get someone nastier or dirtier than this couple?

    “I have to stay, of all the politicians, Presidential Candidates – everyone I have seen through my of almost five decades of life, I have never seen anything like this crime family called Clinton and and and we are looking forward and hoping these emails will have far-reaching implications. I won’t hold my breath but I am thankful to see that WikiLeaks is releasing these raw data the way they are and the way they have been doing.

    “If people are looking and comparing that what WikiLeaks is doing, compared to two sold-out, controlled-opposition, limited hangouts, like Glenn Greenwald and Snowden, they should see the value of what he has been doing, at least in this case.

    “Julian Assange was the only outspoken person from the so-called whistleblowers’ community raising the alarm on what NBC did [by publishing false stories about how President Tayyip Erdogan had fled Turkey and was seeking asylum in Germany].” What NBC did is unprecedented. “They actually directly participated in this illegal coup attempt!

    “So far, what I’m doing is I’m saying, ‘Bravo!’ and I’m clapping for WikiLeaks, in this particular case of saying, ‘Very good! We are impatiently waiting for more!'”

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